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    After much deliberation, Ji-an could only choose three flavors to put in his cup. He was extremely meticulous about this. As he was hesitating in front of the pink kiosk, a large hand suddenly intervened from behind.

    “Just get the big cup. Why are you hesitating?”

    Ji-an quickly turned around. Jeong Hee-seo was standing close behind him, looking at the screen.

    “…But you don’t eat ice cream, hyung.”

    “It’s fine. If you can’t finish it, I’ll eat it.”

    This response was far more comforting than simply being told to throw it away. With an excited heart, Ji-an looked back at the kiosk screen. His options had expanded from three to six. He was thrilled, his cheeks turning red with excitement.

    After placing the order, they were standing in front of the brightly lit ice cream showcase, when the part-time worker struggling to scoop the ice cream glanced furtively at Ji-an. Feeling embarrassed that he had been staring too intently, Jeong Hee-seo gently turned his shoulders.

    “Go sit down. I’ll bring it over.”

    “Yes.” Ji-an obediently replied and found a spacious seat.

    The strange sensation that had been bothering his chest still lingered, but it didn’t ruin his mood. So what if it took a little longer? With the plot having changed so much, there was no way someone like Madam Myeong Hyun-sook would suddenly appear out of nowhere now.

    Since the main couple was expecting a baby, a supporting character’s pregnancy wouldn’t draw much attention.

    The core episodes would revolve around them, so he could let his guard down and not worry too much. Yes, he did feel a little more relaxed.

    Maybe the genre had changed. From an evil character engaging in disastrous behavior by crossing lines between siblings, fighting amongst blood relations, using miscarriages as plot devices, and secrets about births abounding in a makjang drama…to something more like an office rom-com.

    Although his pregnant body was irreversible, he still depended on Jeong Hee-seo’s pheromones for eating…he still suffered panic attacks, and still had to take pheromone suppressants because of his potent pheromones…

    Jeong Hee-seo set down a large ice cream tub in front of Ji-an. Taking one of the spoons laid out side-by-side, Ji-an first tasted the cherry flavor.

    Mmm, satisfying.

    “Hyung, have some too. Let’s eat together.”

    “There’s still time until dinner, so let’s go somewhere nearby to get some fresh air.”

    It wasn’t like he was reluctant to part with a lover late at night. Being near Jeong Hee-seo made his constant nausea ease and his headaches disappear. It felt like his body, wanting to cling to Jeong Hee-seo like a spoiled child, had been exposed.

    “I don’t want to take up too much of your time, hyung.”

    “I’m not the one whose time is being taken.”

    “But you’re sacrificing so much for my meals.”

    Ji-an picked up a clean spoon and scooped a generous amount of mint chocolate flavor.

    “Ah, try this.”

    Jeong Hee-seo raised an eyebrow as he tasted the mint ice cream Ji-an fed him. Ji-an bit his lip to keep from smiling as he took a bite himself. Without realizing it, he had used the same spoon after him, and his gaze followed it closely.

    “…Actually, I can eat even without the pheromones, just not as much.”

    Even though meeting on weekdays was not enough; Ji-an didn’t want to take up his weekends too.

    “You’re an extremely busy person, hyung, an expensive one too…”

    “And what about you?”


    Ji-an’s eyes widened.

    “Do you feel like I’m taking your time?”

    “I’m the one who needs you, hyung. Why would I feel like my time is being taken?”

    Ji-an scooped up more mint chocolate. As he was about to feed it to Jeong Hee-seo’s mouth again, he realized he had the spoons mixed up.

    “Ah, try this again.”

    Ji-an bluntly shoved it into his mouth, and Jeong Hee-seo accepted it wordlessly. A man who always kept the promises he made, like saying he would eat the leftovers. Even though his twitching eyebrows moved against his will.

    Ji-an suddenly remembered Secretary Yoon chanting the Buddha’s name, telling him to please make peace with Jeong Hee-seo. Why were people so afraid of Jeong Hee-seo? Was he the only one who wanted to tease and poke him for reactions?

    People were misunderstanding something. He was clearly a kind person who would politely chew and swallow even if a stranger shoved ice cream tasting like toothpaste into his mouth.

    “Hyung, you’re too kind.”


    “Yes, really.”

    Ji-an spoke sincerely.

    For a man so precise in calculating gains and losses and discerning rights and wrongs to be this considerate just because Ji-an got pregnant – he must have an exceptionally kind heart, contrary to his outward toughness. Anyone could see that Ji-an was the one taking up his time, yet he was concerned about taking up Ji-an’s time instead. He was undoubtedly an incredibly kind person.

    “If you’re so worried about my time, why not do what the doctor recommended?”


