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    Deep Pivot, Episode 48

    “Thankfully, your clothes are intact.”

    Seo-joon handed over the school uniform shirt he had retrieved from his car. It had fallen under the back seat, buried beneath shopping bags.

    “Thank you.”

    Their fingertips brushed against each other, sending a tingle through Yeon-woo’s body, still lingering from the guiding session. He couldn’t help but fixate on Cha Yeon-woo’s lips, slightly swollen and still damp.

    “Lieutenant Ji, take the baby and hop in over there. Let’s head to the center and get your statements aligned.”

    Colonel Jin instructed, pointing to a black car beyond the barricade.

    “Yes, sir.”

    Seo-joon replied.

    After hearing Seo-joon’s response, the colonel walked away, giving instructions to others.

    The time was already early morning.

    “Get some rest on the way. You must be tired since you didn’t sleep well yesterday.”

    Seo-joon said, glancing at Yeon-woo. His eyes trailed downwards, as he thought about what lay hidden beneath the intact clothing.

    “…Change at home first,” he added.

    Lowering his gaze, Yeon-woo silently nodded.

    “Take your time. I’ll wait in the car.”


    After tapping Yeon-woo’s arm, Seo-joon crossed the barricade and climbed into the back seat of the car that Colonel Jin had mentioned. Watching him go, Yeon-woo quickly made his way home. With each step, he was acutely reminded of the sensations from earlier, sending shivers down his spine.

    As soon as he stepped inside, he stripped off his t-shirt. The effects of the guiding session left his tense muscles contracting and relaxing in waves.

    Yeon-woo removed his pants and slid off his damp underwear. His cramped member sprang free, the glistening, swollen head flushed deep red, as if it might burst at any moment.

    “Ah, ngh…”

    Collapsing to the floor, Yeon-woo took hold of himself. His back muscles rose and fell slowly with his heavy breathing.

    Not accustomed to this kind of action, his clumsy, impatient movements continued. Even so, with just a few strokes, he felt an overwhelming urge build up, a release that had been held back for far too long.

    “Hngh… ngh.”

    With his forehead pressed to the floor, Yeon-woo gritted his teeth and groaned quietly. *Open up. Wider.* The whispered words from earlier echoed vividly in his mind, sending a shiver through his already fevered body.


    Thick semen oozed out between his fingers. *Haa, haa…* Hot breaths escaped through parted lips. Despite several spurts, his member continued to twitch, not entirely calmed down.

    “Ah, ha… ngh, haa…”

    Unrestrained moans spilled out from his lips, still panting heavily. For a while, Yeon-woo couldn’t move from that spot.

    He knew that such bodily reactions were inevitable during guiding. Yet using Seo-joon’s voice as a tool to climax filled him with shame and guilt.

    It hadn’t been long since he fully realized his desire for Seo-joon, but this wasn’t the first time Yeon-woo found himself in this situation.

    His first wet dream, his first act of self-pleasure—Seo-joon had always been there, knowingly or unknowingly.

    *Are you hurt, little one? You’re beautiful. You’re okay now. Relax. Little one, little one, you’re beautiful, little one…* Countless nights, those words enveloped Yeon-woo as he climaxed. Whenever he thought of that voice, he inevitably grew warm.


    *I love you. I love you.*

    *What do I do? I think I love you so much, Lieutenant…*

    The words he couldn’t bear to speak aloud slipped back down his throat. Silently sighing, Yeon-woo squeezed his eyes shut. His heated breath spread across the sticky floor as he let out a warm sigh.


    As Yeon-woo climbed into the car, Seo-joon nodded in greeting.

    “You’re wearing the clothes I bought.”


    “They look nice.”

    Seo-joon leaned closer to catch the scent lingering on Yeon-woo, a faint hint of water and his unique body smell, as if he’d just taken a shower.

    The car started moving. The driver was a center employee they knew only in passing. He wasn’t as friendly as Song-hee or Yoo-jung, so the silence settled heavily in the car.

