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    Cover of LCL


    by Springlila

    “I thought maybe… it would be better to blend in like other guys when we go to college…”

    It’s been two years since Dae-han and Young-hyun started dating. The two planned to enter the same department at the same university. They even planned to live together and enjoy their dream-like newlywed life. However, upon the advice of his high school friend, Young-hyun suggests to Dae-han that they should pretend not to know each other at school…

    “Are you close to me?”

    Although Dae-han listened to what he said, Young-hyun also felt a little sad for no reason. Will the two be able to continue their secret relationship?

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. LCL Ch 1
      1,450 Words
    2. LCL Ch 2
      1,563 Words
    3. LCL Ch 3
      1,943 Words
    4. LCL Ch 4
      1,704 Words
    5. LCL Ch 5
      1,837 Words
    6. LCL Ch 6
      1,472 Words
    7. LCL CH 7
      1,813 Words
    8. LCL Ch 8
      1,745 Words
    9. LCL 9
      1,345 Words
    10. LCL 10
      1,582 Words
    11. LCL 11
      2,492 Words


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