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    Cover of Stardust Moon

    Stardust Moon

    by Sorai

    Jin Seong-woon, an actor hated by everyone, suddenly found himself transformed into Ryu Chae-yoon, the beloved youngest son of a conglomerate family.

    After tragically dying in a traffic accident, the Reincarnation Management Committee made some incomprehensible remarks about a ‘Soul Adjustment Project’ for Jin Seong-woon’s soul.

    They threatened that if he didn’t fulfill Ryu Chae-yoon’s wish, he would return to the moment of his death.

    In the process of inevitably completing the quest to grant Ryu Chae-yoon’s wish, Seong-woon becomes entangled with Baek Sang-hyun (Gong),

    Ryu Chae-yoon’s wish was also related to Baek Sang-hyun…

    What is the truth behind the relationship between Ryu Chae-yoon, Jin Seong-woon, and Baek Sang-hyun?

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. SDM 1
      1,827 Words
    2. SDM 2
      1,615 Words
    3. SDM 3
      2,060 Words
    4. SDM 4
      1,885 Words
    5. SDM 5
      1,384 Words
    6. SDM 6
      1,949 Words
    7. SDM 7
      1,598 Words
    8. SDM 8
      1,430 Words
    9. SDM 9
      1,733 Words
    10. SDM 10
      1,348 Words
    1. SDM 11
      1,408 Words
    2. SDM 12
      1,800 Words


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