    Seo-joon spoke up, somewhat absentmindedly.

    “What kind of perfume do you use, Yeon-woo?”

    “Me? …I don’t use perfume.”

    “Then, what about body wash?”

    “Just… soap.”

    Seo-joon added, “You always smell nice.”


    “I was curious what you used.”

    The closeness of their thighs touching felt uncomfortable, so Seo-joon shifted towards the edge, resting his arm against the window.

    Yeon-woo also shifted to the far side, turning his head towards the window. Seo-joon glanced briefly at Yeon-woo’s hand resting on the seat.


    He gently took Yeon-woo’s pinky and then let it go. Surprised, Yeon-woo turned to look at him.

    “Thanks for today.”

    Seo-joon whispered the words so softly that only his lip movements could be made out. He then turned back to stare out the window indifferently, his profile briefly illuminated by the streetlights.

    When the three of them finally reached the center and exited the car, none had said a word.

    “This way, please.”

    The employee who drove them led the way.

    After passing a conference room where several hastily summoned officials were seated, Seo-joon and Yeon-woo stepped into the investigation room for their statements. Seo-joon briefly explained the situation to Cheong-oh, who listened intently.

    “First off, I heard the Yanbian dialect or something similar. I think they’d been tailing us since earlier in the day.”

    Cheong-oh furrowed his brows as he listened, arms crossed.

    “So, we assume the two who died were from Yanbian, or maybe from Hamgyeong or Pyeongan provinces. But that other guy? He only spoke Russian.”

    Seo-joon squinted.

    “He only spoke Russian?”

    “Yeah. That’s why they had a hard time finding someone fluent in Russian at this hour.”

    “But he spoke Korean to me. In the Yanbian dialect.”


    Seo-joon thought back. He couldn’t be certain due to the intense pain at the time.

    “He said something like, ‘No-named. Doesn’t matter where, you’re a nuisance. Let’s see if you don’t die, even with your head blown off.’ Or something like that.”

    Cheong-oh let out an incredulous sigh.

    “So that guy’s lying, then?”

    “Oh, and before that, he clearly spoke Korean. He told me to wait a bit. His voice was low, so it stuck with me.”

    “Yeah, that odd voice. A baritone, that bald bastard.”

    The nickname would likely annoy Min-gun(baldy). *Why’d he have to shave his head anyway,* Cheong-oh mumbled distractedly as he mulled it over.

    “What were you doing there, baby?”

    “Oh, I…”

    When the question reached Yeon-woo, he straightened up and began explaining.

    “I got home, opened the window, and sent the lieutenant a message. I’d left my clothes in the car.”

    Choosing his words carefully to ensure he described the events accurately, Yeon-woo explained. He heard something happening outside and tried to call Seo-joon, but when he didn’t pick up, he had a bad feeling.

    He decided to head out just in case. He’d been given a revolver and a firearm license earlier in the day, so that was the first thing that came to mind.

    He knew he’d rarely use it, but just in case, he brought it along.

    “But from a distance, I saw two men standing in front of the lieutenant. That’s when I sent an urgent message to Team Leader Jin.”

    …Even though he never imagined he’d need to use the gun.

    Cheong-oh listened closely, nodding as Yeon-woo spoke. Despite all their experience with gates and strange creatures, neither Cheong-oh nor Seo-joon had ever considered the possibility of being assassination targets.

    Even if “No Named” was a high-priority protection target, who would’ve thought something like this would happen? They weren’t expecting a war, so who in their right mind would dare attempt something so reckless?

    There was no need for such chaos; the whole world was already in crisis. Their own gates were already tough enough to deal with, so why go after the “No Named” in other countries?

    …Unless they had no other choice.

    “Didn’t those bastards also kill the ‘No Named’ who disappeared in Moscow?” Cheong-oh asked, turning to Seo-joon. One of the twelve “No Named” had gone missing, and another had nearly been assassinated.

    Heavy silence hung over the investigation room as the three of them sat together.

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