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    If others knew about his feelings, they might find them repulsive and belittle him for it.

    Facing the long-forbidden desire right in front of him, Ha-gyeom couldn’t help but feel a pang of revulsion from time to time. He rubbed his stinging eyes and looked back at Baek Sa with a sudden sense of fear.

    From his ankle to his calf. The sensation of Baek Sa’s lips pressing gently matched his movements perfectly. Ha-gyeom knew that Baek Sa’s deliberate act of kissing his reddened eyelid wasn’t an unconscious gesture.

    Baek Sa moved his lips to Ha-gyeom’s earlobe. The tender nibbling and the wet intrusion of his tongue into Ha-gyeom’s ear made him moan softly.


    Soon, Ha-gyeom felt pressure between his legs as Baek Sa pulled down his pants. He realized that Baek Sa’s erection was fully aroused.

    “How many times have you done guiding? Over there, you only start after reaching adulthood.”

    “I’ve done it over ten times, so don’t treat me like a novice….”

    “Over ten times.”

    Though his tone was dry, Ha-gyeom heard a faint chuckle. While guiding and sex were technically different, they were fundamentally similar. Ten times was not a small number.

    Ha-gyeom stifled another moan as Baek Sa openly rubbed his erection.

    “Ugh… Why are you….”

    The heat was overwhelming. His erect penis felt burning hot, and his heart pounded as if it would burst. Unlike during the outburst, Baek Sa’s consciousness and gaze were both clear, making it agonizing for Ha-gyeom to endure each passing second.

    “Why ask that? Ugh…”

    “I want to know.”

    Ha-gyeom was confused, expecting someone like Baek Sa to treat guides as lesser beings. He agreed with the center’s regulation that casual conversation during guiding was not beneficial. If they wanted to get to know each other, real conversation, not bodily interaction, would be more effective.

    “Why would you need to know… Ugh…”

    Baek Sa’s eyes glinted as he responded.

    “I don’t have a hobby of sharing guides.”

    Which means….

    “…Does that mean your guide can’t sleep with other Espers?”

    That was an inefficient method. A guide with a high matching rate with multiple Espers would naturally benefit from being with multiple partners.

    Baek Sa nodded shamelessly. Ha-gyeom, needing to confirm, asked again.

    “Does that mean you’ll only sleep with me?”

    Baek Sa laughed at Ha-gyeom’s rephrased question, as if finding it absurd. He corrected Ha-gyeom’s misunderstanding with a firm statement.

    “It means you can only guide with me.”

    Baek Seung-woo and Baek Sa often seemed like the same person, yet at times they were as different as night and day. This was one of those times. Smiling like Baek Seung-woo, Baek Sa casually said things that Baek Seung-woo would never say.

    Ha-gyeom, easily swayed by the unexpected smile, licked his dry lips. The intense pleasure from their grinding erections was overwhelming. Baek Sa took note of their grinding, and Ha-gyeom’s palms began to sweat.

    “Hah… Anyway… Dr. Cha will likely make a list… for guiding…”

    That was common sense. As a virtual hostage, no one would consider his personal feelings. Given the number of ability users in District 0, it was likely that there would be Espers with relatively high matching rates with him.

    “You’re quite wet…”

    Despite Ha-gyeom’s attempt to point out the obvious, Baek Sa disregarded it and reached for his erection. When his firm fingers stroked the shaft, Ha-gyeom felt dizzy and leaned back.

    “Ugh… Why are you…”

    The heat was unbearable. His erect penis felt like it was on fire, and his heart pounded as if it would burst. Unlike during the outburst, Baek Sa’s clear awareness and focused gaze made every second agonizing for Ha-gyeom.

    “Why ask that? Hnn…”

    “I want to know.”

    Baek Sa’s interest in him was confusing. Ha-gyeom had expected someone like Baek Sa to treat guides dismissively. The center’s regulation against casual conversation during guiding made sense; genuine conversation would be more effective for understanding each other.

    “Why would you need to know… Ugh…”

    Baek Sa’s eyes lit up as he answered, “I don’t share my guides.”

    So that means…

    “…Does that mean your guide can’t sleep with other Espers?”

    That was an inefficient method. If a guide had a high matching rate with multiple Espers, it made sense for them to engage with all of them.

    Baek Sa shamelessly nodded. Ha-gyeom, needing to be sure, asked again.

    “You mean you’ll only sleep with me?”

    Baek Sa laughed at the rephrased question.

    “It means you have to guide with only me.”

    Ha-gyeom was left speechless. This was a possessiveness he hadn’t anticipated. The contrast between the Baek Seung-woo he knew and the Baek Sa before him was stark.

    The raw pleasure from their grinding erections was undeniable. Baek Sa’s clear intent to only be with him added a layer of complexity to their relationship.

