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    How could he make sure his feelings were conveyed more clearly? After much contemplation, Woo-jin opened his mouth.

    “I love it, it’s the best. …I want to convey my sincerity, is this the right way to say it?”

    At those words, Jae-chan burst out laughing cheerfully. He planted a kiss on Woo-jin’s cheek with a loud smack. Woo-jin returned the gesture, kissing Jae-chan’s reddened nose, and then asked him directly.

    “And you?”


    “Do you feel good?”

    In response to Woo-jin’s question, Jae-chan remained silent for a moment. It was clear that he felt an unfamiliar pleasure, but honestly, it wasn’t all that good. Because it still hurts a little.

    Perhaps because it was an unfamiliar and confusing experience, or because combined with the intense sensation of their deep connection, made it hard for him to control his emotions or guide the situation. However, Jae-chan was reluctant to speak honestly, so Jae-chan half-heartedly replied, hoping Woo-jin wouldn’t pick up on his real thoughts.

    “What’s there to say? …It’s the best.”

    However, since some of Jae-chan’s true feelings had been conveyed, Woo-jin could tell he was saying it partly to make him feel good. This made Woo-jin incredibly happy yet also slightly guilty.

    I’m sorry I hurt you. Since Jae-chan did not convey his intention, Since Jae-chan hadn’t expressed this explicitly, Woo-jin could only softly caress his fine hair and apologize silently. Instead, he moved carefully, gliding himself against the spot where Jae-chan had climaxed earlier.

    Woo-jin watched for Jae-chan’s reaction as he touched the remembered spot. He was quick to learn, and he was especially adept at physical things.

    When Jae-chan looked up in surprise at the unfamiliar sensation, Woo-jin pretended not to notice and smiled mischievously. Persistently stimulating the same spot, Jae-chan began to lose his rhythm and shuddered. Unsure how to react to his body’s unfamiliar response, Jae-chan thought, ‘This… shameless and handsome guy,’ and pulled Woo-jin’s face closer.

    Woo-jin lowered his shoulders and obediently fell into his arms, listening to Jae-chan’s loud noises in his ears. He continued to thrust in the same direction below. The sight of Jae-chan’s face, flushed red and pained yet chasing pleasure with hesitant movements, was driving Woo-jin crazy. He wanted to hold him tightly and thrust hard but held back, fearing it would hurt Jae-chan more. Woo-jin felt like he was walking on thin ice, not knowing when he might lose control of his rationality.

    Even so, he was on the verge of losing his mind from the overwhelming satisfaction. Jae-chan’s blushing lips and cheeks, his fluttering eyelashes closing tightly each time he entered, the sweetening moans when Woo-jin gently stimulated his favorite spots, the firm yet soft texture slipping through his hands, and the warm, intensified scent of his sweat—all filled Woo-jin with an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. His chest felt like it would burst from the intense emotions.

    Once again, Jae-chan reached climax first. With a low groan at the intense contraction, Woo-jin hugged him tightly. They reached their peaks together, enveloped in a shared, profound satisfaction.

    How much time had passed? Jae-chan, his face buried in Woo-jin’s shoulder, suddenly looked up with bright eyes.

    “It was good, right?”

    It was definitely good, right? Jae-chan confirmed again, this time in a confident tone. Woo-jin looked at those sparkling eyes with slowly blinking eyes and just hugged him.

    As much as Woo-jin couldn’t do as much as he wanted before, he pulled Jae-chan into his arms tightly, as if binding him. He kissed him fiercely, biting his questioning lips violently. Jae-chan accepted it at first, When Jae-chan playfully dodged his lips, Woo-jin switched to teasing his flat chest, rubbing and biting his soft nipples until Jae-chan cried out in pain.

    Only after teasing Jae-chan’s entire body for a long time did Woo-jin’s caressing cease.

    Jae-chan was able to catch his breath in Woo-jin’s arms, having finally calmed down, and suddenly realized that Woo-jin had been quite patient during their relationship.

    ‘…Doesn’t that mean it was really good?’

    Jae-chan, who was catching his breath, looked up at Woo-jin with joy. It was really good. Jae-chan’s lips curled into a smile. He started to think that the act of penetration, which he had previously avoided, could be enjoyable with Woo-jin.

    Meeting Woo-jin’s deep gaze, he reached out. Running his fingers through Woo-jin’s black hair, it felt like dipping his fingers into the waves of a dark blue sea. Woo-jin, closing and opening his black eyes in time with his touch, looked surreal.

    Jae-chan’s eyes, which had been smiling, became serious. Suddenly, his heart began to pound so hard it was painful. Even if his heart became an ocean and tens of thousands of fish leaped within it, it wouldn’t pound like this. He was breathless. His heart was pounding so intensely that for a moment he had difficulty breathing.

    And Woo-jin was feeling the same emotions.

    “… How was it for you?”

    Woo-jin belatedly asked Jae-chan, holding back his breathing from excessive excitement.

