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    The first evaluation of the trainee Esper-Guide promotion has ended.

    The day of the first evaluation, which was paper-based, took place in early December – coinciding exactly with the reward vacation period for the personnel dispatched to Zone Z. As such, after returning to District 1, the apprentices of Guide Team 2 spent two days conditioning themselves before making their final push for the exams.

    Meanwhile, Jae-chan was finally able to reunite with his aunt that morning. He personally went to the hotel on the outskirts of Area 1 where the examiners were practically being held captive. Waiting in the hotel lobby at the appointed time, he saw his aunt appear with a large suitcase and a tired expression.

    “Oh my, Jae-chan?”

    Not expecting her nephew to come all this way, Gu Ji-eun’s eyes widened.

    “I was worried when I couldn’t reach you, Aunt.”

    “Ah, I was surprised too when they suddenly took me to be an exam committee member, practically kidnapping me and telling me to quickly contact my family. But well, I don’t really have family to contact.”

    It seemed his aunt hadn’t contacted anyone other than her workplace. Not even his grandfather, or Jae-chan.

    Jae-chan felt slightly disappointed. Unlike him who considered her a true family, it was only natural that his solitary aunt who had distanced herself from everyone had little emotional bond with him. Although she had given him tea she had prepared herself, it seemed that was as far as it went.

    This is big trouble. With Aunt going to District 5 next year, chances of getting closer would be slim.

    “Thank you for coming. Want to grab a meal before you go?”

    His aunt asked. Jae-chan shook his head, resolving that he would need to put in more thought and effort to build his relationship with her.

    “No. Aren’t your colleagues waiting for you?”

    Behind his aunt, people of her age with similarly tired faces were waiting. They probably became quite close during the stay.

    “But how can I just send you off alone after you came all this way? Actually, how did you even find out?”

    “I have a friend with access to inside information. And I didn’t come alone. I was hanging out with that friend and stopped by on my way somewhere.”

    To ease his aunt’s burden, Jae-chan mixed in a partial lie.

    Only then did Gu Ji-eun lightly hug and pat her taller nephew before rejoining her group. Having received his aunt’s embrace, Jae-chan lingered happily for a moment before returning to the underground parking garage.

    Woo-jin was waiting in the car.

    “Did you see your aunt?”

    Woo-jin, who had been listening to music, removed his earphones and asked. Jae-chan nodded and suddenly hugged Woo-jin, who was in the driver’s seat.

    “Let’s stay like this for a moment.”

    Groaning with delight, Jae-chan’s actions left Woo-jin bewildered yet happy. With a smiling face, Woo-jin wrapped his arms around Jae-chan’s waist in return.

    As Jae-chan pulled away, he explained the situation.

    “My heart is pounding too fast. Not in a good way, but really pounding.”

    One of Woo-jin’s eyebrows raised. With his keen hearing, he had already detected Jae-chan’s thumping heartbeat and grown concerned. He firmly pressed his palm to Jae-chan’s chest, a little worried.

    “Are you in pain?”

    “No. It’s just…after seeing Aunt’s face, and then seeing you right after, I felt happy I guess.”

    Jae-chan placed his hand over Woo-jin’s and smiled slightly. He couldn’t bring himself to say that he was happy to receive his aunt’s hug and then immediately be able to hug Woo-jin too, so he expressed it indirectly.

    However, those words alone conveyed enough of his feelings that Woo-jin couldn’t help but smile. His long eyes curved into gentle arcs. Recently, his frequent bright smiles unintentionally left Jae-chan mesmerized. Suddenly, Woo-jin’s eyes turned mischievous.

    “Is it still pounding?”


    “Then let me check.”

    Woo-jin immediately took off the other earphones and rushed toward Jae-chan.

    He unzipped Jae-chan’s jacket, placed his ear against his chest, and showered kisses over the thin t-shirt. As a result, their eyes met again and lips locked, reigniting their passion so that the two nearly ended up tangled heatedly in the car once more.

    Afterward, Jae-chan and Woo-jin spent a full week making up for the time they couldn’t meet, having a blissfully sweet and affectionate time.

    The two were inseparable like soulmates, enjoying dates every single day during Woo-jin’s reward vacation. Whenever Jae-chan got off work, Woo-jin would always be near the Guide Bureau, and after their dates, they always headed to Woo-jin’s place.

    On weekdays, they tirelessly visited attractions near District 1, which was famous for activities, from indoor baseball fields to climbing clubs, ziplines, and yacht marinas. There was hardly any popular activity spot they didn’t hit.

    Finally, that Friday. While standing at the bungee jump platform, which Jae-chan had been most looking forward to in their planned date course, Woo-jin once again felt fortunate that he was an S-class Esper with the wind attribute.

