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    Their bodies fit together as perfectly as their compatibility rate. Even without being taught, instinct alone made it clear.


    A sigh mixed with a moan broke the quiet inside. The rigid length filled him tightly, moving in and out without any gaps. The pressure from the entrance gripping the shaft and the trembling of his thighs were impossible to hide.

    The anxiety and tension of the internal ejaculation were secondary issues. Ha-gyeom, who had always been strict about distinguishing guiding from sex, was overwhelmed by pleasure far too easily this time, unlike his previous experiences.

    “Uh, ugh…”

    His body shook uncontrollably with each increasingly vigorous thrust. Clinging to the edge of the bed, he held on somehow.

    “Haah, uh…!”

    He wasn’t given any room to move. He was pushed to the brink.

    “Ugh, ugh… haah…!”

    His bound skin turned a bright red. The heat between his legs and the breath pouring down the back of his neck were unbearable. Sweat covered his entire body, making every touch and rub slick and sticky.

    After being penetrated for a long time, when he was laid down by a gentle hand, their lips met immediately. He licked and sucked on the fiercely invading tongue, meeting Baek Sa’s eyes as he gripped his waist and bound him again.

    “Haah…! Ugh, please….”

    Looking directly at him without hesitation, he spread and thrust. He wondered if he had ever taken something so deep and wide before. The once soft entrance soon stretched to its limit, becoming rigid. It wouldn’t be surprising if it tore.

    Frightened, he tried to push him away, but his resistance was insignificant against the esper’s strength. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Ha-gyeom glared somewhat fiercely at Baek Sa.

    Seeing that gaze, Baek Sa eased the intensity of his thrusts, moving his hips slowly this time. The sensation of the thick, vein-riddled shaft being tightly gripped was chilling. It felt like his insides would turn to mush.

    Ha-gyeom loosened his clenched jaw and moaned.

    “Mm… Hah…”

    The pain was now faint. Intense pleasure surged in. It was driving him crazy. Whether it hurt or felt good, his inner thighs trembled all the same. Even though he was being pierced by a weapon-like length in a place no one else could see, it felt inexplicably good.

    It stung, tickled, and squeezed…

    “Haah… Do you like it?”

    Such a primitive question. It was a question that Baek Seung-woo would never ask, but Baek Sa posed it without any hesitation.

    The suspicion that perhaps he hadn’t lost his memory gradually faded due to Baek Sa’s actions, words, and gaze, which were the complete opposite of Baek Seung-woo. It was more likely that he had become someone untrustworthy rather than someone who hadn’t lost his memory.

    With a touch of self-mockery, Ha-gyeom met Baek Sa’s eyes directly. There was no way to hide his body’s reactions. Shaking his head would be meaningless.

    “Yeah, I like it.”

    He could say it as long as it wasn’t Baek Seung-woo in front of him. Baek Sa smiled in satisfaction, caressing the tears forming at the corners of Ha-gyeom’s eyes from the intense pleasure.

    It felt somewhat inappropriate to experience such pleasure from guiding. However, he couldn’t refuse any longer, nor could he take his eyes off the person in front of him. Feeling the delicate balance between being torn and not being torn, Ha-gyeom looked at Baek Sa with curious eyes.

    Straight eyebrows, furrowed brow from pleasure, large and long eyes, a straight nose, red and rough lips, and a sharp jawline.

    As he gazed at him as if entranced, his heart pounded as if it would explode. Was the man panting above him really the one he had dreamed of for five years? The more he looked, the more thirsty he felt, holding his breath several times.

    Ha-gyeom, touching Baek Sa’s swollen red chest and shoulders, soon wrapped his arms around his solid neck. He couldn’t stand it whether he felt the heartbeat or not. He tightened his legs around Baek Sa’s hips and clung to him with all his strength. Baek Sa bit down hard on his neck and began to move his hips vigorously again.

    “Uh, haah… Wait…!”

    In an instant, he was pushed up to the headboard of the bed. The shaft, which had almost withdrawn, repeatedly thrust in deeply, lifting his navel each time.

    A strange sound echoed from the perfectly trained hole, causing Ha-gyeom’s ears to flush red.

    “Ugh…! Ah…!”

    He could no longer muster the strength in his legs, letting them fall open. His anus, thoroughly loosened from the long penetration, clung to the invading shaft as if sucking it in. It wasn’t his will.

    “Ugh…! This feels weird….”

    As he squirmed from the ticklish sensation, Baek Sa skillfully held him down. He didn’t take his eyes off him, so the sight of Ha-gyeom losing his sanity was clear.


