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    “A gift for the newlyweds?”

    “Ah, what I gave Han-joo was wine and a couple glasses. Go ahead and open it. I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I got recommendations from someone knowledgeable, so it should be good.”

    Jeong Han-joo did not open the gift as Ji-an wanted. He simply exchanged glances with Seo Ji-hyuk with blank eyes and then looked back at Ji-an. The expression on Ji-an’s face was so clear and devoid of any trickery or sarcasm that Seo Ji-hyuk began to feel genuinely confused.

    “I sincerely hope that you two will be happy for a long time.”

    Without any obstacles, a smooth path forever without need for a pivotal reunion or anything of the sort.

    Ji-an smiled serenely as he inwardly repeated this sincere wish.

    “Actually, you’re just one step away from marriage now. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the wedding due to personal reasons, so consider this a pre-wedding gift.”

    It was truly a sincere wish. It was a solution that Ji-an decided after much deliberation after experiencing Jeong Han-joo’s strange behavior and clashing with Jeong Hee-seo. To avoid being a catalyst for the main couple’s breakup in any form. Maybe gradually pushing them together like this could work things out.

    To do that, he had to clear up the misunderstandings they had about him. Jeong Han-joo’s misunderstanding that Ji-an liked him, and Seo Ji-hyuk’s that Ji-an still liked his lover Jeong Han-joo. Both were major headaches.

    So Ji-an came up with the idea of ​​a three-way meeting to avoid the environment of a makjang drama. Although it was a little embarrassing, it was the rule of makjang drama that misunderstandings always arose when meeting separately, so calling them together was the best solution.

    It seemed to be working, and Ji-an felt a bit moved by his own desperate efforts. He forced himself to ignore the look Seo Ji-hyuk was giving him as if he were insane.

    “I’ve been disrespectful by childishly misunderstanding my own feelings between you two. I deeply regret it. You may not be able to forget what happened, but I promise it’ll never happen again, so please accept my apology.”



    Seo Ji-hyuk, who was looking down at his plate, blinked. Ji-an’s sincere words seemed to confuse him, furrowing his brow deeply. After a long moment of moving his lips without sound, Seo Ji-hyuk finally spoke while looking at Ji-an.

    “Ji-an, do you really think that we’re just one step away from getting married?”

    “Ji-hyuk-ah. He’s saying this without knowing anything.”

    “I know. I feel the energy of the universe. The two of you will definitely be happy. If it weren’t for the two of you, who else in this world could achieve it?”

    Ji-an gathered the shredded wrapping paper into a ball, speaking with cult-like conviction. Seo Ji-hyuk still looked utterly confused while Jeong Han-joo seemed dissatisfied with Ji-an’s definitive assertions.

    “Ji-an, I understand what you mean… I appreciate the gift, but since it’s a wedding, I don’t think it’s your place to say things like that.”

    No, Ji-an did have a right to make that declaration. Just look at the insane number of texts in his phone. Wasn’t a three-way confrontation the bare minimum he should do with how heated things were?

    Something had to be corrected here. Ji-an composed himself. Clearly conveying the message to never involve himself in their relationship again. That was today’s goal.

    However, Jeong Han-joo was blatantly denying things while his lover was listening next to him. His eyes even reflected a desperate longing as he looked at Ji-an.

    “I didn’t want to be called out for this kind of talk.”

    Ji-an was a bit flustered.

    ‘Are you really that oblivious even after all this?’

    Setting emotions aside, he wondered if Jeong Han-joo was really so inconsiderate, easily acting in ways that hurt his lover.

    “Didn’t you directly tell me before, hyung, that you wanted to make Ji-hyuk hyung happy? That you wanted to cherish him until death?”

    “Those are just things people say when dating.”

    “No, I know. You two are so perfect together…”

    That from the beginning, they were destined for a happy ending in this world. That it was their predetermined conclusion. Ji-an recalled Jeong Han-joo’s scripted lines from his older brother’s work.

    “You two will definitely end up together.”

    Seo Ji-hyuk’s eyes turned to Ji-an. If Seo Ji-hyuk’s eyes had been harsh to read Ji-an’s sincerity earlier, now they were somehow hurt.This deflated, lifeless atmosphere was even more unsettling to Ji-an than the previous intensity.

    He wanted to quickly leave this situation.

    “I’m going to change my phone. And I won’t give my number to either of you.”

    Ji-an suddenly stood up.

