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    Cover of Dirty Shower

    Dirty Shower

    by Sorai

    My life had been reduced to shambles due to poverty. I thought it was a life with nothing to lose, but now, it started withering in the hands of an evil person.

    The man covered Eun-myeong’s buttocks with his huge hand. The buttocks, which were extraordinarily plump on a skinny body, made a loud, plump sound.

    “Eat a lot and grow well.”

    He then firmly gripped and squeezed the plump buttocks. The tender flesh between his fingers was painfully pressed down. Eun-myeong’s spine stiffened.

    “That way, you’ll grow tall and your d*ck gets fatter.”

    His eyes were smiling strangely between his slanted eyes.

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. DS Ch 1
      1,670 Words
    2. DS Ch 2
      1,498 Words
    3. DS Ch 3
      1,695 Words
    4. DS Ch 4
      1,633 Words
    5. DS Ch 5
      1,955 Words
    6. DS Ch 6
      1,966 Words
    7. DS Ch 7
      1,644 Words
    8. DS Ch 8
      1,883 Words
    9. DS Ch 9
      1,790 Words

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