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    Deep Pivot, Episode 52

    Yeon-woo tilted his head and brought his lips gently to Seo-joon’s, like a snowflake fluttering down onto a flower petal.


    Seo-joon let out a low sigh, pulling Yeon-woo close. Yeon-woo’s tongue slowly brushed the inner lining of Seo-joon’s lips as if seeking permission. Seo-joon entangled it with his own, drawing him in further.

    The cool, damp tiles pressed against Seo-joon’s back as Yeon-woo leaned him more firmly against the wall, deepening their kiss. The residual pain from that day seemed to melt away in Yeon-woo’s warmth. Seo-joon wanted the feeling to continue, but Yeon-woo pulled away slightly.


    Yeon-woo buried his head into Seo-joon’s shoulder, breathing heavily.

    “Haa… I’m sorry, just a moment…”

    “…I’ve noticed something.”

    Seo-joon said, lightly brushing Yeon-woo’s heaving back and chuckling softly.

    “Why don’t you breathe when we kiss, Yeon-woo?”

    “…Our lips are connected.”

    “You know you can breathe through your nose, right? Not your mouth.”

    “I know that… I know.”

    Yeon-woo’s arms tightened around Seo-joon’s waist.

    “…But then my breath touches your cheek.”

    That’s too embarrassing. His forehead rubbed warmly against Seo-joon’s damp shoulder.

    The breath touching your cheek? What does he mean? Seo-joon couldn’t comprehend Yeon-woo’s words at first, leaving a moment of silence before letting out a belated laugh.

    “You mean you’re embarrassed because if you breathe through your nose, your breath touches my cheek?”


    A faint answer came from under his shoulder.

    “You find a lot of things embarrassing.”

    Seo-joon was baffled. “But that’s all part of the joy of kissing. Haven’t you ever kissed someone you loved?”


    He regretted his question the moment he asked it. Yeon-woo had little romantic experience, so expecting an answer was unfair.

    “Think of couples kissing in movies. If it were as you say, people worldwide would be suffocating while kissing. Isn’t that a bit of a problem?”

    Seo-joon gently lifted Yeon-woo’s chin and pressed their noses together.

    “Close your eyes.”

    His lips brushed against Yeon-woo’s closed eyelids, then traced down to his forehead, skimming his cheek softly. Every light touch of his lips across Yeon-woo’s face was accompanied by the brush of his nose.

    Seo-joon whispered as he gently caressed Yeon-woo’s face with featherlight breaths.

    “Do you still hate your breath touching me?”

    Yeon-woo’s eyes slowly opened, gazing at Seo-joon from beneath lowered lashes.


    His reddened eyelids trembled.

    “When it’s from you, Lieutenant, I like everything.”

    Below, their bodies were already tightly pressed together. Seo-joon smiled, pulling Yeon-woo’s neck into an embrace.

    “I feel the same, so now, share your breath with me too.”

    Mesmerized, Yeon-woo tilted his head and took Seo-joon’s lips. Seo-joon opened his mouth to receive him, tilting his head back to match Yeon-woo’s height. Their tongues entwined, saliva mingling deeply.


    Muscles tensed as Yeon-woo wrapped his arms around Seo-joon’s waist. The grip on Seo-joon’s hips tightened as their still-damp bodies pressed together. Their lips met and parted with wet sounds, echoing in the small shower stall.

    Seo-joon focused on the warmth spreading through him as their tongues tangled together. His turbulent insides, which had made even swallowing liquid food difficult, calmed. A natural warmth spread from where their bodies were pressed together.


    Their aroused members rubbed against each other, Yeon-woo’s tip grazing Seo-joon’s navel. Seo-joon instinctively hugged Yeon-woo tighter and lifted onto his toes slightly, accommodating the rhythm of Yeon-woo’s shallow movements.

    “Haa, ngh…”

    A low moan escaped from their intertwined lips. Yeon-woo’s heartbeat pulsed through their bodies, and Seo-joon could feel the pressure from Yeon-woo’s tight embrace. At that moment, when he felt a pleasant squeeze around his waist:

    “Ngh, Lieutenant… just, hold on a sec.”