    “If I have to, I plan to change my name. I want to think that I have repaid my debt to my brothers today. From now on, I’ll be a completely unrelated person.”

    “Ji-an-ah, why change your name? What’s going on all of a sudden? Did Hee-seo hyung tell you to do this?”

    “I admit I used to cling to you. But it’s over now, Han-joo hyung.”

    Jeong Han-joo visibly flustered as Ji-an even bowed.

    “It’s over?”

    “I’ll get going now. I have to head back. Take care of yourself.”

    It was a slightly different ending than expected and a bit rough, but Ji-an felt he had succeeded in conveying his feelings. From here, it was an issue for the two of them to resolve. As he took a step back, Seo Ji-hyuk also stood up.

    “Wait for a moment. I also have something to say.”

    “Ji-hyuk-ah, why are you adding to this strange situation?”

    Seo Ji-hyuk brushed off Jeong Han-joo’s attempt to stop him.

    “First, thank you for the gift. Regarding you, Ji-an…I may have had some misunderstandings mixed in. I accept your apology.”

    “Thank you.”

    “And thanks for bringing up marriage. Thanks to you, I’m sure now.”



    Ji-an felt nervous when he saw Seo Ji-hyuk’s gentle smile, which had shed its coldness, as if the roles had been reversed between him and Jeong Han-joo. Seeing his brother’s face wearing a kind smile brought a subtle sense of dread.

    “It’s not exactly the best place to say this, but since Ji-an had set the stage…”

    Seo Ji-hyuk suddenly turned his head to face Jeong Han-joo.

    “I’m pregnant, Han-joo.”



    The two people fell silent at the same time, as if a ghost was clawing across the table. And shouted again at the same time.

    Silence fell like a ghost had scratched the tabletop as they spoke in unison.


    “What did you say?”

    “I’m pregnant. With your child, Han-joo.”

    Dang— The sound of a bell ringing echoed in Ji-an’s ears. Ji-an opened his mouth dumbly.

    His first thought was doubting if Seo Ji-hyuk was really pregnant. This was because in the drama, there was never any mention of the lead couple having a child by the ending.

    What in the world is going on…

    Jeong Han-joo was equally dumbfounded. It was more than Ji-an, not less.He had been nonchalant about the marriage talk, so this sudden pregnancy announcement from his lover was blindsiding. Jeong Han-joo, who was quietly lost in thought, seemed to be thinking about something and stretched out his hand to Seo Ji-hyuk.

    “First… ”

    Seo Ji-hyuk’s eyes drifted to Jeong Han-joo.

    “First, let’s just sit down, babe. Sit down and talk.”


    For the first time since entering the cafe, Jeong Han-joo made physical contact with Seo Ji-hyuk. Seo Ji-hyuk glanced down at the hand tugging his arm before obediently taking a seat.

    Jeong Han-joo spared one glance at the still stunned Ji-an before turning away to clasp his lover’s hand without hesitation.

    “When, when did you find out?”

    “Not too long ago. I was waiting for the right moment to tell you.”

    Okay. Jeong Han-joo nodded, stroking his chin.

    “Babe, first of all, I’m so happy. Of course…”

    Jeong Han-joo looked into Seo Ji-hyuk’s eyes and lowered his eyebrows.

    “You’re going to keep it, right?”

    He made a gesture that he wanted to hug Seo Ji-hyuk with a face that looked like he was about to cry. Ji-an looked at Seo Ji-hyuk’s face in response to the dramatic and shallow change, and for someone who made an important announcement, he had a calm expression without any emotion.

    Rather than a face trying to share joy with his lover, it was a face that was throwing bait and watching the other person’s reaction.


    “Of course, I’m keeping it. Whose baby do you think it is?”

    His tone was indifferent and weary.

    “Thank you. Grandma will be so happy.”

    The two embraced each other as if they had made a major decision. They were so immersed that they seemed to have forgotten Ji-an was standing there. Ji-an slowly stepped back and left the scene.

    As he opened the door to leave the café, he felt someone’s gaze and turned to meet Seo Ji-hyuk’s eyes directly. In that moment, a chill ran down Ji-an’s spine.

    He had to go back to the general manager’s office that was densely permeated with Jeong Hee-seo’s pheromones. An unknown fear arose, and Ji-an’s steps became faster and faster.

    ‘I have never known the future before in my life. It’s natural to live without knowing the future.’

    Why was he so afraid? The change in the predetermined future he knew filled him with such dread that goosebumps ran all over his body.

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