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    Among them, there were several friends with better backgrounds than Kangho, but his father still considered that group of nerds more important.

    “Dad, all those rich and powerful kids you like are in that group,” Kangho once timidly argued, but his father didn’t get angry. Instead, he sat Kangho down and explained patiently, as if to an elementary school student.

    “The most important asset for your future is people. Money and fame can disappear in an instant, but the skills and character a person builds over a lifetime don’t change. No one can predict the future, but at least you can know who will be helpful to you later. Knowing that and still missing out would be the most foolish thing in the world.”

    However, Kangho couldn’t understand his father’s words until the beginning of this year. If it weren’t for one reason, he would have cut ties with that group long ago.

    But after finishing his grueling studies and finally earning the impressive degree his father wanted last year, his thinking changed. After traveling and having fun for half a year, his father called him to the company.

    Some of his friends had already started working, but most of them were still students. Maybe it was because he saw the paths they were each taking that were different yet similar, but he finally began to see it.

    Despite their good brains, the nerds worked even harder. They had already started working after earning the degrees and certifications they wanted.

    On the other hand, his friends who were like brothers, doing all sorts of things together, were still wandering around school, only focused on having fun.

    Kangho still enjoyed meeting them, but it wasn’t exciting anymore. But now, trying to join the nerd group, they didn’t readily accept him.

    Even though he diligently attended meetings this year, they considered him someone on the outskirts of the group. It especially annoyed him when they suddenly notified him of a meeting late at night.

    Still grumbling, he got off the elevator and entered the meeting place. Despite the late hour, all the members were there. What’s going on? He greeted a few familiar faces and sat in an empty seat.

    Some people looked at him with unfriendly eyes, but he didn’t care. After all, the few people who greeted him were the ones he thought could help him in this group.

    “What’s going on?”

    Tired, he asked, and one of the friends who still talked to him pointed to a friend sitting far away.

    “He’s leaving for Germany soon. It’s a farewell party.”

    Kangho vaguely remembered hearing about it and nodded indifferently. That guy had always been a studious one and was going to a famous research institute.

    “Then why meet at this hour? I’m tired.”

    “You’ve been working hard at the company lately, huh? I guess it’s true.”

    “I have to work hard. My dad threatened to cut me off if I don’t.”

    Kangho pretended to be grumbling, but his friend didn’t take it seriously. After all, it was a given that he would inherit all the wealth no matter how he worked.

    “You’ve got your act together.”

    His friend said jokingly and explained why they met so late.

    “This was the only time Shin could make it.”

    As Kangho accepted a drink from a server, he was startled and inhaled sharply. Kim Shin – that name was the very reason he hadn’t given up on this group.

    “Kim Shin is here? Where?”

    Kangho pretended to drink to hide his excitement.


    “The underground pool here? At this hour? When did he go?”

    “Why, so you can copy Shin again?”

    A mocking voice with a hint of laughter came from somewhere. Kangho frowned and looked around, realizing it was Kim Shin’s closest friend who had spoken. He swallowed his curse. That guy was one of the few in the group with a better background than Kangho.

    “What am I copying?”

    “Do you want to hear it from my mouth, or do you really not know?”

    Another friend intervened to stop them, and Kim Shin’s best friend chuckled, raising his glass.

    “He bought a house in the villa complex where Shin lives and also got a membership at the resort Shin goes to. He couldn’t get it even for several times the price, so he had to use threats. I thought he was copying Shin by working hard too.”

    “Why would I copy some government worker who’s not even that special?”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Kangho realized his mistake. Sure enough, the room fell silent, and everyone turned to look at him. As with any group of men, an unspoken hierarchy formed even without words.

    At the top of this group was Kim Shin. Despite his father being a high-ranking police officer, his background was the least impressive here. Yet, from the moment he appeared, he was the apex predator.

    Much later, Kangho learned how impressive Shin’s maternal grandfather was, but even without that, Shin had an intimidating presence.

    It wasn’t just his tall, solid build. He had a calm and collected exterior, but his eyes could be chillingly piercing. Although such looks never passed between friends, Kangho had once been on the receiving end and quickly tried to correct his slip.

    “What I mean is, the work Kim Shin does doesn’t suit that guy. Of course, he’ll become a commissioner eventually…”

    “He won’t.”

    Shin’s best friend shook his head. When Kangho gave him a puzzled look, another friend explained.

    “Shin quit the police. He’s studying something else now.”

    “What’s he studying?”

    “Something that suits him.”

    Kangho felt lost as everyone else seemed to understand, and the conversation shifted to Shin.

    “Shin’s amazing. He came to say hello after studying and then went swimming.”

    “But why swimming?”

    “He said he needed to cool down.”

    As if on cue, the room went silent again, and a light chuckle spread as everyone realized they were thinking the same thing.