    Ha-gyeom was about to voice his protest when Baek Sa’s fingers skillfully teased his entrance. The unexpected sensation made Ha-gyeom’s mind go blank.


    The mixture of pain and pleasure was overwhelming. Ha-gyeom found himself clinging to Baek Sa, wrapping his legs around his waist. The intense desire for deeper connection overpowered his thoughts.

    Baek Sa’s gentle but insistent touch was unlike any experience Ha-gyeom had had before. His fingers, while probing and stretching, were methodical, exploring every reaction from Ha-gyeom. The touches, the probing, the stretching—it was a slow build that left Ha-gyeom gasping for more, overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through him.

    When Baek Sa’s fingers finally pushed inside, Ha-gyeom’s body arched, and his mind reeled. The feeling was intense, raw, and incredibly intimate. Baek Sa’s probing fingers inside him were nothing like he’d experienced before, sending shivers up his spine and making his muscles clench reflexively around the intrusion.


    Ha-gyeom’s gasp turned into a moan as Baek Sa’s fingers found that sensitive spot inside him. The pressure, the rhythm, it was all too much. Baek Sa’s eyes never left Ha-gyeom’s face, watching every expression, every flicker of pleasure that crossed his features.

    Baek Sa leaned down, capturing Ha-gyeom’s lips in a searing kiss, his fingers still moving inside him. The kiss was rough, possessive, and it left Ha-gyeom breathless, his mind spiraling in a haze of pleasure and need.

    Ha-gyeom’s hands fisted in the sheets, his body arching and writhing under Baek Sa’s relentless touch. The sensations were overwhelming, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, and leaving him teetering on the edge of something intense and profound.

    “Do you always guide like this?”

    Baek Sa’s voice was low, a whisper against Ha-gyeom’s ear. His breath was hot, sending shivers down Ha-gyeom’s spine.

    “No… never like this…”

    Baek Sa chuckled softly, his fingers curling inside Ha-gyeom, hitting that spot again and making him cry out. It was a sound of pure, unadulterated pleasure, and it made Baek Sa’s smirk widen.


    He murmured, his lips brushing against Ha-gyeom’s earlobe.

    “I want this to be special.”

    Ha-gyeom could only nod, his mind too foggy with desire to form coherent words. All he knew was the intense pleasure that Baek Sa was giving him, the way his body was responding, the way every touch, every kiss, every probing thrust of Baek Sa’s fingers was driving him wild.

    And then, just when Ha-gyeom thought he couldn’t take any more, Baek Sa’s fingers withdrew. The emptiness was almost painful, and Ha-gyeom whimpered at the loss.

    But Baek Sa wasn’t done. He positioned himself between Ha-gyeom’s legs, his erection pressing against his entrance. There was a moment of tension, a pause, and then Baek Sa pushed in, slowly, steadily, filling Ha-gyeom completely.

    The sensation was overwhelming, a mix of pain and pleasure that took Ha-gyeom’s breath away. He clung to Baek Sa, his nails digging into his back, his body trembling with the intensity of it all.

    Baek Sa’s movements were slow at first, measured, giving Ha-gyeom time to adjust. But then he began to move faster, deeper, each thrust sending waves of pleasure coursing through Ha-gyeom’s body. It was intense, raw, and incredibly intimate, and it left Ha-gyeom gasping for more.

    “Ah… Baek Sa…”

    Baek Sa’s name fell from Ha-gyeom’s lips like a prayer, a plea, and it only spurred him on. His thrusts became harder, more urgent, each one driving Ha-gyeom closer to the edge.

    And then, with a final, deep thrust, Baek Sa pushed Ha-gyeom over the edge. The orgasm hit him like a tidal wave, crashing over him, leaving him breathless and trembling.

    Baek Sa followed soon after, his own release intense and powerful. He collapsed on top of Ha-gyeom, their bodies tangled together, both of them panting and spent.

    For a long moment, they just lay there, catching their breath, their bodies still entwined. And then Baek Sa rolled to the side, pulling Ha-gyeom close, holding him against his chest.

    “Only you.”

    He murmured, his voice soft, almost tender.

    “Only ever you.”

    Ha-gyeom closed his eyes, feeling a sense of peace and contentment wash over him. It was a promise, a commitment, and it made his heart swell with emotion.

    And in that moment, everything felt right.

    Ha-gyeom gasped as the forceful grip on his hips made him instinctively suck in a breath. Just when he thought Baek Sa’s erection would enter him, it rubbed intensely against his perineum and entrance, causing Ha-gyeom to moan involuntarily from the overwhelming pleasure.

