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    Il-hyun’s lips moved closer as the fingers that had been probing in his mouth slipped away. The aromas of whiskey and tobacco blended weakly. He carefully licked every nook and cranny of Ja-kyung’s mouth with his tongue. He did it gently at first, then violently.

    Ja-kyung was out of breath, so he pushed Il-hyun’s shoulder for a moment and took a deep breath. Looking back, the outside was brightening up and the guards were walking the dogs in the yard.

    “Go to bed and do it.”

    “Why. I like it here because it’s thrilling.”

    He reached into Ja-kyung’s shirt and touched his chest. His skin was smooth and pleasant to the touch, and it fits snugly in his palm. He lifted his shirt and ran his tongue up his stomach to his chest in a long lick. His skin tightened with tension.

    As Il-hyun continued to bite his nipple and suck it, Ja-kyung bit his lip and held back his moans.

    Il-hyun, who had been tormenting his chest for so long, went downward again. Ja-kyung had a sense of what he was trying to do. Ja-kyung’s dick was already hard when Il-hyun pulled his pants and panties down to his thighs.

    Il-hyun lifted his head and looked up, making eye contact with Ja-kyung.

    “Watch and learn.”

    Ja-kyung frowned. Learn what? He sat Ja-kyung in a space up to his waist in front of the window, took off his pants and underwear, grabbed both of his thighs, and spread them upward. Ja-kyung’s shoulders and the back of his head were in contact with the window, his ass was lifted, and his legs were spread embarrassingly wide.

    The bewildered Ja-kyung struggled and stammered.

    “Do I have to be in this position?”

    Il-hyun ignored him, then buried his face between his crotches and sucked his dick. It was more visible in his eyes than when he was completely lying down or standing. Slurp, slurp, slurp, his head moved up and down, sucking his dick. Ja-kyung folded his body halfway and gasped for air before running his hand through Il-hyun’s hair. 


    Il-hyun sucked it slowly at first, then gradually increased his strength and sucked it harder, and Ja-kyung quickly feel like he was about to ejaculate. His chest and abdomen heaved, putting strain on his dick. Il-hyun’s gaze was constantly directed upward while doing fella. The deep sunken cheeks from sucking dick his and the slightly creased corners of the eyes caused by teasing were more erotic than usual.

    “S-stop… I think, I’m cumming, aaah!”

    Ja-kyung arched his back and trembled. He gets a shiver down his spine. Ja-kyung clenched his teeth and stifled a moan before yelping and cumming. The tension was released after ejaculation, and Ja-kyung’s body drooped. Il-hyun spread out Ja-kyung’s and spit the cum from his mouth over his balls.

    Slowly, it ran down the perineum and into the hole. Il-hyun licked the semen remaining on his lips with his tongue and rubbed the hole with his fingers. As he poked his middle and ring fingers in, Ja-kyung flinched and tried to close his legs together.

    “It’s my turn.”

    His voice was muffled.

    The thought of taking that big thing up his ass brought back memories of pain, and he squirmed.

    “I’ll suck you in the same way!”



    “Because you can’t fucking suck it.”

    Ja-kyung pride was hurt because he was rejected so quickly, but Il-hyun managed to add one more word to hit him in the bone.

    Fuck. Ja-kyung cursed inwardly. You must be a fucking good sucker. Ja-kyung knew he was actually a good sucker, but the sarcasm didn’t last long. The fingers that came inside rubbed against the inner wall and moved back and forth. He hated hearing the squelching sound.

    It was getting brighter outside now.  Ja-kyung looked around again, embarrassed for no reason. The earlier guards were nowhere to be seen. While Ja-kyung was distracted, Il-hyun scratched the inside of his shirt. Ja-kyung looked up in surprise. Il-hyun expression was fierce.

    “You seem distracted?”

    Il-hyun drew his fingers back and untied the straps of his gown. The robe opened, revealing his hard body. He was naturally built in and seeing him as a man made me envious and aroused. Il-hyun grabbed his dick, rubbed it, and pressed it against the hole firmly.

    It was a pressure that cannot be compared to that of a finger. His dick was thicker and more shaped than most, and it curved upward slightly, making it easier to feel inside.

    In the past, just looking at it made Ja-kyung shudder, but now it was shocking to him that he was ready to accept it without any hesitation. But the useless thoughts didn’t last long. As Il-hyun slowly opened his hole and entered, Ja-kyung’s breath stopped. It was still difficult to adapt.


    A mixture of moaning and breathing flowed out of his teeth clenched in pain. Ja-kyung looked down. Because of his posture, he could clearly see Il-hyun’s dick entering him. Ahh, Ja-kyung groaned and leaned the back of his head against the window. After pushing it all the way in, Il-hyun slowly moved his hip. The lower part of Ja-kyung’s abdomen bulged out every time he thrust in deeply.

    He took Ja-kyung’s hand and made him touch it.

    “It went all the way here. Can you feel it?”

    Ja-kyung suddenly remembered the Alien movie. He was afraid that it might break through, so he quickly withdrew his hand. As he moved faster and faster, his head and shoulders were crushed by the window. Hearing the sound of the dog barking, Ja-kyung looked back.

