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    Cover of Their Comic & Tragic Collection of Letters

    Their Comic & Tragic Collection of Letters

    by Canaan

    The treasured youngest son of the Earl of Elmyr, Euilde Elmyr.

    As innocent and kind as he was, he eagerly awaits the arrival of the ‘wounded’ and ‘frail’ Kael Clavis of the House of the Marquess of Clavis—a transfer student at the Academy—as requested by his esteemed brother.

    But the Kael he sees is not the man described in his letters, but a madman himself…?

    Caught in confusion, Euilde writes a letter to his brother, Richard, who advises him not to judge by appearances, so he extends his hand to the wounded kitten(?) first.

    And then, before he knows it, he finds himself comfortably nestled in the kitten’s food bowl…

    1. No chapters published yet.
    1. TCTCL 1.1
      1,188 Words
    2. TCTCL 1.2
      486 Words
    3. TCTCL 1.3
      1,021 Words
    4. TCTCL 1.4
      32 Words
    1. TCTCL 2.1
      426 Words
    2. TCTCL 2.2
      318 Words
    3. TCTCL 2.3
      825 Words
    4. TCTCL 2.4
      68 Words

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