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    It turned out to be an overseas heavy metal magazine. Jae-chan, who was flipping through the smooth paper, paused at a particular review. Roughly speaking, it meant something like this.

    -Unbearable hardness in a lyrical melody.

    They say when you fall in love, all song lyrics sound like they’re about you. Jae-chan laughed heartily, thinking that the phrase in question was exactly what Woo-jin was referring to.

    After putting the magazine back in its place, he passed by books scattered on the floor, a heavy-looking solid wood desk, and approached the grey-toned striped partition. When he circled around the partition, he discovered something large covered in white cloth occupying most of the sectioned-off space inside.


    Perhaps it was the darkness, but the giant object felt somewhat ominous. Suddenly it felt like exploring Bluebeard’s room. With a ridiculous thought in mind, Jae-chan grabbed the edge of the large cloth. 

    Jae-chan’s shoulders jolted. It was because Woo-jin, having finished his shower just minutes apart, had abruptly opened the half-closed door.

    “…What are you doing?”

    Staring at the face carved out of the gloomy backlight, Jae-chan pulled the cloth off completely. A fully disassembled large audio system was revealed.

    “Isn’t this an expensive audio system?”

    As Jae-chan asked this, Woo-jin entered after turning on the lights. The look in the darkness that felt intimidating due to his large physique disappeared like a lie when his friendly expression came into view. Woo-jin explained,

    “My stepmother gave it to me. It was in this state because there was a camera installed inside.”

    Woo-jin briefly explained the situation. That was all, but Jae-chan understood clearly and responded firmly.

    “Why keep it? Get rid of it right away.”

    Should we get rid of it together? Even as he shook his head at Jae-chan’s heated voice, Woo-jin couldn’t help but smile. It felt like fluffy clouds were billowing up in his heart. He stopped Jae-chan, who looked disgusted as he carefully covered the disassembled audio with the cloth again.

    “Actually… I wanted to invite you home a long time ago.”

    Seon Jae-chan didn’t seem curious, but Go Woo-jin insisted on explaining. After the incident where he almost drifted apart from Jae-chan, Woo-jin had resolved to speak up whenever he wavered on whether to say something or not.

    “There were many other installed cameras and wiretapping devices. I couldn’t bring you over earlier because it took time to remove them all.”

    The device identification and removal were outsourced to professionals. However, considering Yoon Seo-mi might extend her reach to those personnel as well, he employed multiple companies for cross-verification, which consumed a lot of time.

    Woo-jin suddenly pictured Jae-chan in his head when he was filled with pleasure. Jae-chan’s urgent voice that called his name and that wet expression. He didn’t want to let anyone else hear or see it.

    Looking at Woo-jin with a slightly dazed expression, Jae-chan also revealed his inner thoughts.

    “Actually, I’m happy anywhere as long as I’m with you.”


    “But it does feel better being at home.”

    Jae-chan’s lips curved into a bright smile. Following suit, Woo-jin’s red lips also formed a thin line.

    “Anything else you’re curious about?”

    Wanting to answer anything, Woo-jin asked. Jae-chan nodded.


    “What is it?”

    Woo-jin squared his shoulders seriously. His tightly closed jawline was also tense.  Ready to listen to anything, Jae-chan gently took Woo-jin’s hand and said:

    “We all washed up.”

    “… Yeah.”

    “When are we going to bed?”

    Woo-jin’s face heated up as Jae-chan whispered that they should do something nice now that they were done washing up. Kissing those warm, reddened cheeks, Jae-chan slowly pushed Woo-jin out of the room. Soon, the two holding hands dashed towards the bedroom.


    Half an hour later, contrary to his earlier insistence on going to bed, Jae-chan had suddenly become passive.

    Woo-jin’s bedroom decorated in gray and dark gray with some plants. Instead of a bed that was neater than the one in the hotel, Jae-chan was lying face down on Woo-jin’s wide chest, who was lying on his back. After a moment of intimacy, Jae-chan, who had been resting his cheek against Woo-jin’s shoulder and breathing evenly, flinched. Physical contact with Woo-jin had always been pleasant, but there were moments of awkwardness, and this was one of them.


    Woo-jin’s fingers had quietly entered between the cleavage of Jae-chan’s hips and were caressing the back. Jae-chan was about to say his usual protest when Woo-jin rubbed his private parts in a circular motion with a semen-covered finger, but he closed his mouth.

    It was because Woo-jin’s fingertip had suddenly pressed inward, slightly entering and lightly grazing the inner membrane. Jae-chan didn’t know there were erogenous zones there too. Jae-chan felt his face getting hot as he bit his lip, nearly letting out a sound from the ticklish sensation.

    This guy’s at it again today. Then again, when wasn’t he?

    When Jae-chan didn’t show any objection, Woo-jin reversed his stance and laid the guy down. In an instant, Jae-chan’s long legs were gripped in Woo-jin’s large hands and spread wide, the area between them lewdly exposed.

    Meanwhile, Jae-chan, who had only been smacking his lips, buried his flushed face in the crook of his elbow, muttering “Geez.”

