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    Shen Liyu immediately reacted and pushed Song Qihan away from his body. The man obviously reeked of alcohol and was in a drunken stupor. Feeling both shocked and frightened, he tried to run away; but just as he was about to step out of the office, a low and indifferent voice suddenly came from outside.

    “Ha… Shen Liyu, sure enough, you are inside all along! Are you not aware? Qi Ming came looking for you just now, but I didn’t see you respond back to him. You even only decided to come out now when he’s no longer around. What were you doing inside there?”

    Upon hearing his voice, Shen Liyu’s slender body slightly flinched. He turned his head to see Yuan Feng leaning himself against a nearby wall. His bright eyes were steadily fixated on him; they weren’t almost blinking.

    Shen Liyu was still a bit shaken from the fright earlier. He really thought that he had encountered a ghost earlier! And now he was startled again by Yuan Feng’s sudden appearance. His face couldn’t help but turn green with anger.

    Moreover, the notification alarm by System Little Six was constantly setting off in his mind, reminding him of the favorability rating that was now increasingly surging. He couldn’t help but get further annoyed.

    Damn it! Could Little Six shut up for a moment in his head?! The favorability rating had now reached 90, and he had clearly heard everything!

    Just as he was about to turn around and run away, System Little Six prompted his notification again.

    【 Song Qihan’s favorability rating has dropped to 70. Host, please improve it as soon as possible! 】

    Damn it! This was the second time today that Shen Liyu couldn’t help but curse in his heart. He really couldn’t understand what Song Qihan really wanted! Did he actually like him or not?!

    Feeling suffocated by all this, Shen Liyu, who was still fuming, suddenly burst into a fit of laughter in the face of Yuan Feng’s cold inquiries. Taking two steps forward towards him, he lifted his head and stared at Yuan Feng who was half a head taller than himself. He curved his beautiful peach blossom eyes, a lazy smile dawning on his face.

    “What was I doing? Of course, I was just doing what was mentioned in that post~”

    Yuan Feng caught a glimpse of Shen Liyu’s indifferent appearance. The words he had uttered seemed to poke at his enraged nerves one by one. He reached out and grabbed Shen Liyu’s shoulder, shaking it forcefully, as if trying to wake up this youth out of this depravity.

    “That’s enough! If you want to fool around, get yourself out of this school! Don’t treat the school as a place where you can set your rendezvous.”

    Feeling the pain in his shoulder from being roughly held, Shen Liyu frowned. He softly took a deep breath. Then he reached out before forcibly pushing away Yuan Feng’s arm from him.

    Was Yuan Feng an idiot?! Why did he believe everything Shen Liyu said without a doubt, regardless of what it was? Why did he believe him in just a second?

    At that moment, a warm hand grabbed his arm from behind, preventing Shen Liyu from completely kicking Yuan Feng.

    Yuan Feng’s eyes then suddenly widened when another person suddenly came out of the office. It was none other than Song Qihan, the senior who had recently become famous in the school and had a good reputation.

    Song Qihan gave a glance at Yuan Feng, who was still rather astounded by his new presence, before tightening his grip on Shen Liyu’s slender arm. Then, with a helpless sigh in his heart, he spoke out with a low voice that was still filled with intoxication.

    “Junior Shen, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to take me back to the apartment. My head still hurts a bit…”

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