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    Deep Pivot – Episode 58

    It wasn’t until nightfall that the two returned to the safehouse.

    Even though all the assassins were dead, the mastermind remained unidentified, so they couldn’t feel completely safe.

    “Yeon-woo, you should shower first.”

    Seo-joon said hastily as he took off his jacket.

    “Are you hungry? It’s a bit late, but should I ask them to bring dinner up? I’m not really hungry, though.”


    Yeon-woo grasped Seo-joon’s hand, halting him midway through removing his jacket sleeve.

    “Are you okay?”

    “…Of course I am.”

    “You must have been really shocked. But you didn’t let me hold your hand on the way back…”

    “I’m sure you were more shocked than I was.”

    Seo-joon cut him off with a smile.

    “You don’t have much field experience, and you’ve only seen heads blown up in the movies.”

    “…Your hand is shaking too much.”

    Only then did Seo-joon look down at his own hand, which Yeon-woo was holding. The subtle trembling was strong enough for Yeon-woo to feel it. Seo-joon immediately pulled his hand away, clasping it to himself to hide it.

    “I’m just tired.”

    As Seo-joon kept trying to turn away, Yeon-woo gently held his shoulders and cautiously pulled him into an embrace.

    “Are you really okay?”

    “Because I was scared, can you stay like this for a moment?”

    Seo-joon had tried to resist, holding his arms in front as a barrier, but he eventually relaxed and leaned into Yeon-woo’s embrace. His heart pounded against Yeon-woo’s chest, which was pressed against his cheek.

    ‘Your guide will one day make the same choice as I did.’

    “What are you thinking about, Lieutenant?”

    “…I’m not thinking about anything.”

    “Are you worried because of what he said?”

    Seo-joon looked up at Yeon-woo. The man’s final words had been conveyed to Colonel Jin through Seo-joon, and Yeon-woo had also heard them, standing right next to him.

    “Why did he do that to his own comrade?”

    “…I don’t know. That’s what we need to find out if we’re going to leave this safehouse.”

    The No-Named Esper who was rumored to have gone missing had actually died from losing control. Viktor, his guide, had been responsible.

    That’s all Seo-joon could share. He couldn’t bear to convey anything more.

    ‘Soon, the whole world will tell you to die.’

    ‘How much are you willing to sacrifice? For your country.’

    “Don’t worry. Those people had their reasons, but we’re different.”

    Seo-joon tried to smile and patted Yeon-woo on the shoulder.

    “You’re very confident, Yeon-woo. Do you realize that you’re the dedicated guide for a No-Named Esper?”

    “Even among No-Named, you’re different from that man.”


    Seo-joon envied Yeon-woo’s certainty, the kind only someone uninformed could possess.

    “…How long are we going to stand here like this? You can’t call yourself a dedicated guide for a No-Named Esper if you’re scared this easily.”

    Yeon-woo hugged Seo-joon tighter. Their hearts beat together so strongly that Seo-joon couldn’t tell whose heartbeat he felt against his chest. He feared it was his own, so he tried to make a joke.

    “If this keeps up, you’ll be asking to hold my hand even while sleeping.”

    “Will you do that for me?”

    “…Alright, so let go now. …We need to shower before sleeping.”

    “I’ll be quick.”

    After a moment, Yeon-woo said this, and Seo-joon finally slipped out of his embrace. He watched Yeon-woo head to the bathroom before resuming taking off his jacket.


    “Hey, nice place. Looks livable.”

    The next day, Jin Cheong-oh and Colonel Jin came to see them together. With an exhausted look on his face, Colonel Jin provided an update.

    “The bomb that was in that guy’s head. If it was remotely controlled, the whole center would have been in chaos. Fortunately, it was set on a timer.”

    The secure zone was, of course, shielded from outside signals. Only authorized signals could penetrate. If the bomb in the secure zone had been remotely controlled, it would have meant there was a spy on the inside.

