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    Cover of Man In The Mirror

    Man In The Mirror

    by Springlila

    On the day his father, the head of the Ma family, died and the mansion was engulfed in flames, Ma Jae-seung lost his memory.

    In the midst of not remembering anything, the only person left by his side was Shin-woo, the suspect of the incident.

    Ma Jae-seung’s rut came suddenly when he was suffering from endless anxiety and loneliness and was unable to make friends due to his title as the successor to a leading group.

    And so, when he opened his eyes, Jae-seung was not alone.


    “Let’s do it one more time.”

    He disliked it, yet liked it. It was his first experience.

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    1. MIM 1
      1,944 Words
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      1,800 Words
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