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    “It’s about you coming out.”

    The news of Lu Changting and Xiang Wan’s failed blind date had spread throughout the Lu family these past few days. At first, Lu Changxu didn’t pay it much mind. After all, they had only met twice, and there was no deep emotional connection between them. It was perfectly normal for a blind date not to work out, so he didn’t bother asking Lu Changting who didn’t like whom.

    The reason he made this trip was because of a phone call from Liu Xiezhi.

    Well, his cousin not only rejected Miss Xiang from the Xiang family, but also came out to the family straightforwardly. If Liu Xiezhi hadn’t hinted at it subtly and asked him if Lu Changting had someone he liked, he wouldn’t have known anything about it.

    “It’s time for you to explain to me, right? For Mr. Shen?”

    Thinking of Shen Luo, Lu Changting couldn’t help but curve his lips slightly. “Yes.”

    Lu Changxu exaggeratedly clicked his tongue several times. “Who was it that told me he wasn’t interested in Mr. Shen before?”

    Lu Changting glanced at him. “Did you come just to tease me?”

    “Yes,” Lu Changxu nodded sincerely. “And also to rub salt in the wound.”

    Ignoring his sarcastic remark, Lu Changting went straight to the point. “What did my mom say to you, and what did you tell her?”

    “Auntie asked me if I knew when you started liking men and if you had someone you liked.” Lu Changxu paused before continuing, “I said I wasn’t really sure, considering you’ve been abroad for years. But I did try to persuade her for you. This whole thing was too sudden. I told her to give it some time to think it over with Uncle Er.”

    “Got it.”

    “Got it?” Lu Changxu raised an eyebrow. “Then what? Shouldn’t you be telling me about you and Mr. Shen?”

    Lu Changxu pressed further, “Didn’t you say you didn’t know before? How did you suddenly figure out your feelings?”

    Lu Changting held his cup of water, smiling lightly. “I realized it during the business trip.”

    As Lu Changxu continued talking to him, he took out his phone and opened the group chat on WeChat, typing as he looked down, “So, to celebrate your enlightenment, how about some drinks tonight?”

    “No, thanks,” Lu Changting declined. “I have dinner plans tomorrow, and I need to work late tonight.”

    Lu Changxu didn’t even look up. “Then I’ll invite Xingye and the others.”

    Lu Changting responded lightly with a “Hmm,” then added, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

    Lu Changxu understood immediately and made a sealing gesture.

    He promised Lu Changting not to talk nonsense, but only meant not to do so in front of Shen Luo. Today, they were all gathered, with Chu Jinghong and Fu Jiashu both present. A group of friends who had known each other since childhood were gathered in the private room. As soon as the glasses clinked, Lu Changxu spilled the beans about Lu Changting.

    Chu Jinghong and Fu Jiashu were both surprised and focused on the same point. “Changting came out to his family?!”

    Xiao Yao almost spilled his drink. “Changting is pursuing Mr. Shen?”

    Only Chen Xingye remained calm and even retorted Xiao Yao, “Stop thinking about Mr. Shen. You don’t stand a chance.”

    Xiao Yao wasn’t actually thinking about Shen Luo, just expressing his surprise. “When did they become a thing? Why didn’t I know about it?”

    But Lu Changxu didn’t say anything more. He just raised his full glass and said, “It’s not official yet, so keep it to yourselves.”

    They all tacitly clinked their glasses and downed their drinks.

    The bar was crowded today, and they were all important bosses who couldn’t be offended. Shen Luo greeted people from three or four other private rooms before pushing open the door to “Cloud and Mist.”

    Lu Changting wasn’t there, which relieved him but also left him with a slight sense of loss.

    “Mr. Shen.” Xiao Yao poured him a drink. “Here, let me toast you.”

    His casual toast without any pretense or explanation caught Shen Luo off guard for a moment, then he smiled. “What are we toasting to?”

    “To love,” Xiao Yao said with a grin as they clinked glasses.

    Lu Changxu gave him a warning look, but Xiao Yao added slowly, “The first time I saw Jingyu was at ‘Gu Jiu.’ Mr. Shen, in a way, you and I owe it to him for bringing us together. This toast is a must.”

    Shen Luo finished the drink in one go, somewhat surprised. “Are you two together?”

    The surprise on the faces of the others was no less than when they heard Lu Changxu say that Lu Changxu wanted to pursue Shen Luo. Several pairs of eyes immediately turned to Xiao Yao.

    Keeping a young star as a sugar baby was just for fun, but if emotions were involved, then it wasn’t just a game anymore…

    Xiao Yao coughed uncomfortably. “Not yet, but I think he’s the one.”