    “Hah…, ha…”

    The energy that had once felt overwhelming now seemed comforting, as if it were his own. Merely immersing himself in the act allowed for natural energy control, and Ha-gyeom could feel his condition improving rapidly.

    “Hngh, huh…”

    He almost called him ‘hyung’. Regaining his composure, Ha-gyeom slid his fingers through Baek Sa’s soft hair.


    “Hngh, ah…”

    He could feel the bulging veins on Baek Sa’s erection. As he moved his hips, rubbing his perineum and entrance to the point of soreness, something finally penetrated his body.


    Unfortunately, it wasn’t Baek Sa’s erection. His beautiful, long fingers plunged into the slick interior, swirling around vigorously. Ha-gyeom understood it was to prepare him for entry, but the sharp pain made his eyes well up.

    Unable to breathe properly, Ha-gyeom gasped for air as Baek Sa withdrew his lips and pressed their foreheads together. Staring into his piercing eyes felt like his chest was on fire. Ha-gyeom couldn’t look away and ended up moaning repeatedly.

    “Can you come?”

    Baek Sa’s rough voice, already at the height of arousal, triggered an immediate urge to climax. Ha-gyeom nodded obediently, guiding Baek Sa’s hand to his own erection.

    “I’ll come, so touch me.”

    Baek Sa, frowning with barely restrained frustration, gripped Ha-gyeom’s erection tightly. The precum had already made his shaft slick, and Baek Sa’s vigorous strokes made Ha-gyeom writhe. The relentless pressure on his sensitive spots from Baek Sa’s fingers inside him was unbearable.


    The heat inside him was almost too much to bear. Ha-gyeom watched his own flushed, swollen tip, unable to breathe. Reaching his peak happened in an instant under Baek Sa’s intense stimulation.


    As he felt the limit approach, milky fluid spurted into the air. Ha-gyeom’s hips bucked several times, and he was acutely aware of his rear clenching around Baek Sa’s fingers.

    His vision flickered with lights as waves of pleasure overtook him. Even after climaxing, Baek Sa continued to stroke his erection and finger him, leaving Ha-gyeom paralyzed.

    This was a first for him.

    “Hngh…, ha…! Stop, enough…!”

    Unable to clear the afterglow, Ha-gyeom struggled for control. Baek Sa finally let go of his erection, using his hand to smear the semen across Ha-gyeom’s abdomen. The fingers inside him slowed their pace, gently pumping in and out.

    “Hah…, ugh…”

    Eventually, the fingers withdrew completely, but the sensitized entrance continued to twitch. Ha-gyeom hurriedly grabbed the sheet to cover himself.

    However, it wasn’t over yet. Baek Sa, feeling heavy on top of him, began to masturbate.

    His panting breaths fell against Ha-gyeom’s neck. The soft bites on his delicate skin felt almost tender. Despite being an Esper capable of violence, his gentle approach to sex was strangely familiar.

    Ha-gyeom couldn’t recall their first guiding session. Frozen in place, he simply caressed Baek Sa’s heaving back. The taut muscles under his touch hinted at the intensity of Baek Sa’s arousal.

    “…Are you going to come?”

    Ha-gyeom, tensing with a sense of foreboding, asked.

    After toying with Ha-gyeom’s legs for a while, Baek Sa abruptly lifted his head. His strength was impressive as he pinned Ha-gyeom’s arms and spread his legs.


    Without warning, Baek Sa entered him. Even just taking in the head made Ha-gyeom clench his teeth. The sensation of heat spreading through his abdomen followed. Baek Sa grimaced, thrusting a few more times before finally ejaculating. True to his Esper nature, the volume of his semen was considerable.

    As Baek Sa increased the depth of his thrusts, the softened entrance expelled more semen, soaking the sheets. The wet, warm sensation left Ha-gyeom fixated on their joined bodies. Despite the pain, he felt an odd sense of emptiness compared to when Baek Sa’s erection was fully inside him.

    After finishing, Baek Sa released Ha-gyeom from his hold. His chest heaved, and his entire body was flushed red. The defined abs, thick thighs, and bulging veins on his hands conveyed his physical intensity.

    Ha-gyeom instinctively knew Baek Sa hadn’t fully satisfied his sexual desire. However, the overwhelming pleasure left him speechless as he watched Baek Sa clean up.

    Baek Sa fetched a nearby shirt to wipe himself and Ha-gyeom’s legs.

    As the soft fabric brushed against him, Ha-gyeom instinctively covered his mouth. The stinging sensation felt strangely pleasurable. Even a slight stimulus threatened to arouse him again.

    Baek Sa checked his wristwatch, the only item still on his naked body. Grasping Ha-gyeom’s chin, he asked,

    “How many times have you done it in one night?”



    He replied, gripping his heavy erection.

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