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    Privacy protection was essential for guiding. Even in a lawless place like Zone 0, Ha-gyeom wanted to handle the esper alone.

    Tae-seong approached and unlocked the cuffs, only to twist Ha-gyeom’s arms behind his back and re-cuff him.

    “What are you doing?!”

    Ha-gyeom raised his voice in defiance, but Tae-seong paid no heed. When Tae-seong opened the door, even the eccentric man tried to enter the room as an observer.

    Acting on instinct, Ha-gyeom kicked the man’s knee with all his might.


    The eccentric man crumpled to the floor with a groan. At the same time, Tae-seong pressed the muzzle of his gun under Ha-gyeom’s chin.

    The smell of gunpowder indicated it hadn’t been long since it was last fired.

    “Don’t make a fuss.”

    At the low, threatening growl, Ha-gyeom backed down. He glared defiantly at Tae-seong, who, in turn, gave a sharp nod toward the eccentric man, signaling him to leave.

    “I’m just here to collect data…”

    “Don’t you know the esper is in a rampage? Do you have a death wish?”

    Tae-seong snapped at the stammering eccentric man. The others would guard the door, leaving Ha-gyeom alone in the room with Tae-seong, it seemed.

    No sooner had he thought this than Tae-seong dragged him inside.


    The room was pitch dark. Ha-gyeom knew that it was best to avoid any stimuli to calm a rampaging esper. He could only hope that his pounding heartbeat wouldn’t trigger any further reactions.

    Tae-seong, seemingly accustomed to the darkness, moved forward without hesitation. When something brushed against Ha-gyeom’s thigh, he realized it was the bed where the esper lay.

    “Do it. The guiding.”

    Tae-seong, a civilian, seemed ignorant of the intricacies of guiding. If he were an allied guide, there wouldn’t be any need for such supervision.

    Freed from Tae-seong’s grip, Ha-gyeom found no escape from the situation.

    ‘…Damn it.’

    He cursed internally as he groped for the bed. Every movement sent waves of pain through him.


    The close contact between an esper and a guide refines their energies for optimal efficiency. Espers, in particular, have over ten times the dependency on guiding compared to guides.

    While some relief can be achieved through mere physical contact, true effectiveness requires the exchange of bodily fluids like saliva or semen.

    Thus, the best guiding method was sex, irrespective of gender identity or sexual orientation. Penetrative acts were more effective than mere petting, and multiple orgasms yielded better results than a single climax.

    With the esper in a rampage, mere physical contact wouldn’t suffice.

    Ha-gyeom reached out and touched the esper’s unusually warm skin. The upper body was bare, and lower down, the esper wore similar pants to Ha-gyeom’s.

    He brushed his fingers from the esper’s ankle to knee, thigh, abdomen, chest, and neck. The esper’s body, though subdued by drugs, was already seething with immense heat and energy.

    He was likely suffering internal injuries every minute, every second.

    When blood fills the internal organs and the veins and heart swell and burst, death is inevitable. It didn’t matter how an esper from Zone 0 died, but for future purposes, Ha-gyeom had no choice but to at least pretend to perform the guiding.

    Why had they allowed an esper, who might be at least A-rank and potentially S-rank, to reach this critical state?

    Had there been light, Ha-gyeom would have had to guide while witnessing the esper’s horrifying appearance, with all his veins bulging ominously. Grateful that he didn’t have to see that, Ha-gyeom asked Tae-seong.

    “Are you going to watch?”

    “No, damn it.”

    The tremor in Tae-seong’s voice suggested he was rattled, but without visual confirmation, it was hard to trust his word. Ha-gyeom, still uneasy about the presence of others, pulled the bed curtain to block the view as best as he could.

    “If you try anything funny, you’re dead.”

    Though Tae-seong issued a verbal warning, he didn’t apply physical pressure.

    As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, the esper’s outline became visible. The sturdy man was blindfolded and sedated, his breathing labored and consciousness absent.

    ‘Let’s do this.’

    A 99 percent matching rate would benefit him as well.

    Ha-gyeom took a deep breath and climbed onto the man’s body. Shockingly, the area beneath his thighs felt scorching hot almost immediately.

    Before initiating the act, he lay down to sense the energy alignment. As more of their bodies made contact, he could distinctly feel the man’s heart pounding wildly, as if it might burst forth from his chest.

    It was Ha-gyeom’s first time guiding a rampaging esper, and the raw, unrefined energy was extremely foreign to him. It was hot, irregular, and dangerous—now he understood why it was called a “rampage.”

    The problem was, he was intensely drawn to that energy.

    ‘What is this?’

    Exhaling deeply, Ha-gyeom pressed his cheek against the man’s chest. The soft texture combined with a sudden tingling between his legs.

    The power of a 99 percent match was astonishing. Ha-gyeom had never experienced such a feeling of quenched thirst during guiding training. His previous awkward memories faded as his consciousness blurred and heat surged through his body.

    However, this attraction felt like more than just the harmony of energies. It was closer to a fundamental desire, a primal need.


    The more he engaged with the esper’s energy, the higher his body temperature rose. In this dynamic, he was supposed to be the one controlling the energy, yet his body was itching unbearably.

    The higher the matching rate, the more enjoyable the guiding becomes. Ha-gyeom had learned this in training. He couldn’t afford to be leisurely about it.

    Swallowing the saliva pooling in his mouth, he steadied his breath. Despite the rampage, the esper’s skin was smooth, almost slippery. Every muscle he touched was firm, which only increased his impatience.

    “Isn’t that not enough?”

    Tae-seong seemed to be watching his silhouette. Ha-gyeom was acutely aware of his presence behind him.

    “Stop messing around and do it properly.”

    Yielding to the pressure, Ha-gyeom slowly removed his pants.

    “…I’m going to do it now.”

    Though he referred to it vaguely as guiding, doing this with an unconscious person felt akin to violence. Ha-gyeom was uneasy, even though he was reluctantly extending his hand. He had never sought consent, but it was impossible to obtain it from an unconscious esper.

    Still, it was ambiguous who was the real victim here.

    In any case, this was guiding.

    Ha-gyeom’s mission was to stabilize the rampaging esper and ensure his survival.

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