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    Cover of A Boy’s Admiration
    KRSchool/CampusShounen Ai

    A Boy’s Admiration

    by WhatTheFlo

    [Fox-like Gong X Rabbit-like Shou]

    A fresh and pretty one-sided love story of a somewhat foolish and childish high school boy. No, a story that will turn into love someday.

    I was the only one who knew the true face of the arrogant Woo Yeonho, who seemed to be living in his own world.

    It made me believe that I could become someone special to Woo Yeonho.

    I had the qualifications to become someone special to Woo Yeonho.

    1. Scheduled: ABM CH 2Chapter 2: One out of Thirty-Four
      2,387 Words
    Next Chapter: 17/07/2024, 10:00 am
    1. ABM CH 1
      1,992 Words

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