    Yeon-woo pulled away slightly, his rising heat subsiding and leaving the moment hanging awkwardly.

    “S-Sorry, I’ll… I’ll try again.”

    “There’s nothing to apologize for. Do whatever’s comfortable for you.”

    “Uh, um, c-could we maybe… put something on while we do this?”

    “Why? Is something bothering you?”

    “…I’m cold.”

    Seo-joon knew Yeon-woo’s concern was cute nonsense. The shower booth remained full of warm steam from Yeon-woo’s prolonged shower.

    I didn’t think I was the type to enjoy teaching and training someone, but with Yeon-woo, I feel more generous.

    “Why don’t you just let go?”


    Yeon-woo’s blue eyes trembled anxiously. Seo-joon wrapped his arm around Yeon-woo’s waist, pulling him closer.

    “I said, just let go. It’s a natural thing.”

    “What do you mean…”

    “Why do you think simulated sexual activity is part of the overtone stage? It’s because of the body’s natural reactions. Penetrative intercourse can be easily classified, but things like kissing and foreplay are harder to categorize, so they’re broadly grouped together.”

    Seo-joon explained in a matter-of-fact tone while pressing their bodies closer, his hips moving suggestively. Even Yeon-woo couldn’t mistake the intent.

    “You seem to be holding back a lot. Isn’t that difficult?”

    Yeon-woo’s firm member pressed heavily against Seo-joon’s lower abdomen. He sighed deeply, leaning on the wall with veins bulging on his hands.

    “Other guides have no problem rubbing up against me and finishing whenever they want. I didn’t notice then, but the videos show that’s usually the case.”

    Another guide wouldn’t have hesitated to do such things when Seo-joon was unconscious, but Yeon-woo hesitating or stopping in the middle of guiding caused more issues for Seo-joon.

    “I can’t… I just can’t do something like that to you, Lieutenant.”

    “But guiding is something I need, and allowing overtone stages implies some level of understanding.”

    Yeon-woo, biting his lip, paused for a few seconds before asking, “…Is it hard for you to hold back, Lieutenant?”

    Seo-joon glanced down without thinking.

    “I’m fine. I usually cool off quickly.”

    He might have been aroused earlier, but now his erection had softened. He wasn’t someone who lacked self-control.

    “I’m past the age where just touching someone makes me lose control.”


    Was that too blunt? As soon as he said it, Seo-joon realized he’d gone too far. He looked up to see Yeon-woo’s expression, only to find immense shock etched on his face.

    His eyes, filled with shame, looked at Seo-joon as his lips quivered before speaking.

    “Please, don’t say things like that.”

    Yeon-woo covered his face with both hands, his ears and neck flushed red, and even the scalp peeking through his hair blushed brightly. He buried his head into Seo-joon’s shoulder.

    “Why would you say that? It’s just… so embarrassing.”

    His trembling voice carried a seriousness Seo-joon hadn’t anticipated.

    “Really, I’m so embarrassed.”

    “I’m sorry. Pretend you didn’t hear that.”

    Oh no, I’ve really messed up.

    “Everything’s just chaotic since this all started in the shower, and I keep making mistakes…”

    Yeon-woo’s voice was filled with sorrow.

    “Being completely naked is embarrassing enough, but when you say things like that, I feel so ashamed, Lieutenant.”

    Seo-joon realized he’d made a terrible mistake. What kind of trashy thing did I just say to a 20-year-old?

    “That was really mean.”

    Was it an illusion, or did he feel his shoulder getting wet? They were already soaked from the shower, so maybe it was just his imagination. Surely not, right?

    Trying to stay calm, Seo-joon gently cupped Yeon-woo’s cheek and lifted his head.


    Oh no.

    Tears glistened in Yeon-woo’s watery eyes. The realization that he’d made a 20-year-old cry from his insensitive comment left Seo-joon utterly bewildered.

    “Hey, don’t cry, Cha Yeon-woo.”

    “I’m not crying.”

    His attempt at comforting made Yeon-woo’s face scrunch up even more, tears falling from his eyes. Seo-joon was at a loss for words. This was the most awkward moment he’d faced in years.

    What do I do now?

    I’m really a terrible person. A huge jerk.

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