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    This is the final side story I’ll be translating. There are other side stories/AUs but I’m not too keen on working on those. If you want to read those, head here RAW for more. Thank you so much for reading until here!

    At one o’clock, Shen Li, starving and with a rumbling stomach, finally got out of bed. Naturally, lunch was another takeout from “Wang Jiang Lou,” a table full of delicious and visually appealing dishes, which managed to momentarily distract Shen Li from the somewhat absurd scene between them earlier in the day.

    After lunch, Lu Changting cleaned up the table and trash while Shen Li returned to the bedroom and lay on the bed, unwilling to move.

    Until now, Lu Changting hadn’t mentioned any plans for the day, and Shen Li didn’t ask. He felt that having Lu Changting skip work to accompany him for the entire day was already a wonderful birthday gift, and there was no need for a special outing or any other celebration.

    However, when he saw Lu Changting bringing in several gift boxes from somewhere, Shen Li’s eyes were still full of anticipation.

    Lu Changting smiled and placed the boxes on the bed in front of him. “Open your presents, Mr. Shen.”

    The gift boxes were of various sizes, scattered on the bed. Shen Li felt like he was nestled in a pile of gifts and didn’t know which one to open first. He reached out and touched the ribbon on one of the boxes, choosing to open the nearest one.

    It was a box full of heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in silver foil. In the center was a black sapphire round-faced watch with a black alligator leather strap, making it seem like the brilliance of the moon and stars were captured within the watch face, dazzling and bright.

    Shen Li looked up at him. “Did you make these chocolates yourself?”

    “They didn’t turn out well,” Lu Changting said, taking out the watch and helping Shen Li put it on his left wrist. “It’s just a token of my affection.”

    Shen Li wasn’t used to wearing watches, but his eyes still showed some delight. “This watch… it’s too expensive.”

    “It’s nothing valuable,” Lu Changting said, holding his hand, feeling proud of his choice. “It looks great on you, as I expected. As long as you like it.”

    Shen Li had said similar words before when he gave chocolates, which were indeed inexpensive. But now, Lu Changting’s gift was far too valuable.

    Seemingly guessing his thoughts, Lu Changting raised an eyebrow and said, “I’ve already given myself to you. Can anything be more precious than that?”

    Shen Li was amused, holding his hand and leaning in for a kiss. “You’re the most precious, a priceless treasure.”

    Shen Li began opening the other presents. The boxes, of varying sizes, contained a bespoke suit, tie, cufflinks, shirt, coat, trousers, shoes… and a ticket to a concert.

    “My parents love opera, and I love concerts, but they rarely took me to concerts. Most of the time, I went alone. During my years abroad, I always went alone,” Lu Changting said. “Now, I want to invite you to a concert. Will you come with me?”

    Shen Li looked at him quietly for a moment, his eyes gentle. “You can invite me to many concerts.”

    The concert started at 7 PM. In the cold winter night, Shen Li, wrapped in a down jacket, leaned on Lu Changting’s shoulder in the car, playing on his phone. His face was slightly flushed from the car heater. When the car stopped at the theater entrance, he took off his jacket to get out, still with a faint blush on his face, and his hands were warm from being covered. Lu Changting held his hand, feeling like he was holding a small stove, the warmth spreading from their clasped hands to his heart.

    As they entered and took their seats, Shen Li felt like both the staff and audience were subtly observing him. However, he and Lu Changting were used to being in the spotlight, so he didn’t think much of it.

    Their seats were in the front row, center, very close to the stage. After sitting down, Lu Changting said he needed to use the restroom, and Shen Li, setting his phone to silent, quietly waited for his return.

    In the second row on the aisle sat two young women, both wearing masks, showing only their beautiful smiling eyes. One girl held a bouquet of vibrant roses, looking like a planned flower-presenting audience member.

    After a while, the theater lights dimmed, but Lu Changting hadn’t returned. Shen Li glanced towards the aisle and noticed some audience members holding star-shaped light sticks, finding it odd.

    But the concert was about to start, and it wasn’t appropriate to chat, so he suppressed his curiosity and looked towards the stage.

    Without an announcement, the lights in the concert hall suddenly went out. Startled, Shen Li reached for his phone, but the audience remained calm, not making a sound. The hall was completely silent. Shen Li put down his phone, thinking this must be a concert thing he wasn’t aware of.

    Footsteps sounded, unhurriedly walking onto the stage. Then a spotlight illuminated the piano player’s position on the stage.

    The man, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit with exquisite black sapphire cufflinks reflecting bits of light, had such a handsome profile that Shen Li couldn’t take his eyes off him. It was as if everything in the concert hall was isolated, leaving only the man on stage. His heart raced erratically.

    Touching the black sapphire on his suit, the first note played, slowly connecting familiar melodies that echoed through the hall.

