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    The sky outside the window had already turned completely dark, with a canopy of stars filling the pitch-black sky, making the world unusually quiet.

    For the students in their final year of high school, however, it was a race against time, a time of striving and hard work.

    The classrooms of the entire senior year were all illuminated, with all the students inside diligently writing their time away. Even those students who were known as mischievous troublemakers had opened their books and settled down to study.

    For the upcoming battlefield of the college entrance examination, everyone was making their final preparations, making themselves prepared to face this “fierce battle”!

    With a test paper in hand Shen Liyu walked up to the teacher on duty who was sitting at the platform. He then explained that Song Qihan had asked him earlier that morning to hand over the paper to him. After successfully getting the teacher’s approval, Shen Liyu walked out of the classroom and headed outside.

    However, the office was empty at this moment. All the teachers had gone to attend the principal’s celebration party in honor of his promotion. This was the reason why all the teachers were suddenly called out for a meeting by the principal during the day earlier. Only the teachers that had duty in the evening remained.

    Shen Liyu was completely unaware of this fact. He reached out and turned on the light in the office with his fair, slender hand. Looking at the sight of the office being empty, he walked in with a puzzled expression. Approaching Song Qihan’s desk, he placed the exam paper on the table before intending to make his leave.

    Since Song Qihan wasn’t there, he could avoid listening to his “sermons.” Moreover, he still had two sets of test papers to complete. He figured he could finish them right before he started his evening self-study.

    Thinking this way, Shen Liyu turned around and walked towards the door. However, just as his little paw touched the light switch and pressed it down, the office suddenly plunged into darkness. A tall figure suddenly came in from outside the door. Swaying unsteadily, that figure then pounced directly on him!

    Qu Ming, at this moment, wasn’t in the mood to do the exercises that were spread across his desk. Since the moment Shen Liyu got up and left, he had already lost interest in doing these exercises. Now it had already been half an hour, and Shen Liyu hadn’t returned yet!

    Could it be that Senior Song is reprimanding Shen Liyu right now because of the posts made on the school’s online forum?

    The thought suddenly popped into his head, making Qu Ming even more uneasy. No matter what others thought or said, he believed that this matter had absolutely nothing to do with Shen Liyu. That photo posted online must have been a fake and might have been photoshopped!

    No! He must protect Shen Liyu and prevent Senior Song from misunderstanding him!

    He then pretended to feel uncomfortable as he covered his stomach and told the teacher on duty that his stomach had suddenly started hurting and he wanted to go to the restroom. After being granted permission, he immediately walked out of the classroom and headed straight for the office.

    At this moment, Yuan Feng, who had sneaked out from the back door with his best friend to skip class and play basketball, naturally happened to see Qu Ming heading towards the office.

    Since Qi Ming was the class monitor of the neighboring class, he immediately recognized him. Yuan Feng also raised his eyebrows. He had just heard that all the teachers had gone to the celebration, so there was certainty that there was no one in the office now. But why did Qu Ming seem like he was in such a hurry to go there?

    Qu Ming looked at the pitch-black office inside and stood at the door, calling out softly inside.

    “Shen Liyu?”

    Qi Ming received no response, despite calling out Shen Liyu’s name twice more. He furrowed his brows, full of confusion, before finally deciding to turn around and walk outside, as he wondered to himself where Shen Liyu had gone.

    After a long time of not hearing Qu Ming’s voice anymore, Shen Liyu, who was standing in the depths of darkness, breathed a sigh of relief.

    However, before he could exhale completely, he was suddenly startled by the tall figure behind him, who was sitting against the soft chair. He suddenly stretched out his powerful arms and tightly hugged his waist, startling him almost to the point of screaming!

    “Liyu, let me hold you for a while, just for a while…”

    In the darkness, this deep and low murmur belonged to none other than Song Qihan’s voice.

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