    “Well, Shin’s stamina is legendary.”

    Legendary indeed. Kangho was one of the few who knew the truth. It must have been when he was 21. He called this group nerds, but they didn’t just study and lead straight-laced lives.

    To Kangho, they were nerds simply because they didn’t do drugs or engage in group sex regularly. Even these nerds enjoyed a healthy sex life amidst their studies.

    Once, they rented out an entire luxury resort for someone’s birthday. Hearing that amazing girls would be there, Kangho excitedly joined.

    Among the guests were a few men, chosen by those who knew that a man’s behind could be more satisfying. Kangho was one of them.

    After having fun all day, he was surprised to see Kim Shin join in the evening. Shin despised paying for company, so even his best friend seemed surprised.

    Shin seemed upset about something and ordered more company as soon as he realized there was only one partner for him.

    “Bring three more.”

    He took one and went into a room. Hours passed, and the sounds of a creaking bed, flesh slapping, and a man’s moans filled the room until the three additional partners arrived.

    The first partner begged for mercy with a hoarse voice before Shin finally let him go. By morning, Shin had turned four men into half-corpses, all with his relentless stamina.

    This event became a legend among them. As the fourth partner crawled to the bathroom, Shin noticed the lack of remaining partners, frowned, and dove into the pool.

    On that hot day in July, everyone stared at Shin through the large window, mesmerized. Kangho was among them, but his shock was different.

    Kangho had seen Shin in action. While everyone else was knocked out from their sexual exploits, he couldn’t resist the hoarse moans coming from downstairs. The room Shin stayed in was connected to a terrace, and no one wanted to stay next to Shin, so it was vacant.

    Kangho didn’t understand why he wanted to watch Shin, but he was curious. He might not have wanted to admit that someone as perfect as Shin would also be perfect in bed.

    No, it was the opposite. He was eager to see just how perfect Shin’s performance would be. His heart raced, and what he witnessed exceeded all expectations.

    The first thing Kangho noticed was Kim Shin’s naked body. It was like seeing a massive Renaissance sculpture come to life, something he had seen in a European museum once. But unlike the marble statues in the museum, this god in the room was a mass of rippling muscles, glistening with sweat, thrusting relentlessly into the buttocks of the man lying face down on the bed.

    The glass Kangho pressed his face against was as cold as ice, indicating just how high the air conditioning was cranked up in the room. Yet, despite the cold air, both the man on his knees, shaking, and Shin, who was holding his hips tightly to keep him from slipping down, were drenched with sweat, their hair plastered to their foreheads.

    While the receiving man’s face was a mess of tears, Shin’s eyes remained dark with lust, half-closed in a languid gaze.

    Thwack, thwack…

    The wet sounds of Shin’s thrusts echoed lewdly every time his cock slammed into the hole, a testament to how much he had been at it.

    “Aang! Hah, aah! S-stop… Ah! Ah! Haaang!”

    The man begged in a broken, tearful voice, but Shin merely spread his buttocks wider with his large hands and drove his cock deeper, all the way in.


    The sound wasn’t just the slap of flesh against flesh; it was heavier. Kangho found himself unable to look away from Shin’s powerful, fluid movements.

    Shin’s hips curved deeply with each thrust, his buttocks tensing and rising as his cock plunged fully into the hole. Kangho was mesmerized by the thick, muscular thighs straining and splitting with every motion.

    And then there was the enormous cock, emerging and plunging back in. It was three times the size of Kangho’s, swollen and dark with engorged veins, its sheer size and girth overwhelming. Kangho could see nothing but the hole and the monstrous cock going in and out.

    “Hahk! Huh, ah! It hurts… Uhh, ahh!”

    The man’s cries of pain mixed with moans. Kangho, unable to resist, began to rub his own cock through his clothes. He couldn’t help it. He had tried drugs and all sorts of extreme sex, but nothing aroused him as much as this sight.

    When Shin’s cock paused, poised just at the entrance, Kangho couldn’t understand why. But soon, a cold shiver ran down his spine.

    He looked up, holding his breath. Shin was staring at him. Those were eyes he had never seen before—ferocious and beast-like. A tremor starting from his core spread through his whole body. He couldn’t breathe or blink.

    It felt like Shin might just leap over and tear him apart. It was the first time he had felt such fear. But Shin soon averted his eyes and resumed his pounding.

    Whack! Whack! Whack!

    As the thrusts shortened and sped up, the man’s screams grew louder. Kangho returned to his room, belatedly realizing his pants were wet.

    Ironically, although it was one of the most humiliating days of his life, just thinking about that day excited him. Nothing else had ever turned him on as much.

    That didn’t mean he had fallen for Shin. It was just that he had found something stimulating enough to shock him, who thought he had seen it all.

