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    He smiled somewhat helplessly, his handsome brows and eyes carrying a smile, captured in the girl’s phone.

    “Ah, I’ve been caught…” The girl who had been secretly taking photos lowered her head in embarrassment, her face slightly red.

    “He even smiled! Who could resist that…”

    The girl sitting next to her quickly lowered her head as well, not daring to look at Shen Li and his friends anymore.

    “What’s up?” Lu Changting asked him.

    Shen Li didn’t expose the girl at the neighboring table who was secretly taking photos of them, he just said, “I want to ask the girl at the neighboring table to help us take a group photo.”

    Lu Changting smiled, “I’ll go ask them.”

    “…The guy with the headband is coming over.”

    The girl at the next table glanced up quickly and then immediately looked down again. Seeing Lu Changting get up, she froze in place, “What do we do? Are they going to ask us to delete the photos? Wuwuwu.”

    “Hello.” With just a few steps between the tables, Lu Changting was in front of them in no time. He stood politely and asked, “Could you please help us take a group photo?”

    “Ah?” The girl who had been secretly taking photos was still a bit stunned. She paused for a moment, then quickly nodded, “Sure, of course.”

    Lu Changting handed his phone to her, “Thank you.”

    Holding the phone, she met the clear, smiling eyes through the lens, her face heating up and her hands shaking slightly.

    She hurriedly pressed the shutter button several times, checked the photos to make sure they weren’t blurry, and quickly handed the phone back, “All done.”

    Lu Changting took the phone, glanced at the photos, and thanked her again.

    “Mm, you’re welcome.” She pinched the hem of her clothes, hesitated, and asked, “Excuse me, are you two a couple?”

    Lu Changting raised his eyebrows and asked in return, “Don’t we look like one?”

    “Yes, you do.” Seeing that they didn’t seem offended, the girl felt relieved. “That’s wonderful.”

    She said softly, “Blessings to you both.”

    Hearing the kind words, Lu Changting smiled.

    Shen Li also smiled and, mimicking her tone, said, “Thank you.”

    The girl blushed deeply this time and returned to her table with her head down.

    After eating and resting for a while, Shen Li and Lu Changting rented a small boat and leisurely cruised around the lake, enjoying the scenery.

    Feeling a bit tired from their fun, Shen Li leaned on Lu Changting’s shoulder and played on his phone. He probably saw something on his Moments because a message from Jiang Chifeng popped up on WeChat.

    Jiang Chifeng asked, “Did you guys go to the amusement park?”

    Shen Li slowly typed back, “Mm.”

    Jiang Chifeng replied instantly, “Lu Changting looks quite cute with the little devil headband, hahaha.”

    Shen Li curved his lips into a smile, “I think it’s very cute too.”

    Jiang Chifeng then asked, “Did you guys go to the haunted house?”

    Shen Li glanced at the haunted house not far away and typed back, “Not yet. We’re on a small boat right now. We’re planning to go later.”

    Jiang Chifeng: “Friendly reminder, when you go to the haunted house, make sure to keep a close eye on your man.”

    Shen Li was a bit puzzled and replied with a question mark.

    Thinking about his experience in the haunted house with Wei Wenxing last time, Jiang Chifeng felt a bit annoyed, “There are all kinds of ghosts in a haunted house, including lecherous ones.”

    The staff mingled with the scenery, not only scaring people by pretending to be ghosts but also taking advantage of the good-looking men by touching and hugging them.

    When he was grabbed by a female ghost, he was completely stunned. It was the height of summer, and the haunted house had the air conditioning on low. The female ghost’s hands were icy cold, sending chills through him. It took a lot of effort to shake her off, only to turn around and see another female ghost hugging Wei Wenxing, which made him so angry he almost lashed out.

    After hearing this from Jiang Chifeng, Shen Li immediately lost his interest in going to the haunted house.

    Lu Changting glanced at the WeChat chat window, saw that he was chatting with Jiang Chifeng, and felt a bit displeased. He spoke up to make his presence known, “What are you talking about?”

    “Jiang Chifeng said there are lecherous ghosts in the haunted house.”

    Before Shen Li could ask if they could skip the haunted house, Lu Changting frowned and said, “Then we won’t go to the haunted house. You’re so good-looking; what if a lecherous ghost takes advantage of you?”

    Shen Li couldn’t help but laugh softly, “You’re good-looking too. Aren’t you afraid of the lecherous ghosts taking advantage of you?”

    “That’s not acceptable either,” Lu Changting said seriously. “Only you can take advantage of me.”

    “Then we won’t go,” Shen Li replied to Jiang Chifeng, then put his phone away. “We’ll go on the cable car later, then the Ferris wheel, and after wandering around a bit, we can head back.”

    “Okay,” Lu Changting agreed without objection. “We’ll do what you say.”

    The warm afternoon sunlight made them a bit sleepy. They took a nap on the boat, spending over an hour there, waiting until the hottest part of the day was over. Then they left the lake and headed for the cable car.

