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    Shen Li waited until he hung up the phone, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, so he simply lay back down.

    “I ordered takeout,” Lu Changting said, hugging him from the side. “Let’s lie here for a bit longer.”

    Shen Li found it amusing. “Since when did Young Master Lu start delivering takeout?”

    Lu Changting, with his eyes closed, replied casually, “He runs Wangjiang Tower, so it’s convenient to find him.” He added, “In the future, if you need anything and I’m not around, just go to him.”

    When the takeout arrived, Shen Li and Lu Changting had already gotten up and washed. Lu Changting went downstairs to get the food, which came in two layered insulated wooden boxes. He carried them into the room and placed them on the coffee table in the small sitting area.

    Shen Li came out after changing his clothes and casually closed the carved sliding door.

    Lu Changting took out the dishes and arranged them, then picked up the remote to turn on the projector. “Let’s watch a movie.”

    Shen Li poured himself a glass of water and suddenly asked, “Have you seen ‘Clouds Unhappy’?”

    “No, do you want to watch it?” Lu Changting, upon hearing this, casually searched for the title and then played it. “What’s it about?”

    “Let’s watch it.” Shen Li sat cross-legged by the coffee table, seemingly suggesting it offhandedly. “It’s about unrequited love, teenage admiration, a same-sex theme.”

    Lu Changting always felt that the word “unrequited” had something against him; otherwise, why would people mention it to him so often, to the point of annoyance?

    But since Shen Li wanted to watch it, he would accompany him. Lu Changting put the remote aside, sat down next to Shen Li, and took a sip from his glass of water.

    Seeing the director’s name in the opening credits, Lu Changting frowned slightly.

    The plot of the movie was actually quite simple. The two male leads were a top student and a notorious school bully. Their interaction began one evening after school when the top student, who habitually stayed late in the classroom to do problems, discovered his bicycle had been stolen. As he stood there bewildered, the school bully and a few friends came to get their bikes.

    It was already very late, the empty parking lot dimly lit. The top student stood alone in the shadows, and the bully’s bike was parked a few steps away from him. As the bully walked past, he stopped.

    “Your bike got stolen?”

    The top student looked up at the sound, unable to see the tall boy’s features clearly against the light, but instinctively caught the keys that were casually thrown to him.

    “The bike’s yours,” the school bully said, reaching out his hand. “Give me your meal card. Tomorrow, bring it to Class 12. We’ll exchange it then.”

    The top student, stunned, handed over his meal card and softly thanked him.

    The school bully didn’t even glance at the meal card, just stuffed it into his pocket and turned to leave with his friends who had retrieved their bikes.

    So cool.

    But as soon as they left the school, his friends’ teasing instantly revealed the boy’s hidden feelings.

    “Wasn’t that the top student in our grade just now?”

    “Of course. Why else would Feng Jiang suddenly play the Good Samaritan?”

    “If Feng Ge hadn’t been hanging out with us all day, I’d suspect he was the one who stole the bike.”

    The teased boy raised his eyebrows, his tension slowly easing. “Shut up, you guys.”

    The scene then shifted to the first day of school, with the new student orientation in the auditorium. The top student stood on stage, and from his perspective, he could see the clear and handsome side profile of the boy, his neat school uniform collar.

    Later, as the school bully passed by the honor roll board with the top student’s photo, he would always glance at it casually. His bike was always parked nearby, and every night he would linger in the classroom until late.

    The film stitched together scenes that outlined a story of unrequited love. The two eventually got to know each other and became friends, with occasional glimpses of their hidden affections coming to light.

    In the height of summer, he bought a watermelon, clumsily cut it into small pieces, and with his hands sticky from the juice, packed it in a container to bring to him.

    Despite having terrible grades and no interest in studying, he still borrowed notes and questions, finding any excuse to meet.

    Though they lived in opposite directions, he lied about it being on his way so they could walk together every evening before taking the long route home.

    By the time Lu Changting and Shen Li finished eating and cleaning up the meal’s trash and containers, more than half of the movie had played.

    The story was quite good, with a unique youthful innocence typical of one’s teenage years. However, the male lead seemed a bit too clueless, which made Lu Changting anxious for both of them.

    “How has Fang Zhi not realized that Feng Jiang likes him?” Lu Changting couldn’t help but frown again. “He’s been so obvious about it.”

    Shen Li smiled but didn’t say anything.

    The second half of the story grew more ambiguous, with many scenes filled with the emotions of blushing, heart-throbbing youth. Yet, in the end, Feng Jiang never confessed his feelings.

    They both worked hard for the college entrance exams, went to different cities for university, and gradually lost contact.

    Many years later, Fang Zhi was invited to a school reunion. Casually asking about Feng Jiang, he found that some people, like fleeting memories, could never be found again…

    Lu Changting stared at the end credits on the projection screen, still processing the last ten minutes of the movie. “That’s the ending?”

    No reunion after many years?

    Shen Li lowered his gaze to their hands clasped together and softly said, “That’s the typical ending for unrequited love.”

    Although it’s disheartening, in real life, many people drift apart naturally without any dramatic misunderstandings or accidents. They simply lose touch over time and eventually become lost in the passage of time.

    Lu Changting turned off the projector, pulled Shen Li into an embrace, and after a moment of silence, asked sullenly, “Why watch a tragedy?”