    In the same situation as before, a smile appeared on Jae-chan’s lips again. Jae-chan gently consoled his already overwhelmed heart and said, “It’s absolutely the best.” He playfully raised his thumb.

    In fact, it was almost scary how good it felt. The pleasure felt different from the climax felt through the genitals, but the experience of being deeply connected and united with Woo-jin brought an indescribable mental satisfaction.

    At that time, Woo-jin, who was fiddling with Jae-chan’s raised thumb, straightened his upper body.

    Jae-chan’s eyes widened as he raised his massive muscular body and leaned over Jae-chan, casting a shadow over him. “Wait, stop!” Jae-chan quickly called out as Woo-jin was about to tear open a second condom with his teeth, looking puzzled.

    “Let’s stop here for today.”

    Jae-chan said with a slightly apologetic tone, kissing Woo-jin’s cheek.

    Woo-jin looked down at Jae-chan with the condom in his mouth. Well, although he didn’t show it, Jae-chan had been in pain earlier.

    Thinking that he would definitely prepare Jae-chan properly before inserting the next time, Woo-jin lifted him up. Ignoring Jae-chan’s protest, he carried him to the bathroom.

    “I can wash alone.”

    But Woo-jin couldn’t accept that.

    He put Jae-chan down on the warm tiled floor, heated by the radiant heating system, and raised one eyebrow. Lately, they had always showered together, so what was the problem?

    When Woo-jin did not back off, Jae-chan also realized there was room for misunderstanding.

    “It’s not that….”

    It was hard to put into words. After racking his brain for an appropriate expression, Jae-chan muttered, “I’m just a bit embarrassed today,” and hugged Woo-jin.

    He used his guiding ability. While it was beyond his control not to transmit any emotions or thoughts during guiding, he could control the transmission of a portion of them.

    Just moments ago, he had acted confidently to hide his embarrassment, but his true feelings were different. As Jae-chan conveyed his indescribable emotions to Woo-jin, he felt his face heat up. He desperately needed some time alone.

    And all those emotions were conveyed to Woo-jin.

    “…Alright. Then let’s just hold each other for a little while.”

    Woo-jin gently pulled Jae-chan into an embrace. Knowing Jae-chan didn’t want to show his embarrassed face, Woo-jin carefully cradled him, ensuring their heads were turned away from each other.

    He caressed Jae-chan’s back with his broad palms and gave him a heartfelt kiss on his ear.  The flushed Jae-chan hesitated, then carefully returned the kiss on Woo-jin’s shoulder.

    Their hearts thumped loudly against their touching chests. Their skin was stickily damp with sweat, but even that felt good. Resisting the desire to stay that way longer, Woo-jin ushered Jae-chan into the shower before his body temperature dropped.

    And just like earlier, when Woo-jin entered the living room bathroom, he had to take a cold shower to lower his own body temperature instead. Sighing as he looked at his unattended erection twitching on its own, Jae-chan must have noticed too since it had been that way ever since earlier.

    Woo-jin came out first after washing up and put a change of clothes for Jae-chan inside the bedroom bathroom door. Hearing the unusually clear sound of splashing water from the shower booth, he snapped out of his thoughts and closed the door.

    Why was he being like this again?

    Woo-jin felt restless for no reason and quickly finished tidying up the bed. Yet his mind was still wandering. Normally after showering, he and Jae-chan would whisper together on the same bed before falling asleep.

    But tonight, he didn’t want to sleep. It felt too precious to just fall asleep. Woo-jin awkwardly brushed back his slightly damp hair and turned on a movie he had been enjoying recently.

    Leaning against the bed with the remote in hand, he tried to focus on the movie subtitles rather than the sound of the hair dryer coming from the bathroom. That was when the door opened, letting in a warm, fragrant steam.

    Seeing Jae-chan coming out, Woo-jin slightly parted his lips before hurriedly averting his gaze.


    Covering his mouth with his hand, Woo-jin realized he had given Jae-chan the wrong shirt. The clothes he usually lent him were too large, so he had bought this one specifically for Jae-chan, but it was a mistake.

    The outfit recommended by the store clerk as ‘comfortable sleepwear with good quality’ turned out to be too thin by Woo-jin’s standards when he actually saw Jae-chan wearing it. Underneath the loose-fitting white t-shirt, Jae-chan’s pink n1pples, which had become swollen from being svcked so hard, were fully visible. To Woo-jin’s highly perceptive Escper eyes, especially sensitive to visual and color details, they stood out prominently.

    “You’re watching a movie?”

    Jae-chan approached with a smile, obliviously asking. After drying his hair with a hair dryer, he had carelessly put on the clothes without looking in a mirror before leaving the bathroom, so he was unaware.

    Not knowing where to look, Woo-jin pulled the approaching Jae-chan into an embrace. He made Jae-chan lean comfortably against his chest and rested his chin on top of his head. Forcibly erasing the lingering imagery from his mind, he silently restarted the movie from the beginning.

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