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    Cherry, it’s been a while.

    Cherry, why haven’t you come around

    Where is your mom’s bakery?

    I would like to inquire about advertising.

    I would like to inquire about advertising

    I would like to inquire about advertising.

    I would like to inquire about advertising.

    Cherry, have you got a lover?

    Who took the picture of you?

    I would like to inquire about advertising.


    The message window kept flooding with messages. Seong-woon was staring at the list of messages, feeling overwhelmed. Whenever he tried to read it, new messages would refresh and push everything down, so it seemed wise that he had turned off notifications from the start.

    “Young master?”


    “Are you now posting pictures taken by others?”

    “I’m not good at taking selfies.”

    “Aha…then can I take pictures for you? If you really want to become an actor, self-promotion is very important.”

    That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Posting pictures within the limits of not giving spoilers would be welcomed by the production company, and since the response was very positive, Seong-woon thought it wasn’t a bad idea.


    “Then I’ll bring equipment from the company next time.”

    “Equipment too?”

    “Of course. We have to take proper photos.”

    “That’s a bit much….”

    Realizing his enthusiasm couldn’t be dissuaded, Seong-woon just ended up chuckling. He was becoming increasingly lenient with the people around Ryu Chae-yoon.

    “Are you really going to audition?”

    “Yes. I should.”

    “There are tons of scripts at RBS. If it’s young master, you could land a lead role right away.”

    “Because the production budget will be well funded, right?”

    “…How do you know that?”

    “I heard it somewhere.”

    One of the reasons the production company puts so much effort into casting is because of the production costs. The level of casting affects how much investment comes in, and by properly utilizing idols or Hallyu stars, distribution rights can sell for high prices even before crank-in, alleviating production cost worries.

    The reason scenarios kept flowing into the RBS studio was similar. Since RBS Studio was connected with the RBS broadcasting station and Ryoo Shin, they could continuously draw in investment. And since Ryoo Chae-yoon was known to be the reason for the creation of the celebrity agency RBS Entertainment says it all.

    “How could I have played a lead role without any acting experience? Actually, if word had gotten out that I got into ‘Human Justice’ later through connections, people might have criticized me.”

    “It wasn’t through connections…”

    Originally, that role was a position in which several actors from RBS Entertainment were pushed in as RBS Studios confirmed the production and pulled a lot of investment money from Webflix due to Baek Sang-hyun as the lead role. So it didn’t really matter who did it. Though the actor who missed the opportunity due to stomach issues may see it differently.

    “You acted so well, no one will say anything.”

    “Then that’s a relief.”

    Seong-woon held out his hand.

    “You’ve brought all the audition materials for the next month, right?”

    Lee Hyeong-seok placed the loose synopsis sheets and scripts he had been holding onto the table, which still had remnants of a demolished mango cake.

    “Did you eat this whole thing by yourself?”

    “No. I think Ho-yoon hyung ate about two-thirds of it.”

    “I guess you don’t really like dessert.”

    “Yes, I…”

    Seong-woon was about to say, “I don’t like it,” but he closed his mouth. He shouldn’t act as if he had become a complete stranger, so why do these words keep slipping out? Method acting, a bit more!

    “I don’t really eat them these days.”

    “It’s not good to eat too many anyway.”

    The kind remark hit him straight in the heart. Seong-woon nodded with an ambiguous expression.

    “If you had seriously intended to start acting properly, you should have selected your debut project more carefully.”

    “But I do think ‘Human Justice’ is a good work.”

    These days, webflix originals are more highly regarded than TV dramas. And despite being a full-on genre piece with zombies that could get an R-rating, it’s a tent-pole project praised by critics.

    “It’s better to start with a leading role from the beginning. After all…”

    “How can I take a leading role right away with no experience?”

    “These days there are so many productions, leading roles aren’t hard to get. There are OTT originals and web dramas too.”

    In this way, a large number of leading actors began to be produced, and they disappeared without being able to find their next work.

    “Is there anything you would like to recommend?”

    “The manager recommended these two, and I personally liked this one.”

    A secondary male lead in a romantic comedy— a devoted college student who has loved the beautiful female lead since high school, and wants to confess his feelings once they become adults, but gets overshadowed by the main male lead—, or the lead in a romantic web drama— a ticklish, youthful romance that reminds you of summer sunshine—, and what Hyeong-seok recommended….

    “A noir film?”

    “Yes, a movie. You know… that director who really nails gangster films!”

    Could it be Lee Jun-ho?

    “It’s Lee Jun-ho’s next film!”

    “…What is the role?”

    “An undercover cop. You’re attached to the crime organization’s boss early on, but then get killed off to trigger the protagonist detective’s turning point…”


    “…Another role where you die. I’m sorry.”

    “Haha. No, it’s fine.”

    If it were Lee Jun-ho’s movie, all the production costs would have already been raised and the main cast would have been cast, right?

    “Which studio is producing it?”

    “Ah, Phoenix Studio.”


    Even though he failed so badly last time, he seemed to be continuing to produce movie. Though for a director like Lee Jun-ho, it would be a waste to write him off after just one stumble.

    If Seong-woon remembers correctly, the director had quite a temper… Of course, he was very accommodating to good actors, making it easy to work with him. It seemed he avoided any personal relations, which is probably why he didn’t show any particular aversion towards Seong-woon.

    Seong-woon carefully looked over the synopsis.

    〈Orbital Collision (working title)〉

    In XX district of Seoul, the criminal organization and police bureau’s special force that orbited each other without clashing erupted into a massive collision over one person’s death.

    ─ Wasn’t it you who crossed the line first?

    ─ I’ll kill that bastard and go to hell.

    Shin Jeong-woo, who became the boss of a criminal organization at a young age after his father’s death, wipes out all the moles planted by the police after a major organizational purge.

    Gye Soo-gwang, the team leader of the second division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police’s special unit, hears about the death of his cherished younger brother. Realizing it was the doing of someone taking bribes from the criminal organization, he planned an operation to clean up the organization…

    So it’s the role of the undercover cop mole as well as the protagonist detective’s beloved younger brother.

    “It seems like a bigger role than I expected?”

    “Yes, I think it will have quite an impact.”

    But it looks like it will get an R-rating again. If they just toned down the intensity a bit to get a 15+ rating, would they lose the dedicated audience?

    The script provided for the audition was just one page. There were no explanations, and the other character’s lines were completely removed, so how well he could use his imagination would be key.

    It looked like a scene where his identity is revealed to the crime organization’s boss; he had to appear calm on the outside while trembling inside. The challenge was to convey that tension to the audience without making it obvious he was acting.

    “When is the audition?”

    “It’s in two weeks.”

    There was enough time to prepare. When he nodded in agreement, Hyeong-seok added a remark.

    “Oh, and they said you could take private lessons if you need them.”

    “…Private lessons?”

    “Yes, they offered to assign you an acting coach.”


    “Of course, your acting is really good, so I don’t think you need to accept it… .”

    There was something more urgent than an acting coach.

    “More importantly, I think I need to work out a bit.”

    He needed to build up his stamina. He had to prevent his body’s battery from running out when his daily activity time exceeded five hours.

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