    That day, Shin’s perfect body and the sheer power with which he seemed to carve up his partner was like the best porno imaginable. If there were a god of sex, it would be Shin in that moment.

    But it was a porno he could never see again. After that, Shin never showed up at such gatherings again. In his attempt to relive that excitement, Kangho spent some time with the four men Shin had taken that night, trying to get every detail of how Shin moved, how big and hard his cock was, what positions he demanded, and what he said.

    But after those four, there was nothing more to hear. Shin never paid for sex again. He didn’t need to; there were plenty of people willing to sleep with him.

    Kangho sought out people who had slept with Shin consensually, trying to gather more information during their own encounters, but all he got were curses and sarcasm.

    “Are you a pervert? Fuck, if you want to get fucked by him so badly, why don’t you just go to him and shake your ass?”

    Fearing they might blab to Shin, he stopped approaching them. Moreover, Shin had started focusing intensely on his police work, reducing his social interactions.

    “Seems like Shin can’t relieve his stress with studying as he did with his police work.”

    “Come to think of it, Shin’s father had great foresight. I thought Shin was living so rigorously because of his job.”

    “Yeah, Shin used to have this sharp vibe, like he was bound to get into some serious trouble any moment. Plus, he had his grandfather to bail him out of anything. Man, if I had a grandfather like that, I’d live without lifting a finger. Shin’s grandpa is practically a god, and having him as a father figure must have shaped him into who he is.”

    “Oh, that’s because Shin’s biological mom…”

    Someone tried to continue, but Shin’s closest friend grabbed his arm firmly. Realizing the mistake, the speaker quickly changed the topic.

    “By the way, I heard Shin’s grandfather hasn’t been doing well lately?”

    “Well, he is getting on in years.”

    “Still, I thought he’d make it to a hundred, no problem. But people do change with age. Even Shin has turned into a perfect gentleman since he started working.”

    Kangho agreed with his friends. Although he had only seen him a few months ago, it was clear that Shin had softened. But compared to before, he was still quite reserved and spoke little, except with a few close friends. Then Shin’s best friend nodded with a laugh.

    “He’s probably the most normal among us now.”

    But not exactly normal, considering he’s Shin. As everyone shook their heads, the subject of their conversation entered. His hair was still wet, and he wore a t-shirt and jeans, but his tall stature and striking appearance made him stand out the most in the room.

    Seeing Shin’s wet hair brought back memories for Kangho. It was as if Shin could read his mind; he glanced at Kangho briefly. But it was a fleeting look, devoid of any interest, and Kangho sighed in relief, taking a big gulp of his drink. Glancing back at Shin talking and laughing with the others, Kangho felt a pang of curiosity. He couldn’t help but ask when Shin looked his way again.

    “Something good happen to you?”

    Worried that Shin might take it the wrong way, he watched his reaction carefully. But Shin replied nonchalantly.

    “Not really.”

    Yet, despite his words, a faint smile lingered on Shin’s lips. The others also noticed the subtle change in his demeanor. Something good must have happened. Then one friend provided a clear explanation.

    “Well, quitting his job would make the world seem beautiful. Even the cicadas’ noise must sound pleasant to him now.”

    Cicadas aren’t exactly pleasant, but the noise wasn’t bothersome. The summer heat was suffocating, and the humidity was oppressive, but it didn’t seem so bad.

    This summer felt particularly different for Shin. Even though he had only slept an hour or two after a friend’s farewell party until dawn, he didn’t feel tired.

    Instead, he looked forward to waking up. To call it mere excitement would be an understatement. Every second spent getting ready to go to the library felt thrilling and joyous, making the word ‘excitement’ seem insufficient.

    Shin emerged from the bathroom, rubbing his wet hair with a towel as he walked to his dressing room. Though he should’ve been looking for clothes to wear, he stopped in front of the wide, long accessory storage unit in the center.

    One hand slowly rubbed the towel over his head to dry his hair, while the other pulled out a watch case from under the glass top.

    Instead of the watches that should have been there, there was a handkerchief. The watches, worth more than cars, were scattered carelessly around the storage.

    He stood still, looking down at the handkerchief, almost hesitant to touch it. It was his first theft, yet he felt no guilt. It was worth it, being the most valuable thing in the world to him.

    That small square held Yeonwoo’s scent, the smell of his skin. It was indescribably intoxicating and arousing, yet it also brought a sense of calm. That’s why it was so precious.

    Shin brought the handkerchief to his nose, taking a deep breath as if it were the only source of oxygen keeping him alive. Slowly, he breathed through the handkerchief several more times.

    Then he dropped the towel he had been using to dry his hair and instead grabbed his now fully erect cock. Closing his eyes, Yeonwoo’s image filled his mind.

    Yeonwoo was 29, but somehow he still had a youthful aura. His appearance was undoubtedly mature and grown-up, having been raised properly with a sense of maturity, yet he retained an innocence.

