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    The forty-five-minute class eventually came to an end. Throughout the duration, everyone was heartily laughing as they enjoyed themselves watching a comedy movie. Despite the classroom’s noisy atmosphere, Shen Liyu still managed to complete the math test paper on time.

    “Ding ling~” The bell rang, prompting the class dismissal. Qi Ming then went up to the podium to turn off the projector before announcing to his fellow classmates that class was over and they could finally have their free time.

    Shen Liyu remained at his desk. Slowly putting down his pen, he lazily stretched his arms. It had been a long time since he had written anything so seriously. In addition, the seat under his butt was too stiff. This body obviously couldn’t bear such a rigorous study environment.

    In fact, his lower back had now started to feel sore and swollen…

    Tsk! Is this body really nothing but a fragile little rabbit inside and out? It can’t even endure a little hardship like this and has to be ‘domesticated’ by someone?!

    Shen Liyu couldn’t help but complain in his heart about this body.

    Even though he might have been dissatisfied with his life circumstances in reality, it hadn’t reached the point that he had to be “domesticated” by a financial backer. Compared to his previous life, the original owner of this body was just too pampered…

    “Liyu, what are you occupied with? You’ve been writing the whole time during class, and you didn’t even try to watch the movie…”

    Qi Ming’s voice suddenly sounded next to Shen Liyu’s ear, forcing the latter to snap out of his thoughts. He lifted his head and happened to meet Qi Ming’s face, which was usually full of sunshine, with a frown. He squinted his beautiful peach blossom eyes. Leaning his back against the chair, he reached out to pick up the math test paper and gave it a little shake.

    “Well, I got punished by Senior Song. He made me analyze all the mistakes I made, and I have to finish it before my evening self-study session as I have to hand it to him.” He shrugged his thin and weak shoulders, his tone becoming even more helpless as he continued to speak, “I think… I’m really going to be ‘killed’ by this!”

    Looking at Shen Liyu before him, who had a face full of “indignation” as he was pouring out all his grievances to him, Qi Ming’s heart, which had never been moved before, seemed to be touched by the slightly inconspicuous teardrop mole under Shen Liyu’s right eye.

    Right now, his heart beat seemed to accelerate, dancing at a faster speed. He couldn’t help but have this inclination to listen to Shen Liyu’s complaints everyday, as he somehow actually found his manner of complaining especially endearing.

    Tilting his sore neck as he looked up at the white ceiling, Shen Liyu let out a sigh. But as he stayed silent for a few moments, he realized that he hadn’t received a response yet from the other party. He frowned and turned to look at Qi Ming, only to find the young man blankly staring at him with bright eyes.

    He furrowed his brows. Taking the test paper in his hand, he used it to give Qi Ming’s handsome face a gentle slap. “What are you spacing out for?”

    It was only then that Qi Ming returned to his senses. His handsome face immediately turned red as he flickered his gaze away in an attempt to avoid eye contact with Shen Liyu. In a flustered motion, he reached out to touch the hair behind his bare neck as he stammered in a quiet voice, “Huh? It’s nothing. I heard what you said. Anyway, I suddenly remembered that I had also messed up in my weekly examination once. The moment I entered our house, I was actually almost kicked out by my dad with a kick of his foot! It’s really…”

    Shen Liyu chuckled at his words first before bursting out into a fit of laughter. He couldn’t conceal the amusement he was feeling in his beautiful peach blossom eyes. Even so, he still tried to suppress his laughter. Trying to hide half of his face with a piece of paper, he struggled to express his words amidst this reaction. “Qi—Uncle Qi is still so cheerful!”

    The original owner of this body actually once skipped lunch to buy sushi for Li Chen because Li Chen mentioned wanting some. Despite the shop being outside school grounds, the original owner still chose to go there stupidly.

    Originally, he couldn’t avoid being scolded by the teacher if he returned; but unexpectedly, he happened to bump into Qi Ming at the school gate when he was finally about to return. Qi Ming’s father was also present at that time because he was delivering to his son chicken soup made especially by Qi Ming’s mother. Before Shen Liyu could even realize it, he also suddenly witnessed a wild scene of Father Qi disciplining his son. Father Qi, after all, was the type to resort to violence at the slightest provocation. Fortunately, Qi Ming was agile enough to avoid getting slapped by his father several times.

    After Father Qi left, Qi Ming turned to look at the original owner, giving him a warm and sunny smile. He then suddenly offered to share his chicken soup and drink it together with him, claiming that his mother’s cooking was the best in the world!

    The original owner felt embarrassed to refuse such a warm invitation from Qi Ming, so he nodded and said okay. Looking at the sushi he was holding, he hesitated for a moment; but in the end, he also offered it to Qi Ming with a sweet smile. “Then you can have some of the sushi I bought. That way, we’re even!”

    As a result, he escaped the teacher’s punishment for not bringing back the sushi; but in return, Li Chen “ignored” him for a week, which made the original owner sad for a long time…

    Therefore, Shen Liyu, who received the memories of the original owner, naturally remembered this incident. That’s why he couldn’t help but laugh when Qi Ming mentioned that his father had almost kicked him out. He really felt that the father and son were like a lively and amusing pair!

    Seeing Shen Liyu laughing, Qi Ming also felt relieved. Then, in an even more exaggerated manner, he sat on Shen Liyu’s desk, waving his arms and gesturing wildly, muttering about how close Father Qi’s foot was to him at the time and how dangerous the situation was then.

    Because Qi Ming’s movements were too big and dramatic at that moment, he accidentally brushed his hand against the hair of the girl who was sitting in front of Shen Liyu, causing the girl in front to loudly exclaim in surprise.

    Seeing this, Qi Ming quickly stood up and directed an apologetic expression towards the girl in front, who in turn blushed. Upon having a glimpse of her face, Shen Liyu suddenly recognized her to be the girl who called him out earlier during break.

    At that moment, the girl in front suddenly handed him a pink envelope, which was tied with a big butterfly bow made of pink ribbon. Shen Liyu raised his eyebrows, wondering if this was… a love letter?

    Then the girl, who was known as Zheng Qingyuan, blushed and shyly spoke, “Um… Classmate Shen, can you do me a favor? Since you have such a good relationship with the class monitor, could you please help me deliver this… letter to him?”

    Shen Liyu looked at the two teenagers in front of him, who were both inexperienced in terms of love, unconsciously reaching out to touch the soft ribbon tied around the letter that he kept in his possession.

    Since entering this world until now, Shen Liyu’s nerves had been constantly tense, like a bowstring that had been pulled so tight and was ready to snap at any moment. But now, upon touching the soft ribbon with his fingers, it made him slightly eased in an instant…

    No matter how anxious he was, all these tasks couldn’t be completed in just one or two days, especially now that Li Chen was hiding like a turtle with his head retracted. Without him coming out, there was no way he could complete the task of tormenting scum! He could only patiently wait, thinking that there was still a long time ahead~

    Then he looked down at the math test paper spread out on the desk, which was already filled with explanations. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

    Before doing anything else, I still have to take the test paper to Song Qihan during the evening self-study for him to review my analysis. Just thinking about Song Qihan, Shen Liyu couldn’t help but complain in his heart.

    He sighed. “And I still have to listen to Master Song’s sermons again…”

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