    The cable car was built on a high tower by the lake, and there was a long line of people waiting. The two chatted as they waited, making the time pass quickly.

    They chose a cable car without a door, just a railing. When they first got on, the cable car swayed slightly but soon stabilized. The view from the cable car was beautiful: green trees and clear water, vibrant flowers, and sunlight reflecting off the lake, creating a shimmering effect. They could even see a few birds perched on the tree branches.

    A breeze blew past, and Shen Li squinted his eyes in contentment.

    He was genuinely happy, his long legs swinging unconsciously. He looked left and right, pointing out a sparrow on a power line to Lu Changting.

    Lu Changting, seeing the joy in Shen Li’s eyes, couldn’t help but smile along with him.

    “You’re really easy to please, Shen Xiaoli, always so happy no matter what we’re doing.”

    The love he had suppressed and restrained for so many years could now be expressed freely, and his whole heart was directed towards Lu Changting. Being with him made everything naturally joyous.

    Shen Li touched the little devil horns on Lu Changting’s head, knowing he was a bit carried away, but he didn’t want to hold back: “This is my first relationship, and my first time at an amusement park, so everything feels wonderful.”

    He said, “I’m happy even while waiting in line, happy basking in the sun, happy doing anything.”

    “I used to think that spending an hour or two in line just to enjoy a ride for a few minutes was pointless,” Lu Changting said. “But now I realize, it’s never the waiting or the ride that’s pointless, but the person you’re with.”

    He paused, his eyes filled with gentle joy, “Being with you makes me very happy too.”

    After getting off the cable car, they joined the line for the Ferris wheel.

    Most of the people in the queue were couples, though some were friends. In the long line, everyone was chatting or playing on their phones to pass the time. No one seemed to mind him and Lu Changting, likely because the crowd was mostly young people who were more accepting.

    Shen Li noticed two boys dressed as students. He thought he might be imagining things, but then one of the taller boys saw him holding hands with Lu Changting, and he took his companion’s hand and smiled at Shen Li.

    Shen Li smiled back and then looked away.

    He thought, the world needs more colors. Love is free, and so are they.

    After waiting in line for over an hour, it was finally their turn.

    The evening sky was adorned with beautiful clouds, layering and floating, painting the lake with their hues. Shen Li leaned on Lu Changting’s shoulder, smelling the salty sweat on the man. Through the window, he saw the river glowing orange and the sky filled with sunset hues. Though tired from a day of fun, he felt a deep sense of peace.

    As the Ferris wheel slowly reached its highest point, Lu Changting turned to look at him, feeling a bit nervous for some reason, “Should we kiss now?”

    “Superstitious,” Shen Li said with a smile in his eyes. His handsome face was tinted by the sunset glow, and with a tender look, he leaned in to kiss him.

    Legend has it that if a couple kisses at the highest point of a Ferris wheel, they will love each other for a lifetime.

    A soft kiss landed on his lips, and his lover’s whisper stayed at the top of the Ferris wheel: “Then, I’ll entrust my whole life to you.”

    After getting off the Ferris wheel, Shen Li’s face was a bit red.

    Lu Changting, holding his hand, led him back to Fun City. He bought him a black devil headband, strange masks, plush toys, and cotton candy—almost everything they saw.

    Shen Li was holding a bunch of things. When he saw Lu Changting buying all the balloons from a girl selling them, he couldn’t help but laugh, “We’re going home soon, why are you still buying these?”

    “If others have them, you should have them too.” Lu Changting tied all the balloons together and left a short length of string, which he tied seriously around Shen Li’s wrist. Feeling the red string that Shen Li always wore, he casually asked, “Who gave you this red string?”

    “I got it at the Yue Lao Temple,” Shen Li said with a helpless tone, worried that Lu Changting would keep buying things if he didn’t say something. “I’m tired. Let’s go home.”

    Lu Changting took all the things Shen Li was holding so he could eat the cotton candy, “When we have time, we’ll go to the Yue Lao Temple.”

    Lu Changting said, “I’ll get one too.”

    Shen Li handed the cotton candy to him to hold, then untied the knot of the red string, “Give me your hand.”

    Lu Changting extended his hand and watched as Shen Li tied the red string around his wrist. His heart felt like it was filled with countless chocolates, sweet and meltingly soft.

    “Tying my red string means you’re mine,” Shen Li said, looking up at him with a seriousness that made Lu Changting’s heart skip a beat.

    “I’ve been yours for a long time.” He held Shen Li’s hand, interlocking their fingers, “Do you think I would deny it?”

    “I won’t deny it,” Shen Li said softly, “I worked so hard to get it. How could I deny it?”

    Lu Changting looked at the red string on his wrist and smiled, “Let’s go home.”

    Author’s Note:

    How can a domineering CEO buy just one balloon? Of course, he has to buy them all.

    Lu Changting’s habit of splurging whenever he’s happy is something that can’t be changed.

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