    His innocence showed in his pleasant smile, warm eyes, and simple, ordinary words. It was astonishing how every expression, the way his fingers moved, even his breathing, captivated Shin.

    Being close to him made it hard to breathe and his heart race. It was the first time Shin felt such emotions, making his unconditioned heart burn continuously with intense feelings.

    The feeling of anticipation was something he had experienced long ago, yet it felt new and fresh. He hadn’t realized he could feel such a range of emotions so deeply. Every word exchanged was a joy. Just brushing against the collar of his shirt made his heart flutter.

    During the summer, seeing Yeonwoo’s bare skin made Shin’s lower abdomen tighten. When even the faintest whiff of Yeonwoo’s scent drifted over from across the study table, blood rushed to his groin. Shin inhaled deeply from the handkerchief, moving his hand quickly over his erection.

    In his mind, he roughly stripped off Yeonwoo’s loose t-shirt. Yeonwoo’s white, smooth skin blushed with embarrassment. Blood surged to Shin’s penis, making it swell and turn a deep red.

    Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack…

    As he rubbed faster, the thin skin of his penis tightened, exposing the hardness even more. In his imagination, Yeonwoo revealed his lower body, covering his face with his arms in shame, but eventually spreading his legs wide.

    He could feel the trembling flesh under his grasp. And the rich scent that would spread. Even without taking a deep breath, the fragrance would be as hot and sweet as his flushed skin. His thoughts stopped there.

    Shin opened his blurry eyes, gripping his penis harder. The sound of skin friction quickened, and an electric sensation built up in his lower abdomen like steps on a staircase.

    Stimulating himself towards climax for a while, his chest heaved with rough breaths. As his hand movements became rougher, he climbed the final step towards orgasm and let out a breath.


    His shoulders tensed, and the muscles in his abdomen contracted. His penis twitched and jerked, spilling white semen. Shin kept his gaze fixed on the handkerchief in his clenched fist until the pleasure of the ejaculation subsided.

    Ever since learning that Yeonwoo was gay, Shin’s fantasies always stopped early. It was frustrating. Even imagining tasting him felt like a waste. Over the past two weeks of studying together, not being able to touch him had been torturous, but he didn’t mind the slow pace.

    He had to capture Yeonwoo’s heart first. Yeonwoo had to want him. Until then, even the agony of waiting felt thrilling. This new side of himself was unfamiliar, but he didn’t dislike it. He liked how he felt. When he opened his hand, the handkerchief was crumpled like an aluminum can. He carefully smoothed out the wrinkles before placing it back in the storage box.

    “Such a waste.”

    ‘Wake me up at lunchtime.’

    Yeonwoo dutifully fulfilled this request. Without making noise, he would gently touch Shin’s shoulder. Shin always woke up right away but pretended to stay asleep so Yeonwoo would keep touching him longer.

    As Shin had expected, Yeonwoo eventually placed his whole palm on Shin’s shoulder to push him. It was still light, tentative touches. Shin wished he would keep touching, but Yeonwoo, hesitating, withdrew his hand, probably feeling bad about waking him from a deep sleep.

    Yeonwoo’s kindness was so natural that he let it show without thinking. Shin, though disappointed, got up. Yeonwoo’s eyes widened slightly. Looking at him always made Shin smile automatically. Yeonwoo’s lips also curved into a slight smile when he saw Shin.

    It was still a shy, brief smile, but compared to the initial wariness, he now smiled back. Shin wished Yeonwoo would smile more broadly. He wanted those warm eyes to be directed only at him. So, he made a small plan for today. After a few hours of studying in the afternoon, they left the library together, and Yeonwoo’s phone rang.

    Turning away to take the call, Yeonwoo ended the conversation looking troubled. When Shin asked why, Yeonwoo looked at him with still-worried brown eyes. In the sunlight, his eyes became a lighter, more transparent brown.

    “There’s an issue at the shop, so they told me not to come this week.”

    Pretending to share the concern, Shin suggested, “Then come with me.”

    After some more persuasion, Yeonwoo finally got into the car, and Shin started the engine. The low hum of the machine and the air conditioner began to work, but the interior was still hotter than outside because it had been parked in the shade.

    “Sorry, is it hot?”

    “No, it’s fine. It should be hot, it’s summer after all.”

    Shin liked this outlook on life. Yeonwoo rarely got irritated. He didn’t exaggerate the challenges he faced and brushed off minor inconveniences.

    “Still, it feels uncomfortable when it’s humid and sweaty, doesn’t it?”

    At the mention of sweat, Yeonwoo checked his own body. Even such a simple gesture drove Shin crazy with desire. He restrained himself from reaching out.

    “You don’t smell.”

    Despite Shin’s words, Yeonwoo lifted the front of his t-shirt to sniff it, looking sheepish.

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