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    Cover of BITM


    by soapa

    The only half left, Han Naeyung, who lost his twin brother, lived for revenge. Then one day, a man appears with a dog from a dog fighting ring. Introducing himself as Jin, he approaches Han Naeyung without hesitation.

    “I’m interested in you. Enough to make up excuses about a dog shampoo that doesn’t even work.”

    Han Naeyung is also drawn to him with his sweet breath. His warmth makes him greedy.

    But this feeling towards Jin is wrong. Han Naeyung must kill those bastards to survive but with blood-stained hands, he cannot embrace him.

    “Prosecutor… Can you trust me?”

    Can you accept my past?

    1. Scheduled: BITM Ch15
      Warning: Underage Abuse 2,278 Words
    2. Scheduled: BITM Ch16
      Warning: Underage Abuse 2,850 Words
    3. Scheduled: BITM Ch17
      Warning: Underage Abuse 4,239 Words
    4. Scheduled: BITM Ch18
      3,402 Words
    5. Scheduled: BITM Ch19
      3,350 Words
    6. Scheduled: BITM Ch20
      1,549 Words
    7. Scheduled: BITM Ch21
      4,759 Words
    8. Scheduled: BITM Ch22
      3,770 Words
    9. Scheduled: BITM Ch23
      4,426 Words
    10. Scheduled: BITM Ch24
      4,377 Words
    11. Scheduled: BITM Ch25
      4,641 Words
    12. Scheduled: BITM Ch26
      4,585 Words
    13. Scheduled: BITM Ch27
      4,285 Words
    14. Scheduled: BITM Ch28 (End)
      1,884 Words
    Next Chapter: 19/07/2024, 1:50 am
    1. BITM Ch0
      219 Words
    2. BITM Ch1
      2,242 Words
    3. BITM Ch2
      1,520 Words
    4. BITM Ch3
      3,431 Words
    5. BITM Ch4
      4,090 Words
    6. BITM Ch5
      3,588 Words
    7. BITM Ch6
      3,602 Words
    8. BITM Ch7
      3,052 Words
    9. BITM Ch8
      3,425 Words
    10. BITM Ch9
      3,044 Words
    11. BITM Ch10
      2,119 Words
    12. BITM Ch11
      3,466 Words
    13. BITM Ch12
      3,286 Words
    14. BITM Ch13
      2,617 Words
    15. BITM Ch14
      3,536 Words

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