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    Deep Pivot Episode 55

    In a bedroom where blackout curtains obscure the distinction between day and night.

    “I’m not upset, but…”

    Seo-joon continued calmly.

    “I’m not sure how it’ll go. I’m somewhat indifferent when it comes to intimacy. I haven’t experienced much with others.”

    He didn’t bother to clarify that this had been the case since Min Seon-wook passed away.

    “Still, if Yeon-woo wants it, we can give it a try. After all, you’re guiding me, Yeon-woo. There’s no need to refuse.”

    Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.


    “Do you think I’m joking? Come here before I change my mind.”

    Seo-joon opened one arm, and Yeon-woo quickly snuggled into the embrace. Like a large dog that still thought of itself as a puppy, Seo-joon laughed and held him close.

    “Let’s start with a kiss.”

    He wrapped his hand around the back of Yeon-woo’s head and leaned in. The now-familiar kiss began, lips meeting cautiously, tracing the boundary as if seeking permission, gradually delving deeper and then retreating repeatedly. This was Cha Yeon-woo’s pattern.

    Initially feeling a bit lacking, Seo-joon now found this kiss quite satisfying. More than anything, it was uniquely Cha Yeon-woo’s way, making it endearing and lovely.

    He never imagined words like “endearing” and “lovely” would be used to describe a kiss, but it was all because of Cha Yeon-woo.

    A hand slipped under the shirt, grazing the waist, carefully gauging when to make contact. Seo-joon held Yeon-woo’s cheeks and gently caressed his earlobe with his thumb, lightly sucking his lower lip.

    “Take it off.”

    With that one word, hesitant fingers moved down to the waistband. Sliding off his training pants and underwear in one swift motion, Seo-joon’s half-erect member emerged.

    As Yeon-woo removed the pants completely from Seo-joon’s ankles, he knelt on the floor beside the bed. The sensation of Yeon-woo’s lips brushing against the inside of his knees and thighs tickled him.

    Seo-joon, a bit bewildered, spoke up out of caution.

    “You do know that oral sex also counts as sexual contact and falls under the category of penetrative sex, right, Yeon-woo?”

    “Yes, I know.”

    A large hand wrapped around Seo-joon’s member as Yeon-woo looked up at him.

    “It’s just… You like my face, right? I thought you’d enjoy this more.”

    He settled himself between Seo-joon’s legs. The position was so close that even if he were to start oral sex immediately, it would seem natural. Seo-joon sighed softly and smiled with a furrowed brow.

    “Smart thinking.”

    He couldn’t help but find Yeon-woo adorable, despite his cheeky demeanor.

    Seo-joon glanced down at his member, growing in Yeon-woo’s grasp. The sensation of Yeon-woo’s calloused palm tracing over his sensitive skin was quite stimulating.


    A low moan escaped from his throat. As he stroked the now-firm member up and down, Yeon-woo gently rested his cheek against it. His small face was about the same length as Seo-joon’s member, adding to the visual stimulation.

    When Seo-joon rubbed his member against Yeon-woo’s cheek, Yeon-woo kissed the base. The head, swollen and taut, brushed against Yeon-woo’s reddened eyes. His long lashes tickled the head’s delicate surface.

    “…Can you lift your t-shirt, Yeon-woo?”

    Seo-joon exhaled heavily.

    “Show me your chest.”

    Yeon-woo obediently lifted his shirt. Seo-joon stretched out his hand and pulled the shirt’s edge into Yeon-woo’s mouth. Rolled up, it revealed the broad contours of his chest. A rough palm grasped Seo-joon’s member tightly.

    “Hoo, ah…”

    Seo-joon’s throat bobbed. The fluid at the tip of his head flowed down, spreading between Yeon-woo’s thick fingers. As he roughly kneaded Yeon-woo’s chest, leaving handprints and teasing his areolas, Seo-joon muttered through gritted teeth.

    “Rub my cock against your chest. Let me see your nipples.”

    Yeon-woo adjusted his posture, awkwardly bringing Seo-joon’s member to his chest. The shirt edge remained in his mouth, muffling his speech.

    “Like this…?”

    He knew he was a wretched scoundrel. But what use was that realization now? From the moment he resolved to rely on Cha Yeon-woo as his guide, he had already parted ways with his conscience.


    Seo-joon’s member brushed against Yeon-woo’s chest, leaving red handprints across it. He gently moved his hips, rubbing the head of his member against the dark tips of Yeon-woo’s nipples. Copious precum dripped down and smeared on Yeon-woo’s nipples.

    Every time Yeon-woo’s hardened nipple caught in the groove of Seo-joon’s urethral opening, a thrilling sensation shot up his spine. His fully erect member was now engorged with veins bulging dangerously. Yeon-woo’s nipples teased the slit, slipping halfway in and out repeatedly.