    He wiped his mouth with a napkin and smiled mischievously.


    A moment of silence fell over the table.

    Ji-an avoided eye contact and kept scooping up ice cream. He was deferring his response. Jeong Hee-seo simply looked down calmly at Ji-an.

    Jeong Hee-seo didn’t randomly blurt that out while eating ice cream. Ji-an knew exactly why Jeong Hee-seo said that, so he was at a loss for words.

    When they consulted the doctor about Ji-an’s panic attacks, the solution proposed was… Ji-an rolled his eyes as he recalled the situation 30 minutes earlier.

    ‘Most Type 2 traits, that is, Omegas, have something close to magic called pheromones, so pregnancy may be easier for them than for Betas.’

    “Easier, even if they’re recessive?”

    ‘Being recessive has little to do with morning sickness. Being recessive just makes getting pregnant difficult. If you’re exposed to enough Alpha pheromones to feel safe, most of the distressing symptoms will improve. The same goes for mental symptoms. There’s nothing better than pheromones to manage anxiety.’

    Ji-an bit his lip, feeling he was already quite exposed. The doctor looked back and forth between them with an infinitely gentle expression.

    ‘Try engaging in as many natural methods as a married couple can. You’re in the stable period now, so nothing is dangerous as long as you avoid knotting. In addition, there is a paper showing that it is very helpful for the development of fetal intelligence.’

    How could he say such embarrassing things with such a calm face and steady tone? Mentioning fetuses, intelligence development – such innocent words – alongside sex made the words seem worlds apart.

    Even muttering it to himself was difficult, yet the doctor managed to speak without a hint of embarrassment. The flustered Ji-an grumbled inwardly, making unreasonable complaints.

    Ji-an mumbled as he excavated a cookie piece from the ice cream with his spoon, in an almost whispering voice.

    “The doctor didn’t…um, exactly say sex. He said ‘natural methods’.”

    Jeong Hee-seo raised the corner of his mouth. The two eyes sparkled as they caught the opportunity.

    “Right, well… He said to thoroughly soak the insides naturally. Absorb it, he meant.”

    Ji-an’s mouth fell wide open, his jaw making an audible click from how wide it dropped. His face instantly flushed bright red.

    “The ice cream is melting.”

    Jeong Hee-seo laughed out loud, clearly amused by Ji-an’s reaction. Ji-an, still beet-red, glanced around. The few other customers, and even the part-timer, had stopped serving ice cream to stare at Jeong Hee-seo.

    “Stop laughing. Everyone is looking at you, hyung.”

    “So what? Are you worried they’ll hear what we’re talking about?”

    “No… If anyone recognizes you, you will be at a greater disadvantage.”

    “I’ve told you many times I don’t care. Unless you’re worried our sex li-“

    CLANG! A spoon dropped loudly to the floor as Ji-an abruptly stood up and covered Jeong Hee-seo’s mouth, knocking it over. Only then did he notice the playful glint in Jeong Hee-seo’s eyes.

    Ji-an narrowed his eyes.

    “You’re getting revenge, aren’t you?”

    Revenge for what? Jeong Hee-seo raised his eyebrows with his mouth still covered.

    “For feeding you that mint chocolate, you’re teasing me.”

    “No, I’m not.”

    A laughter-tinged voice seeped through between Ji-an’s palms. Startled by the damp warmth, Ji-an quickly withdrew his hands. His palms were moist. Raising his eyebrows, Jeong Hee-seo licked his lips.

    “Is it because I fed you a lot of sweets, or is it because of your pheromones?”

    Why is it so sweet? Jeong Hee-seo muttered like someone who was slightly out of it.

    “Are you crazy? Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?” Ji-an realized tears well up when people get too flustered.

    “If you keep making that face and saying things like that, you’ll be punished, hyung.”

    “What’s wrong with what I said? You think I’ll just keep my shirt buttoned up at my desk all day?”

    At a loss for a response, Ji-an’s mouth went completely dry.

    “Still, how can you…not be embarrassed? That kind of thing doesn’t suit hyung at all… ”

    “That kind of thing?”

    “And the baby can hear everything, you know? Even so, how could you want to do…that…when there’s one inside?”

    Jeong Hee-seo raised his eyes. This time, he didn’t laugh.

    “Well, there are many ways.”

    Gulp. The combination of his suggestive words and expression made Ji-an feel even more overwhelmed. He was embarrassed that Jeong Hee-seo caught him having already vividly imagined it. They say the more you’re told not to think about something, the more vividly it comes to mind.


    If this kept up, he might end up being known as the guy who had a perverted moment while eating ice cream. Utterly dejected, Ji-an kept shoveling ice cream into his mouth with his head bowed.

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