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    Cover of Don’t Mind My Business
    CNMatureModernSchool/CampusShounen Ai

    Don’t Mind My Business

    by Abyss

    As a rich second generation with a good family background and good looks, Sheng Yan has three major hobbies in his life: skipping classes, surfing the Internet, and acting bravely when he sees justice.

    As another rich second generation living next door to Sheng Yan, Qin Zigui only has three major hobbies in his life: catching Sheng Yan skipping classes, catching Sheng Yan surfing the Internet, and catching Sheng Yan acting bravely.

    When Sheng Yandi was dragged out of the fight scene by Qin Zigui countless times, he finally became angry: “Qin Zigui, can you stay out of my business all day long! Is it because the homework is hard to do or is it not fun to be the first in the exam? !”

    Qin Zigui, who had always been cold and taciturn, became angry for the first time. He tore open Sheng Yan’s shirt and pointed at the large and small painful wounds inside: “If I didn’t like you, who would care about you!”

    Sheng-Hot-blooded school bully and Straight man of steel-Yan:? ? ?


    Sheng Yan woke up one morning with a hangover and found that he had a wishing app on his phone. As long as his wish was recognized by the system, it would definitely come true.

    I hope that all the homework will be completed as soon as I wake up. System √
    I hope to pass every subject in the next exam. System √
    I hope others will stop sending milk tea to Qin Zigui. System √

    After several times, Sheng Yan felt that he might be the chosen one and was about to reach the peak of his life.

    Until he made a wish for the nth time: I hope Qin Zigui would stop meddling in his business, but the system rejected it, and then made it again, and then rejected it, and then promised it, and then rejected it again.
    Finally, the system replied: It is recommended that the host change the wish to “I hope Qin Zigui will become my boyfriend”, which can be realized on the spot.
    Sheng Yan slowly asked a question: Are he and Qin Zigui really destined?

    Later, when his wish came true and he woke up from Qin Zigui’s bed with grief and anger, and then saw a message popping up on Qin Zigui’s mobile phone beside the bed [Received baby’s wish: I hope Qin Zigui can be a human being], he suddenly realized—— Qin Zigui is a big XX!

    On the surface, he’s the hot-blooded school bully, but in reality, he’s a chicken at heart. On the surface, he’s the aloof school genius, but in reality, he’s an old dog in the game.

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. DMMY Chapter 1: Seduction
      3,606 Words
    2. DMMY Chapter 2: Provocation
      2,423 Words
    3. DMMY Chapter 3: Opposite Door
      3,592 Words
    4. DMMY Chapter 4: Birthday
      2,749 Words
    5. DMMY Chapter 5: Wishes
      2,895 Words
    6. DMMY Chapter 6: Contrast
      3,032 Words
    7. DMMY Chapter 7: Mission
      4,790 Words
    8. DMMY Chapter 8: Sleeping
      3,845 Words
    9. DMMY Chapter 9: Heartache
      3,481 Words
    10. DMMY Chapter 10: Milk Tea
      3,351 Words
    11. DMMY Chapter 11: Zigui
      2,381 Words
    12. DMMY Chapter 12: Gege
      2,453 Words
    13. DMMY Chapter 13: Pouting
      2,765 Words
    14. DMMY Chapter 14 Forgiveness
      3,117 Words
    15. DMMY Chapter 15
      2,279 Words

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