    Chen Xingye didn’t mince words. “How long have you known each other? What if he’s just after your money…”

    Xiao Yao glared at him. “Why can’t you wish me well?”

    He and Chen Xingye had always bickered, but their relationship was still the best. When he talked to Chen Xingye about Jingyu before, Chen Xingye always brought up “he’s just after your money.” Now, he was annoyed.

    Seeing him angry, Chen Xingye softened his tone a bit but still muttered, “Just worried you’ll be fooled.”

    Lu Changxu was used to their banter and quickly intervened with a smile. “It’s a good thing that Xiao Yao has someone he likes. Come on, let’s have a drink.”

    Chu Jinghong and Fu Jiashu exchanged a glance – they had missed out on quite a show.

    Shen Luo poured himself a drink and clinked glasses with Xiao Yao, whispering, “To love.”

    “Then let’s toast to being single,” Fu Jiashu said with a sigh. “While we’re all still single, let’s have a drink.”

    Xiao Yao cheerfully pushed Lu Changxu aside. “Lu Changxu, you’re being left out.”

    Chu Jinghong paused with his glass raised, and everyone looked at him expectantly.


    “Go on,” Fu Jiashu smiled slightly. “You have three minutes of uninterrupted free speech.”

    Chu Jinghong resolutely poured himself a drink as punishment. “Recently, I met Linlang…”

    Shen Luo was somewhat puzzled and curious. Xiao Yao whispered to him, “His ex-girlfriend.”

    Looks like they got back together.

    His ex-girlfriend… Shen Luo downed his drink in one gulp, feeling a bit dizzy. If Lu Changting met Tang Yao, would they reconcile?

    “No wonder I couldn’t get you to come out,” Lu Changxu took a sip of his drink. “Why didn’t you bring her along?”

    “Next time,” Chu Jinghong smiled and explained, “Today’s arrangement was sudden, and she’s busy with work.”

    “Two workaholics,” Fu Jiashu raised an eyebrow. “I’m really worried you’ll break up again over the ‘do you love me or your work more’ issue.”

    Chen Xingye chuckled. “Are you jealous or envious, Fu-ge? At least Chu-ge is off the market now. You should reflect on yourself.”

    Xiao Yao chimed in. “Exactly.”

    Shen Luo listened quietly to their banter, feeling as though he was part of this small circle. His relationship with Lu Changxu and the others had been okay before, but nothing more than that. However, tonight, he learned a lot. The vague sense of exclusion from the same circle no longer existed…

    He felt a little happy. This way, he was a little closer to Lu Changting again.

    They didn’t stay out too late that night. Before dawn, they all dispersed and went home.

    Shen Luo returned home, took a shower, and lay down in bed, feeling wide awake.

    He was going to have dinner with Lu Changting tomorrow.

    Just the two of them.

    He rolled over and took out his phone from under the pillow, opening WeChat and staring at Lu Changting’s profile picture.

    Lu Changting’s profile picture was a stack of waves, sparkling in the sea. His Moments were all links to academic articles. He had flipped through Lu Changting’s Moments more than once, scrolling from beginning to end, but there was nothing about daily life.

    He often wondered what Lu Changting’s life abroad was like. Every winter and summer vacation, he wandered around near the school with a glimmer of hope, but he never found out what Lu Changting’s life abroad was like, nor did he ever encounter him again.

    He dared not even think—what if one day he and Lu Changting became friends.

    The clothes to wear tomorrow were already neatly ironed and hung in the wardrobe, and a box of chocolates was prepared and placed on the bedside.

    What should be the first thing to say when meeting tomorrow?

    As the phone screen dimmed, Shen Luo used his index finger to unlock it with his fingerprint. At the same time, a message popped up on WeChat. He hesitated for a moment before hurriedly opening the conversation window.

    [L: Goodnight.]

    [L: See you tomorrow.]

    Two small stones were casually thrown into the calm lake of his heart, causing a slight “thud” as they sank to the bottom, leaving only faint ripples.

    Shen Luo rolled over, burying his face in the pillow, then took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

    He replied with a “See you tomorrow” and then added a “Goodnight.”

    Afterward, he tucked his phone under the pillow, closed his eyes, and began to count stars and moons to induce sleep.

    Why isn’t it morning yet?

    It felt like just a blink, and it would be morning.

    To open his eyes and see his Xiao Gege.

    Shen Li repeatedly addresses Changting as Xiao Gege as a term of endearment, like little brother. But please remember, Shen Li is older than Changting!

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