    He could adjust their falling speed with gusts of wind at any time. Otherwise, he would never have agreed to dangerous activities like skydiving or bungee jumping to cater to Jae-chan’s tastes. He was glad he could accommodate.

    And of course, they didn’t spend all their time outside.

    By the weekend, they were holed up in the bedroom like a newly dating couple.

    In the process, Jae-chan accepted Woo-jin two or three more times, and in the process, he experienced one of the most embarrassing moments in his life.


    The problem started when Woo-jin began to softly l1cking his backside, claiming it didn’t seem stretched enough yet. Or perhaps the real issue was Jae-chan himself, who fell for Woo-jin when he tempted him by licking his reddened lips teasingly.

    At first, Jae-chan managed to support himself on his knees, but soon his legs gave out completely, entrusting his hips fully to Woo-jin’s palms.

    “Uh, ugh, wait…!”

    Jae-chan frantically pounded the bed. But then he collapsed face-first into the pillow as soon as Woo-jin let go.

    “Are you okay?”

    The alarmed Woo-jin immediately stabilized him with an embrace around the shoulders, but it was an unceremonious flop.

    Jae-chan’s face flushed red as he gradually pushed himself up on his elbows. Despite being older and more experienced, he couldn’t understand why he kept getting overwhelmed by Woo-jin.

    “…I’m okay.”

    Suppressing a lament, Jae-chan reassured the concerned Woo-jin as nonchalantly as he could.

    Hiding his trembling knees, he faced Woo-jin. Though embarrassed to expose his fully erect p3nis, it was far better than being stimulated further down below.

    “You don’t have to. Really. You’ve… felt it too.”

    Please do it quickly. Jae-chan emphasized this several times as he pulled Woo-jin towards him with his flushed face.

    But that was also a mistake.


    As soon as he accepted the baton-like intrusion into his already tender and swollen h0le, he cvm almost instantly.


    Jae-chan, trembling with short spasms, protested as soon as he regained his senses. He blamed Woo-jin, who was planting random kisses on his nose, cheeks, and lips.

    “You…! It’s because you touch me too much!”

    They said that when people are in crisis, their true nature comes out. Jae-chan, with a flushed face, blamed Woo-jin and pushed him away. However, Woo-jin only smiled deeper in acknowledgment.

    “Yeah, it’s my fault, my fault.”

    Woo-jin’s eyes twinkled as he held Jae-chan close. Jae-chan was at a loss for words after receiving such an accepting response.

    Woo-jin, who didn’t care, kissed the palm that had pushed him, even placing the wrist that could have hit him on his sturdy shoulder.

    In the end, Jae-chan, who had been grumbling, reached out to fully cup Woo-jin’s face. Brushing his lips against Woo-jin’s tousled black hair, he was met with his soft, warm scent. Returning kisses to Woo-jin’s thick brows and hollow eye sockets, their gazes met as Woo-jin raised his previously lowered lashes.


    As Woo-jin pounced on him again to entangle themselves, Jae-chan continued to think, half-resigned and half-content.


    Well, anyway.

    Even if Woo-jin went down on him eagerly, ejacvlat3d prematurely, or still found it difficult to accommodate Woo-jin, Jae-chan still would be clinging to him like a person hanging from a cliff.

    Despite all that, wasn’t it overwhelmingly good? Even as he panted under the strain of the stretching below, Jae-chan was aware of his eagerness to embrace the experience. The sense of unity that he felt throughout his body during the act was the most satisfying aspect.

    When they reached their climax, drenched in sweat and holding each other tightly, Jae-chan felt, even if just for a moment, that he wanted to stay connected longer. The sound of their overlapping breaths, the pounding heartbeats against their chests, and the warmth of their sweat-drenched bodies all heightened his sense of satisfaction.

    But such dreamlike moments were fleeting.

    After the weekend was over, Woo-jin had to return to Zone Z.

    “I’ll call you when I arrive.”

    Before leaving for the helipad, Woo-jin held his hand tightly and said so, and all that was left for Jae-chan was the 2nd team’s bloody patchwork.

    All the apprentices Espers-Guides who had been dispatched were due to return because the practical evaluation was scheduled just a week after the written test, which was already planned before the reward vacation.

    To alleviate his longing for Woo-jin, whom he could now only hear over the phone, Jae-chan began pushing the trainees hard.

    “Completely spaced out. Do you want to look at your phone? How can you think about watching videos of cats brushing their teeth when your guiding is this poor?”

    Thus, on the Tuesday before the practical evaluation.

    At the Central Management Headquarters Emergency Guiding Center, the four apprentices of Guide Team 2 were studying relentlessly while also working, with no time to rest.

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