    Without taking his eyes off Yeon-woo’s upturned face, Seo-joon spoke a little impatiently.

    “Take yours out too, Yeon-woo. Touch yourself.”

    With one hand, Yeon-woo carefully lowered his waistband and pulled out his member. It was already fully erect and sprung free from its confined space, sticky fluid dripping in strands from his underwear band.

    “Were you aroused touching me?”

    His mouth wasn’t free to answer verbally, but the slight furrowing of his reddened eyes gave his response away.

    “Hoo… What are we going to do if you’re wetter than me?”

    Seo-joon kept moving his hips. He used the wet head of his member to trace Yeon-woo’s nipples and areolas, eliciting low moans from Yeon-woo.


    His firm abs contracted under the dim bedroom lighting. A clear fluid collected at the tip of his member before dripping down.

    “Do you like it when I touch you here?”

    Yeon-woo’s only response was a moan as he shook his head. Whether that meant yes or no was ambiguous, but his reaction seemed to lean toward pleasure.

    “Press your chest together. Let me slide between.”

    Yeon-woo’s gaze faltered for a moment. Had he pushed too far with that request? Just when Seo-joon wondered if he had, Yeon-woo released Seo-joon’s member and bent slightly forward, wrapping one arm around his own chest. Seo-joon’s member was gently squeezed between Yeon-woo’s thick arms and chest.

    “Use your fingers on your nipples. They’ll feel good because they’re wet.”

    Yeon-woo relaxed his grip slightly and awkwardly fumbled with his own nipples. The clumsy touch of someone who had never explored this area before felt more sensual.

    His eyes, rimmed red, glistened with moisture. Seo-joon fixated on the sight of Yeon-woo’s hardened nipples being pinched and twisted between his index and middle fingers, while he shook his own member with one hand.

    Muffled moans slipped through Yeon-woo’s mouth as he bit down on the hem of his shirt. Seo-joon gently brushed his thumb across Yeon-woo’s furrowed brow before stroking his hair and cheek.

    “Hngh… uh…”

    Yeon-woo’s face, quivering with pleasure, was intensely arousing. Feeling the climax approaching, Seo-joon grabbed his chin, tilting his head back. The shirt slipped free from his mouth. Pushing his thumb into Yeon-woo’s parted lips, Seo-joon ground his teeth and urged him.

    “Keep touching your chest. Keep shaking my cock.”

    “Haah, Lieutenant…”

    With his hand in Yeon-woo’s mouth, his murmuring voice quivered with thick excitement. The soft, hot sensation of Yeon-woo’s tongue as it wetted Seo-joon’s fingers was overwhelming.

    … Too overwhelming.



    At that moment, Seo-joon saw another person’s face in Yeon-woo’s, who was panting in pleasure.

    The intense arousal that had been rapidly building toward climax suddenly dissipated like a lie.

    Seo-joon gently pushed Yeon-woo’s shoulder back, leaned forward, and held his chin as he kissed him. He softly circled Yeon-woo’s nipple with his thumb while sucking on his tongue, eliciting a whimpering moan from Yeon-woo’s throat.

    “Ah, hmm…”

    Yeon-woo’s hand, which had been holding Seo-joon’s member, became slick with precum. Seo-joon tenderly kissed his lips until Yeon-woo could calm down from his climax.

    Gradually catching his breath, Yeon-woo looked up at Seo-joon with hazy eyes. Seo-joon gently brushed his fingers over Yeon-woo’s eyes and said, “I’m sorry. I left you to finish alone again.”

    Yeon-woo’s gaze drifted downward to see Seo-joon’s member had gone completely limp.


    A look of bewilderment crossed Yeon-woo’s face.

    “Did I make a mistake or something…?”

    “No, Yeon-woo. It’s not your fault.”

    Seo-joon quickly dismissed his misunderstanding.

    “It’s my issue, so don’t worry about it.”

    But no matter how kindly he explained it, Yeon-woo couldn’t help feeling bad. After all, what was the purpose of their actions in the first place? Seo-joon felt both embarrassed and sorry for demanding so much and then ending up like this.

    Just then, Yeon-woo bowed his head.


    His lips brushed against Seo-joon’s inner thigh, pelvic muscle, and limp member.


    Seo-joon tried to move away, startled, thinking Yeon-woo intended to put his member in his mouth. But instead, Yeon-woo kissed Seo-joon’s member a few more times before continuing up to his lower belly and then his chest.

    “It’s okay, Lieutenant. Let me know when you’re ready next time.”

    Lying on the bed, Seo-joon looked up at Yeon-woo, who now hovered above him.

    “I’ll try harder.”

    Yeon-woo’s innocent eyes shimmered with tenderness, as if the earlier encounter had been a lie.


    Seo-joon truly was at a loss for words.

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