    As a shepherd runs through the yard, a bodyguard hurried out and dragged the dog away to the back. He raised his head and quickly turned his head. Ja-kyung realized they had seen the situation. It was bad enough that Wang Han saw them, and now it would be spread all over the neighborhood.

    “Stop being down. There’s no one in this house who doesn’t know that the two of us are having sex anyway.”

    Bast-. Ja-kyung was glaring at him, but suddenly, with all his might, Il-hyun thrusts into him. Ja-kyung toes tingled as Il-hyun’s dick rubbed against his prostate. Ahh. Ja-kyung closed his eyes and stretched out his hand without realizing it. Kang Il-hyun willingly gave his neck.

    Ja-kyung clung to his neck with his penis still shoved in. Slap, slap, slap, Il-hyun moved so roughly that Ja-kyung’s body was completely crumpled, and sparks fly in front of his eyes. His mind had gone blank, and he didn’t care whether anyone was watching or not. He hurriedly found Il-hyun’s lips and sucked them.

    Ja-kyung noticed the corners of Il-hyun’s lips rising when he opened his eyes slightly. Slap, slap, it was so fast and hard that it hurt his ass, and the skin on his stomach bulged out while warm liquid poured out from within.

    For a long time, the two of them savored the afterglow of the climax while sucking each other lips. Il-hyun brushed Ja-kyung’s hair as he parted his lips to catch his breath.

    “I must abstain from sex for a month now.”

    Il-hyun smiled, but Ja-kyung can’t smile at all. Il-hyun really thinking of sending him away. Not too long ago, he had intended to run away from the island. Ja-kyung couldn’t understand why he was so anxious and upset when he could be jumping for joy.

    The human heart was something that he couldn’t understand.


    “Until when are you going to do this?”

    Wang Lun remained wrapped in a blanket, despite Wang Han’s question. He had run amok like a mad cow the day before, and today he was completely exhausted and lying like a corpse. Ja-kyung also attempted to cheer him up but was unsuccessful.

    He must have been in a big shock, seeing that there was no reaction even when he was told that they would go to Hawaii and stay for a month.  If everything had gone as usual, he would have been the most excited and happy. Ja-kyung sighed deeply, and then he and Wang Han comforted him some more before leaving the room.

    At the very least, the two of them decided to return home and pack their belongings. The sky had been dark since they arrived, and it began to rain as soon as they came out. Ja-kyung sat in the driver’s seat, turned on the engine, and brushed his wet hair roughly.

    Despite moving the wipers, the rain was heavy, making it difficult to see. He finally set out after waiting for the rain to stop, and Il-hyun’s men, who were a little further away, immediately followed. The cars were slowing down when he exited the parking lot and entered the main road due to the rain.

    “Lun hyung, will he continue to be like that?”

    “I don’t know. We should get his spirits up quickly.”

    “Should I look for her?”

    It would be easy to find Wang Lun’s lover if he asked people he knew. But it wouldn’t make any difference. She had betrayed him, and even if they were to meet again, it would be difficult to repair the trust that had already been broken.

    The traffic light changed, and the car stopped for a while.  Ja-kyung looked behind him in his rearview mirror. There was no sign of the bodyguard’s car. They were parked right next to him when he turned around. It surprised Ja-kyung because they usually follow from behind.

    When the light changed, he started off and turned right.  It was a new road, a weekday, and there was little traffic due to the heavy rain. The bodyguard’s car keeps pulling to the side while driving in the rain. Ja-kyung was nervous. Wang Han also rolled down the window, probably feeling something strange.

    Why did they do that? What’s the matter?

    Soon, the other driver’s window rolled down. He was surprised to see that the bodyguard wasn’t wearing his usual black suit. Ja-kyung, who was about to take a closer look, opened his mouth in surprise. Wang Han also froze in place as he recognized the other man.

    Takeya Jun, who was said to have arrived in Korea yesterday and asked where they were over the phone, was sitting in the driver’s seat, pointing a gun at them. The man fired a bullet as soon as Ja-kyung stepped on the accelerator. Bang, the missed bullet shattered the back window.

    If he didn’t respond quickly, their heads could fly off. Ja-kyung accelerated and looked back. Takeya Jun slammed into the car’s back bumper with terrifying force. The force of the impact threw the body forward. Ja-kyung clenched his teeth and gripped the steering wheel tightly.

    “Why is that man here!”

    Wang Han finally remembered his words about coming here to work, and his mind went blank. Could it be that they were the target?

    Fuck. We’re screwed.

    The car that had caught up with them at breakneck speed now comes to the side and slammed their car. The car’s body was scratched, and it stumbled as if it were about to collide with a guardrail.

    “Get out the gun!”

    Ja-kyung shouted urgently. He took out the gun to wash the inside of the car a few days ago. He’d become careless because he hadn’t recently faced any threats to his life.

    “Damn it!”

    As soon as he shouted and blamed himself, bullets flew like rain. Bang, bang, bang, the rearview mirror had been shattered, and all of the side windows had also been smashed. Ja-kyung clenched his teeth. He tried to speed up as much as possible to increase the distance between them and Jun, but he was too close for them to escape.

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