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    Ja-kyung was out of breath and pushed him away, and then Il-hyun lunged at him again,  causing his body to collide with the bathroom wall.  He bit and sucked on Ja-kyung’s nipple so hard that he pulled Il-hyun’s head away.

    “Stop, it hurts. It hurts.”

    A desire-filled gaze pierced through him. His usually tidy hair was wet and covered his forehead.

    “Just let me do it for you instead.”

    “I don’t want to.”

    “Why not?”

    “Do I really have to explain how awful your blowjob skill is?”

    Ja-kyung frowned and pushed Kang Il-hyun’s shoulder.  How upsetting! He’d done it a few times before when Il-hyun was discharged from the hospital because he kept whining, and he seemed to enjoy it back then. When Ja-kyung continued to push him away in disgust, Il-hyun grabbed him and poured kisses on him while biting his lips. Then, Il-hyun pulled away and let out a short sigh as if something had crossed his mind.

    Il-hyun grabbed Ja-kyung’s arm and dragged him out of the shower before he could ask what was wrong. He tried to withdraw his hand, but it was pointless. Kang Il-hyun dragged Ja-kyung from the bathroom and placed him next to the bed.

    Then, Il-hyun opened a drawer and started searching for something.

    “What… are you doing?”

    “I prepared a gift, but I forgot.”

    A surprise gift while they’re having sex? Ja-kyung looked at him curiously. He’s not pulling out a ring or anything, right? That would be a little overwhelming. With those thoughts racing through his mind, Ja-kyung watched as he pulled a fist-sized box from the drawer. It was wrapped in a large ribbon.

    “Open it.”

    It reminded him of receiving a human head as a gift before. Mixed with doubt and expectation, Ja-kyung opened the lid of the box and found the wrapping paper wrapped inside. Ja-kyung’s complexion darkened as he unfolded the wrapping paper from side to side.

    No matter how he looked at it, the beautifully folded white fabric is panties. Ja-kyung thought to himself, ‘Could it be?’ as he lightly lifted it with his fingertips. His lower lip trembled. His worries became a reality. In one motion, he threw the box and its contents in front of him.

    “Ah! Fuck!”

    Il-hyun picked up the fallen lace panties and smiled proudly as he spread them open.

    “Aren’t they pretty?”

    Ja-kyung was astonished.

    “You’re crazy!”

    “Don’t you remember? You lost the bet.”

    Ja-kyung remembered making a bet in the parking lot before the accident. Kang Il-hyun obviously won, but he never imagined he would remember and prepare for it. Ja-kyung clenched his teeth and stared at the panties, but Il-hyun approached and attempted to hand them over to him.

    “Oh, please. I’d rather do something else.”

    Il-hyun warned with his hand holding the panties.

    “Don’t make me say it twice.”

    Ja-kyung’s scowl deepened. Kang Il-hyun’s thick brows droop as Ja-kyung insists that he will not wear them even if he dies. Il-hyun wore his bangs down to reveal a subtly sorrowful expression, similar to the one he wore on TV during the day while mourning his father’s death.

    “Didn’t you feel sorry for me?”


    “Now I have no mother… I don’t even have a father…”

    Ja-kyung was stunned. If he put it that way, then Ja-kyung had never had them from the start.

    “Don’t put on a show. Lun hyung said he saw you secretly laughing at Chairman Kang’s funeral.”

    Il-hyun raised one eyebrow.

    “He said he saw it?”


    Fuck, when did he see that? I should kill your brother too. He said the frightening words as if they were a joke. However, because Ja-kyung did not comply with his request, Il-hyun eventually climbed onto the bed and wrapped himself in the blanket. What’s the deal with him? Seriously. Since he was in the hospital, he’s been acting like a child when his request isn’t met, and it’s become a habit.

    It’s something he’s gotten good at as he’s gotten older. Ja-kyung was thinking of just leaving, but he glanced at the panties lying on the carpet. Damn, you live and live and then you get caught by the dog psycho and do everything. Biting his lower lip, he glared at Kang Il-hyun, who hid on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

    Ja-kyung hoped he was not installing a camera or something.  As Ja-kyung examined the surroundings, Il-hyun suddenly stuck his face out from under the blanket and smiled.

    “Don’t worry, put it on.”


    Ja-kyung closed his eyes tightly. He had been resisting without making a single concession, but Ja-kyung yielded first and picked up the panties. Fine, do it. I’ll put it on, you pervert. Ja-kyung unfolded the panties and tearfully slid his legs into them.

    The sensation felt strange as it passed through his calves, up to his thighs, and finally rested on his buttocks. Il-hyun sat on the edge of the bed, delightedly watching the scene.

    “Now lie down.”

    Might as well go along with it, considering the situation. Since Il-hyun had come back from the dead, Ja-kyung could do this much for him.

    In a state close to losing his mind, Ja-kyung lay down on the bed, staring only at the ceiling. Il-hyun stood on the edge of the bed with his arms crossed and stared down.

    “Spread your legs.”

    After giving Il-hyun a threatening look, Ja-kyung spread his legs apart.

    “Get your legs up.”

    Damn, he had a lot of demand.

    “More. Open up more.”

