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    Cover of Born Lunatic

    Born Lunatic

    by soapa

    “The beauty of the five continents, given to me as my precious little dog.”

    Bai Zhao X Yu Duqiu

    Strong pair with younger seme, double madmen, beautiful and tragic, bodyguard X young master.

    An unruly, two-faced, loyal-to-one wolf-like seme X a suspicious, eccentric, control-freak genius tycoon uke who becomes a bottom for love.

    1v1, initial mutual testing of true feelings followed by sweet pampering.

    A refreshing story where the young master tames the stray wolfdog while assisting the police in solving cases with golden fingers, but ends up being tamed by the wolfdog (?)

    The plot and romance will have many twists and turns, so it’s recommended to watch patiently (。•ω•。)ノ♡

    ※ Plot inspired by “The Queen’s Gambit”

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. BL Ch1
      3,745 Words
    2. BL Ch2
      3,518 Words
    3. BL Ch3
      2,035 Words
    4. BL Ch4
      1,986 Words
    5. BL Ch5
      2,882 Words
    6. Bl Ch6
      1,910 Words
    7. BL Ch7
      2,644 Words
    8. BL Ch8
      2,241 Words
    9. BL Ch9
      4,575 Words
    10. BL Ch10
      2,065 Words

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