    At least it wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

    “That guy had a set time from the start. He deliberately stalled with the request for an interpreter, timing everything perfectly to face you.”

    “Crazy bastard.”

    Cheong-oh twirled his finger near his temple before leaning back on the sofa.

    “Isn’t that nuts? Whether it’s a country or an organization, those guys must be walking around with bombs planted in their heads.”

    Seo-joon, deep in thought after hearing Cheong-oh, said.

    “So were the heads of the two Espers I killed also rigged like that?”

    Colonel Jin shook his head.

    “No, only Viktor.”

    “Maybe there’s some truth in his testimony. Regardless of who Viktor worked for, the other two might have been freelance killers he personally hired.”

    “So those guys just muddied the investigation. Viktor was the key, and now his head’s blown off.”

    Just then, the soldier who usually brought Seo-joon and Yeon-woo their meals entered through the front door.

    “Colonel Jin, there’s an external call for you.”

    “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

    Colonel Jin got up from the couch and went outside. As he left, conversation paused for a moment until Cheong-oh broke the silence.

    “Hey, can’t you open those curtains? They’re bothering me.”

    “It’s a rule. No opening the curtains after 1 p.m.”

    Cheong-oh shuddered at Seo-joon’s response.

    “So you’re stuck in here with this baby, no internet, completely cut off?”

    He looked back and forth between Yeon-woo and Seo-joon, as if genuinely concerned, before asking with a mischievous smirk, “So, what do you do all day together?”

    His mouth curled slyly, hinting at more nonsense.

    “If I were stuck here with Yeong-gyo…”

    He paused, stroking his chin as he stared at Yeon-woo, whose puzzled expression met his gaze.


    Suddenly, Cheong-oh reached out and cupped Yeon-woo’s cheeks. Caught off guard, Yeon-woo’s eyes went wide as Cheong-oh poured out exaggerated concern.

    “Why does our baby look so thin?”

    “Captain Jin.”

    “What have you been doing to get this skinny?”

    Sensing something ominous, Seo-joon tried to intervene, but Cheong-oh ignored him.

    “Has Seo-joon been bothering you? Come on, baby , tell me.”

    Yeon-woo’s cheeks were squeezed so hard that his lips stuck out like a fish’s. He shook his head honestly.

    “No, he hasn’t been bothering me.”

    His words came out muffled.

    “Not making things hard for you because of guiding?”


    Yeon-woo’s eyes, calm just moments ago, flickered with uncertainty. He looked back and forth between Seo-joon and Cheong-oh, his gaze a confused whirlwind.

    “No, he didn’t make things difficult.”

    There were significant pauses between his words, and Seo-joon could almost see the moments that flashed through Yeon-woo’s mind. Cheong-oh, with all his experience, had masterfully led Yeon-woo into his trap. Seo-joon held his forehead as Yeon-woo blushed furiously.

    “So, you did guide him?”

    Cheong-oh laughed as he let go of Yeon-woo’s cheeks. Yeon-woo rubbed his cheeks with his palms, maybe to wipe away the heat.

    “Seo-joon, you were so shy, but once you signed that contract, huh?”

    He patted Seo-joon’s shoulder. Although mostly playful, he also seemed to want confirmation that Seo-joon had received guidance from Yeon-woo. A hint of relief crossed Cheong-oh’s face.

    Just then, Colonel Jin returned, calling Cheong-oh back to the center. As he stood up, Cheong-oh gave both Seo-joon and Yeon-woo a quick hug.

    “You seem to be managing well, so there’s no need to worry.”

    “I’m stuck here anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about. You handle things out there, and take care of Colonel Jin.”

    Seo-joon patted his arm and said goodbye.

    “Take care. Spend quality time with the baby while you’re stuck in here. You’ll be out soon.”

    Cheong-oh waved and left through the front door.

    Contrary to his words, however, the safehouse would be attacked soon.

    Exactly 24 hours later.

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