    Ah. His posture became more and more embarrassing. Ja-kyung used the back of his arm to cover his eyes. He was relieved he couldn’t see himself. At that moment, Il-hyun took up the remote control that was on the table and pressed a button. The upper ceiling split open to the sides with a sliding sound, revealing a mirror.

    What the hell, why is it like that? The ceiling abruptly transformed into a mirror. Ja-kyung was surprised and sat up straight. Il-hyun then climbs onto the bed and nestles between Ja-kyung’s legs. Ja-kyung lay down again and his reflection appeared on the ceiling.

    “W-What is that?”

    “A mirror. I installed it two days ago when people came to work on my room.”

    People were going back and forth in Kang Il-hyun’s room two days ago, so was that what it was for?

    “Then why the hell did you install it?”

    Kang Il-hyun smiled mischievously, his expression unconcerned.

    “To confirm how naughty you can be.”

    Il-hyun grabbed both of his legs as soon as he tried to curse. His eyes flashed dangerously as he stared at the lace panties. He licked his lower lip with his tongue as if coveting delicious food, then raised his gaze to face Ja-kyung.

    Il-hyun licked his calf with his tongue while locking their gaze. As Ja-kyung flinched at the tickling sensation, Il-hyun crept up and sucked his thighs before burying his face between his legs. His erection throbbed inside the lace as he became so aroused.

    He relentlessly licked and teased with his mouth, alternating between sucking gently and releasing. Ja-kyung tightly closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. The sensation of the tongue moving through the thin fabric was intense. Even though it wasn’t direct contact, the fact that it was noticeable made it feel even more stimulating.

    Soon after, Il-hyun went down and sucked Ja-kyung’s testicles, then moved along the perineum, gently nibbling on the buttocks, and moistened the entrance of the hole with saliva, Ja-kyung breathed heavily and gripped the sheets. His explicit reflection was vividly displayed on the ceiling mirror when he opened his closed eyes.

    Ah, this was maddening.

    He can close his eyes if he doesn’t like it, but Ja-kyung was curious and wanted to see it. The stimulation of the sight was beyond imagination. Kang Il-hyun buried his face completely and greedily licked the bottom. Ja-kyung moaned involuntarily. Kang Il-hyun’s hand soon tore the bottom of Ja-kyung’s panties.

    A ripping sound was heard as the fabric tore, and his fingers slipped in between. Unable to easily accept it as it had been a long time since they had sex and kept pushing it away, so Il-hyun took out the gel and squeezed the tube into the hole. Ja-kyung shuddered as he felt the cold gel seep in.

    Il-hyun slipped his fingers back in, rubbing them around to loosen it, and it was softer than before. Ja-kyung stared blankly at himself in the mirror. The sight of him gasping with half-closed eyes and an open mouth seemed strange. The number of fingers quickly increased to two.

    There was a squelching sound as the gel melted. Il-hyun tilted his head and looked at the ceiling. His eyes met Ja-kyung’s in the mirror, and the corners of his mouth went up flexibly.

    “How do you like the sensation of watching yourself?”

    He scratched the inside with his finger when there was no response. Ja-kyung moaned and arched his back.


    “Answer me.”

    Ja-kyung lowered his head and said with a sultry voice. “I don’t know.” Il-hyun twisted his wrist and dug inside when he lied. Ja-kyung’s waist jerked involuntarily. His erection had already grown boldly within the lace, dripping with pre-cum.

    It felt like he’d been drugged. He didn’t mind being panting while being touched by a man in the mirror. Il-hyun brought a pillow and tucked it under Ja-kyung’s waist as his fingers slipped out.

    His hips and back arched upward, and then Il-hyun grabbed his dick and pushed it into the hole. Ja-kyung held his breath and only stared at the mirror. He can clearly see Il-hyun’s dick entering his ass. Pain shot through him as his tight hole was forced open.

    As Ja-kyung frowned, Il-hyun caressed the inside of his thighs and thrusts. It’s okay. Relax. After inserting without any gaps, Kang Il-hyun started moving his waist slowly back and forth. Ja-kyung felt a mix of pain and the sensation of climax, so he lowered his hand and inserted it inside the lace, but he was immediately stopped.

    Il-hyun moved his waist leisurely as he pressed Ja-kyung’s wrists against the bed. Ja-kyung turned his head to the side as he couldn’t look any further. As if anticipating this, Il-hyun grabbed his chin and forced him to look in the mirror. Il-hyun licked Ja-kyung’s eyelids with his tongue when he closed his eyes.

    In the end, Ja-kyung had to open his eyes and stare at his reflection in the mirror.

    “How do you like the sight?”

    He asked again, and Ja-kyung swallowed his moans and replied.

    “It feels like watching a porn movie, uh, that kind of feeling.”

    Il-hyun chuckled softly. Kang Il-hyun bent down and hugged Ja-kyung. He mercilessly licked Ja-kyung’s lips, cheeks, and chin. His waist movement became faster and more violent as time passed. His back in the mirror resembled a beast. Ja-kyung spread legs shook sideways with each forceful thrust, and his vision blurred.

    “Ah no!”

    Ja-kyung hugged him tightly and wrapped his legs around his waist. Their entangled naked bodies trembled in full view in the mirror. Electric currents rushed through Ja-kyung’s body, and a ticking time bomb ticked in his head, about to explode.

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