    Ha-gyeom felt unbearably ashamed and guilty. Thoughts of this being wrong dominated his mind, but his body didn’t completely follow those thoughts.

    “Ha… Why is this… Damn it.”

    Swearing repeatedly, Baek Sa grabbed Ha-gyeom, who kept saying it felt weird and struggled, seating him on his thighs. As Ha-gyeom clung to him, Baek Sa repeatedly lifted him off his shaft and then lowered him back onto it. Despite the reckless thrusting inside, the sensation of ejaculation surged through him as if his entire body was an erogenous zone.

    “Mm…! I think I’m going to…!”

    Just by slightly moving his hips as he was taught, his glans swelled red. Because Baek Sa pulled him close by his waist, his shaft rubbed against Baek Sa’s abs. Stars burst before his eyes, and he was out of breath.


    Soon, sticky semen spurted out. Without even touching it, the pleasure was like squeezing the shaft. Although he ejaculated quite a bit, it didn’t stop, and Ha-gyeom was bewildered. Unlike before, the sensation of ejaculation lasted longer. Whether it was because he wasn’t affected by his own weight, Baek Sa lightly moved to close the gap between their stomachs.

    The combination of slick semen and firm abs was incredible. The more pleasure Ha-gyeom felt, the more intense the movement behind became. Ha-gyeom realized that his uncomfortable sensation was due to the tightness of his anus.

    “Ugh, now…”

    He barely managed to kneel. Burying his head in Baek Sa’s shoulder, he endured a few more thrusts. With a few more powerful thrusts, Baek Sa’s breathing quickened. Despite being out of breath, he insistently pushed his lips in, making Ha-gyeom feel like he was being filled by him in both his mouth and his backside.


    Soon, Baek Sa’s muscles stiffened, and a sharp pain spread across Ha-gyeom’s lower lip. As the warm semen filled his insides, his cheeks flushed red. Ha-gyeom stared blankly at his waist, which was held by Baek Sa, and their tightly connected lower bodies.

    “It’s still coming out…”

    Despite not withdrawing his shaft, semen leaked from the stretched hole. Baek Sa’s pubic hair was stained with semen. Unintentionally, Ha-gyeom dug his nails into Baek Sa’s shoulder.

    “Haah, ha…”

    Baek Sa, panting heavily, looked sticky and obscene.

    Was this guiding or sex? Do all zone 0 abilities guides perform guiding this way? Or was it just Baek Sa? Or was it originally Baek Seung-woo who treated his partners like this?

    The overwhelming pleasure was accompanied by relentless confusion. Ha-gyeom couldn’t decisively separate Baek Sa from Baek Seung-woo, nor could he conclude that they were completely different people.

    When he finally met Baek Sa’s eyes, the man leaned back, supporting himself on the bed with both hands. Easily drawn into his embrace, Ha-gyeom panted heavily near his collarbone, his gaze trembling.


    Baek Sa’s large hands caressed Ha-gyeom’s back and waist, then gripped his buttocks firmly. Every intentional parting of his cheeks made their connected spot burn. Ha-gyeom buried his face in Baek Sa’s chest, avoiding everything.

    Baek Sa, and Baek Seung-woo.

    The lines were blurred. Ha-gyeom’s heart raced uncontrollably.

    Ha-gyeom woke up after sleeping for about two hours, feeling unfamiliar with the warmth enveloping him. The last thing he remembered was passing out, yet here he was, nestled in Baek Sa’s arms.

    Ha-gyeom deliberately avoided looking at Baek Sa. The intense pleasure had subsided, but the confusion remained.

    Overwhelmed, he quickly got out of bed as he would after regular guiding sessions. He found his discarded pants nearby and put them on, looking out the window. Having had two more sessions since waking, the sun now hung high in the sky, indicating it was nearly noon.

    His inner thighs burned, but his overall condition was excellent. Ha-gyeom calmly extended his hands, feeling the refined energy circulating within him.

    The energy was soft, calm, yet also felt powerful… It was definitely a different level than anything he had experienced before.

    Lost in thought, Ha-gyeom stood there for a while. When the room grew warmer, he searched around the bed for his missing shirt. He was sure he had thrown it nearby, but it was nowhere to be found.

    “…Here it is!”

    Ha-gyeom finally found his shirt under the bed and stood up, feeling satisfied. As he slipped his hand into the sleeve, a shiver ran down his spine.


    Ha-gyeom turned stiffly toward the bed like a malfunctioning robot. Baek Sa, who had woken up at some point, was lying on his side, watching him with a curious expression.

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