    Wasn’t this too much? It didn’t seem like even the models in those illegal adult magazines the Jeong Yeon-oh group snickered over in the lounge didn’t pose like this. Seon Jae-chan took a deep breath and pulled the blanket over his head. Yeah, look all you want if you like it that much, he inwardly lamented.

    But he soon startled at the rustling sound under the blanket. Woo-jin, who had seemed to be planting kisses on the inside of his groin area, pushed up the back of Jae-chan’s thighs with force.

    His butt lifted up, and he immediately felt a warm breath between the cheeks. Jae-chan’s eyes widened under the blanket. At the same time a moist tongue touched that forbidden place, he immediately flung off the blanket he had pulled over himself.


    Untangling his disheveled hair, Jae-chan tried to sit up, but his lower body remained immobilized as if weighed down by a boulder. Jae-chan fell backward again. The sensation of Woo-jin’s high nose being pressed even more gently against his perineum and being licked widely again sent Jae-chan’s mind into a state of panic. Woo-jin, Woo-jin! Jae-chan was able to escape the embarrassing caress only after urgently calling Woo-jin several times.

    What’s this? What just happened?

    Confused, Jae-chan pushed his hair tousled by the blanket and retreated in a fluster. Even now, the area between his buttocks and lower back, which had touched the bedhead, still felt damp. The unexpected caress had rendered his usually rational mind helpless.

    Jae-chan barely grasped reality as various thoughts ran through his mind. He knew Woo-jin enjoyed that kind of stimulation, but not that he’d use his mouth. Did this happen because penetration wasn’t allowed? Had Woo-jin’s desire deviated in the wrong(?) direction?

    Meanwhile, Woo-jin, who had been smiling while wiping his red lips with the back of his hand, reached out.

    Woo-jin’s hands were so big that it was amazing how Jae-chan’s feet could be held in one hand. Jae-chan’s eyebrows narrowed as he looked at Woo-jin, who was licking his lips and still clearly showing signs of inadequacy.

    Licking there again was out of the question. Woo-jin’s deviance was also unacceptable. Rather-

    “Do you want to try it?”

    Jae-chan turned to Woo-jin and asked. Because he was a little shy, he wrapped his other elbow with his hand.

    In fact, thoughts about penetrative sex had been on Jae-chan’s mind for some time now. Though he still couldn’t fully commit, it didn’t seem like taking one more step would make much difference now that there was nothing more to be ashamed of in front of Woo-jin. Moreover, Woo-jin seemed very interested, so Jae-chan figured he might as well let him do what he wanted. Besides… he felt like Woo-jin could make him feel good too.

    Because he also liked Woo-jin, and Woo-jin also liked him.


    Meanwhile, Woo-jin let go of the foot he was holding on to and looked at Jae-chan blankly, who was showing his back to him.

    Jae-chan’s slender back was fully exposed. Most striking was the rounded buttocks rising above the taut waistline. Woo-jin’s eyes wavered, already intimately familiar with what lay between those cheeks.

    To try it. It was clear from Jae-chan’s somewhat embarrassed expression what he was suggesting.

    Unable to hold back any longer, Woo-jin rushed forward as Jae-chan remained still. The guy he had bumped into let out a small moan. Careful not to put too much weight on him, Woo-jin embraced Jae-chan tightly from behind.


    As passionate kisses rained on his hot ears, cheeks, and lips, the flustered Jae-chan suddenly burst into laughter.

    If Jae-chan had known Woo-jin would be this happy, he would’ve let him do it sooner. Regretting the delay, he returned the affectionate kisses. The soft sounds of moist, warm flesh intertwining lightly rang out.

    There was no need to worry about condoms or gel. As expected, Woo-jin had prepared everything. It was surprising where he had kept them, though. Right next to the bed console, Jae-chan hadn’t expected them to be so close.

    “Wow, you’re good at this now.”

    Jae-chan was impressed by Woo-jin’s movements as he put the condom on in an instant. Woo-jin playfully nipped Jae-chan’s nose as he answered,

    “I practiced.”

    Suddenly, Woo-jin remembered the first night he spent with Jae-chan. He had a bit of trouble receiving the condom, but after that, Woo-jin felt fortunate that he practiced wearing it in advance.

    Already familiar with the lube instructions, Woo-jin removed the seal and coated his fingers afterward. Amused by Woo-jin’s “practiced” remark, Jae-chan had an upturned smile as Woo-jin made him lie on his stomach, planting soft kisses along his nape and shoulders before reaching down. Having frequently touched that area over the past months, Woo-jin was now well-accustomed to how to caress it. Unlike before when using pre-cum or semen, the lube made everything much smoother.

    “Are you okay?”

    Woo-jin asked as he gently pressed against the soft exterior before carefully inserting one finger.

    Jae-chan, who had suddenly become quiet, nodded silently with his bright red ears and neck without even looking back. Woo-jin swallowed his breath as he felt like he was going to die because the round back of Jae-chan’s head was so cute. Woo-jin tried not to push his finger in hastily. The elasticmembrane warmly enveloping his fingertip made his throat tighten repeatedly.

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