    It really dampened his mood.

    “There’s actually an easter egg,” Shen Li said, patting his back reassuringly. “When Fang Zhi leaves the school, he’ll see Feng Jiang waiting for him at the gate, just like he used to wait downstairs for him every day after school.”

    Lu Changting’s sense of discontent eased a bit.

    It wasn’t just because of the movie. He couldn’t help but wonder if Shen Li had also harbored an unrequited love for that boy in the past. Thinking about how Shen Li had once worked so hard to love someone made his heart feel heavy.

    He sighed inwardly and kissed Shen Li on the corner of his lips. “Thank you for liking me.”

    The sudden change in topic left Shen Li momentarily confused. “Hmm?”

    “Unrequited and one-sided love are both so exhausting,” Lu Changting said. “Thank you for liking me.”

    Shen Li chuckled softly. “I should be the one thanking you.”

    He said, “Thank you for liking me. Thank you for being willing to be with me.”

    Lu Changting smiled, lifted him up, and carried him into the room. “Then we should do something that both of us enjoy.”

    There were many good days in the summer. The next morning, when they went out, the weather was clear and bright, with gentle breezes and warm sunlight.

    Shen Li wore a simple, plain white T-shirt and light-colored jeans, the fresh woody scent he carried spreading in the wind with a hint of boldness.

    Lu Changting also wore a white T-shirt and black casual pants. The two of them looked very much like a couple in matching outfits, and their striking looks inevitably drew the attention of passersby. When those onlookers saw them holding hands, their expressions turned various shades of curious.

    After getting their tickets checked and entering the amusement park, Lu Changting grabbed a park map and asked Shen Li what he wanted to do.

    Shen Li glanced at the map. The amusement park was circular, with an artificial lake in the center featuring leisurely boat rides and a haunted house. Various other attractions were scattered along the paths surrounding the lake.

    To the right of the entrance was an indoor fun city with activities like ring toss, archery, claw machines, and trampolines. These were likely to be popular with children and young girls, but Shen Li had little interest in them. He pointed to the nearest attraction from the fun city: “The roller coaster.”

    “Okay.” Lu Changting folded the map and put it away, then took Shen Li’s hand and led him towards the fun city.

    Inside the fun city, in addition to various small attractions, there were also some stalls selling items. Many couples were selecting balloons and small trinkets. Lu Changting noticed many girls wearing fluffy animal ears and horns, which he found amusing. He turned to Shen Li and asked, “How about I get you one too?”

    “What?” Shen Li followed Lu Changting’s gaze and saw his eyes light up with interest, as if he’d found an amusing toy. He couldn’t bring himself to say no. “…Buy it then.”

    Lu Changting took his hand and led him over, choosing a headband with little red devil horns. After paying, Shen Li fiddled with the headband for a moment, feeling too embarrassed to wear it himself. So he placed it on Lu Changting’s head, patted it, and said with satisfaction, “So cute.”

    “I bought it for you,” Lu Changting said, reaching up to take it off.

    “Let’s go,” Shen Li said, stifling a laugh. He held Lu Changting’s wrist and half-pushed, half-embraced him forward.

    There weren’t many people in line for the roller coaster. After waiting just a few minutes, it was their turn. They sat down, secured their safety restraints, and Lu Changting checked Shen Li’s seatbelt before sitting upright.

    As the roller coaster slowly started and ascended to its highest point, they could overlook the entire amusement park. During the descent, Shen Li tightened his grip on Lu Changting’s hand, and Lu Changting squeezed back firmly.

    Surrounded by cheers and screams, Shen Li initially tried to hold back but eventually got caught up in the excitement. He shouted, “Changting!”

    Lu Changting responded loudly, “I’m here.”

    After getting off the roller coaster, Shen Li reached out to straighten Lu Changting’s windblown hair and readjusted the headband for him. His eyes were bright and clear, brimming with joy.

    “Are you that happy?” Lu Changting asked, smiling as he tidied Shen Li’s hair.

    Shen Li pulled him towards the next attraction. “Being with you makes everything enjoyable.”

    They continued to enjoy various rides: the drop tower, flying swings, go-karts, bumper cars, and the log flume…

    After the log flume ride, even though they wore raincoats, their clothes still got a bit wet. It was about lunchtime, so they decided to take a break from the rides and head to the aquarium-themed restaurant for a meal.

    Lu Changting took a tissue and wiped away the water droplets from Shen Li’s cheeks and neck. At the neighboring table sat two young girls who occasionally stole glances at them, whispering among themselves.

    Both of them were accustomed to being scrutinized and talked about, so they didn’t pay it much mind. They ordered their food and drinks. Shen Li looked at several extra photos on his phone and chose one of Lu Changting’s silhouette to post on his social media.

    With the little devil headband on.

    Lu Changting leaned in to look at Shen Li’s phone screen. They were close together, heads bowed, and didn’t notice the girls at the neighboring table discreetly raising their own phones.

    “I got it, did you get it?”

    “My hand shook…”

    “They both look so handsome, their charisma can’t be hidden even if the picture’s blurry.”

    “The guy with the headband is too cute, how can someone be so… both handsome and cute!”

    “Other people’s boyfriends never disappoint.”

    Shen Li seemed to sense something and looked up, catching sight of the covertly taken photos.

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