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    Cover of Confession Plan
    CNGame/E-sportModernSchool/CampusShounen Ai

    Confession Plan

    by paper soup

    Sui Cannong met up with his netizen friend in real life. It turned out that the netizen was none other than his very own colleague at work. 

    He also noticed that this colleague of his… seemed a bit suicidal.

    One time, they were gaming together and, 

    “Mr. Sui, please, you should keep these weapons and ores instead. I won’t be needing them anymore,” said Ji Ling.

    Sui Cannong’s heart nearly skipped a beat.

    Another was the time when the school was hosting its annual Halloween festival. The two of them were arranged to act as ghosts in a haunted house. 

    Whilst they stayed together in the darkness, Sui Cannong felt his heart beating. He heard Ji Ling murmur softly to himself,

    “…it seems that being a ghost is quite nice.”

    Sui Cannong’s soul flew out of his body.

    And when Ji Ling entered the classroom of Sui Cannong holding a large flower pot of greenery:

    “Mr. Sui, this Bengal rose is the only plant I have kept growing in my classroom. I’ve had it for two years.”

    And with a stiff expression on his face, Ji Ling said clumsily,

    “Now however, I don’t need it anymore. This is why I’m giving it to you.”

    This is when Sui Cannong really started panicking, 

    “Y-you you can’t do this, take it back, you better continue to properly care for it, so keep it living until next spring…”

    Ji Ling was subtly dismayed by his refusal. He’d only wanted to give the person he liked a nice present. 

    In this sweet fluffy tale, a low Eq man pursues the man he likes in the most straight man-ish way possible. 

    Note: (seme mc)

    yes, there is an audio drama on this

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