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    Cover of July


    by soapa

    After several brief and coincidental encounters over a long period, these repeated short meetings oddly became deeply embedded in Yeonwoo’s memory. One day, he met him again in the library. He thought it would be just another fleeting coincidence, but this time was different.

    “I came here to study too.”

    “What about your job?”

    “I quit.”

    He was no longer just a passing acquaintance to Yeonwoo. However, unsure of his intentions, Yeonwoo tried not to assign any significance to this meeting, but his eyes kept drifting towards him. Why does he keep feeling nervous when he sees him?

    “It’s nice to meet you, Song Yeonwoo.”

    He suddenly extended his hand.


    He firmly grasped Yeonwoo’s hand and said calmly and clearly, “Kim Shin.”

    Released every Tuesday and Saturday

    1. Scheduled: JL Ch3.2
      Warning: Mentions of Sexual Assault 5,443 Words
    2. Scheduled: JL Ch3.3
      6,275 Words
    3. Scheduled: JL Ch4.1
      5,242 Words
    4. Scheduled: JL Ch4.2
      5,275 Words
    5. Scheduled: JL Ch4.3
      Warning: Physical Assault 5,489 Words
    6. Scheduled: JL Ch4.4
      2,756 Words
    7. Scheduled: JL Ch5.1
      5,465 Words
    8. Scheduled: JL Ch5.2
      5,295 Words
    9. Scheduled: JL Ch5.3
      3,248 Words
    10. Scheduled: JL Ch6.1
      5,083 Words
    11. Scheduled: JL Ch6.2
      4,747 Words
    12. Scheduled: JL Ch6.3 (End)
      4,049 Words
    Next Chapter: 16/07/2024, 8:36 pm
    1. JL Ch1.1
      3,560 Words
    2. JL Ch1.2
      3,899 Words
    3. JL Ch1.3
      3,444 Words
    4. JL Ch1.4
      3,450 Words
    5. JL Ch1.5
      3,822 Words
    6. JL Ch2.1
      3,678 Words
    7. JL Ch2.2
      3,874 Words
    8. JL Ch2.3
      3,460 Words
    9. JL Ch2.4
      3,652 Words
    10. JL Ch2.5
      4,494 Words
    11. JL Ch3.1
      5,628 Words

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