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    Cover of PEN


    by Yannie

    Cheon Sejoo, who had no choice but to join the organization to avenge his deceased sister. In the midst of living a life devoid of hope, he meets a young man who reminds him of his sister, prompting him to extend a small act of kindness to him.

    If he had known that this light-hearted intention would become so burdensome, he wouldn’t have brought him into his life.


    “I told you. It was always you first…”

    His eyes, usually sharp, looked gentle today. Cheon Sejoo’s gaze was soft, sweet, and lingering.

    “So take responsibility.”

    It was always Cheon Sejoo who took the first step. He was the one who reached out to him first, the one who looked at him first. Sejin had merely taken his hand because he offered it, and looked at him because he gave him his gaze. And in doing so, he fell in love with that gentle man.

    Sejin no longer wanted to see Cheon Sejoo drifting away from him.
    If you can’t come to me, then I will go to you.

    “You’re all I have left now…”

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 1
      Warning: NSFW. 2,458 Words
    2. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 2
      2,255 Words
    3. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 3
      3,157 Words
    4. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 4
      3,359 Words
    5. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 5
      2,614 Words
    6. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 6
      2,304 Words
    7. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 7
      2,739 Words
    8. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 8
      2,484 Words
    9. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 9
      2,724 Words
    10. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 10
      2,342 Words
    11. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 11
      2,529 Words
    12. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 12
      Warning: Drugs. 2,862 Words
    13. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 13
      2,430 Words
    14. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 14
      2,192 Words
    15. PEN Vol 1 Ch. 15
      2,315 Words


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