    Shen Li slowly smiled, his eyes full of warmth, looking at the person playing the piano on stage. His heart melted into spring water, leaping joyfully towards someone named Lu Changting.

    It was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations.”

    Once, Lu Changting sat on stage, playing for the whole school.

    Now, Lu Changting sat at the piano, the audience full, and the music played just for him.

    Unconsciously, Shen Li’s eyes turned red. As the last variation’s melody played, the stage lights gradually brightened, and warm orange lights illuminated the audience. Stars were held in the hands of the spectators, and as Shen Li looked back, his eyes were filled with brilliance.

    The young girl sitting in the aisle took off her mask, revealing a charming face. With the music becoming gentle and soft, she stood up, walked over to him with the roses, and said, “Happy birthday, Brother Shen.”

    Shen Li was momentarily stunned, then took the flowers from Lu Changyin’s hands and walked onto the stage with the gentle music.

    He walked unhurriedly, stepping through the lights on the stage, until he reached Lu Changting.

    As the last note fell, Shen Li, holding the roses, kissed Lu Changting amidst the audience’s chorus of “Happy Birthday.”

    “Happy birthday.” As the lingering kiss ended, Lu Changting leaned his forehead against Shen Li’s, chuckling softly, “The wish is cliché, but it must be said: I wish my little Shen peace and happiness, and a life of only sweetness, no bitterness.”

    Du Heng, sitting in the back row, was too far from the stage to see Shen Li’s expression, only the two of them embracing. But he thought, Shen Li must be very happy. Twelve years of secret love in exchange for Lu Changting’s sincere heart was worth it.

    He looked down at the star in his hand and smiled silently.

    Jiang Chifeng, leaning on Wei Wenxing’s shoulder, turned away, not pleased, and pouted, “Lu Changting is so cliché.”

    But there was clearly a smile in his eyes as well.

    @I’mJealous: The love of the wealthy really makes me sour. Our boss gave us a raise to be concert audience members for his boyfriend’s birthday. The boss played the piano on stage while we held star-shaped glow sticks. I’m really too sour.


    “Am I reading a story on Weibo?”

    “Aren’t these pictures from a concert?”

    “The picture quality is so bad, low rating!”

    “Share some of that lemon with me, I’m jealous too.”

    “This is too much like a drama.”

    “I guess the poster and I are from the same company, breaking rules to take photos. Front row high-definition shots, hehe [Image].”

    “Wow, those looks!”

    “I need all the details about your boss within three minutes!”

    “I can’t help but smile like an auntie.”

    “I want to push their heads together for a vow ceremony!”

    “Which company’s boss is this? Can I still switch jobs?”

    “Poster, does your company have any openings? I don’t have any skills but I’m a dreamer.”

    “I’m shipping this couple! This is true love!”

    “Did he rent out the entire theater for love? Money really can do anything.”

    “Sister, I’m here. I sat right next to the gentleman. Don’t be too jealous, my hands were shaking so much from excitement that the photos are blurry… [Image]”

    “Why does it feel like this group has taken over Weibo?”

    “Is this the CEO of the Lu Group? Looks familiar… (Our magazine interviewed Mr. Lu recently, and we heard that his relationship with his husband is particularly good. I’m so jealous.)”

    “The Lu Group must have its moment tonight.”

    “The lady sitting next to the gentleman, you’ve had enough! Those of us in the back row are envious to tears. The CEO made everyone sit in the back row because he knows the gentleman, but all of Lu’s friends are also sitting in the back row. I’ve reluctantly found some mental balance.”

    “What kind of idol drama is this? Did the domineering CEO fall in love with me? This is too sweet.”

    “That’s Mr. Shen from ‘Gujiu’! Mr. Shen is truly a conscience in the industry, handsome as well. I regret being born female!!!!”

    “Talented and handsome, I’m going to move the Civil Affairs Bureau over here.”

    “I heard Mr. Shen and Mr. Lu are trending! I’m going to do the fish-flop and pay for the bet right away!!!”

    “I’ve been shipping them for so long! I hang out in bars every day just to watch Mr. Lu and Mr. Shen fall in love!”

    “Sitting next to the goddess Changyin, I just smile and say nothing. [Image]”

    “Is this the Lu Group I’m thinking of?”

    “The girl who hangs out in bars upstairs is too rich and idle. I’m jealous to tears.”

    “Hahaha, I’m laughing so hard. Changyin and Changge can sit in the second row and even go to give flowers, while Lu’s brother can only sit meekly in the last row. Lu’s little sister is truly in control.”

    “Yes, it’s the Lu you’re thinking of.”

    “Brother: I don’t deserve to have a name.”

    “Is it necessary to make such a big deal out of a birthday? Do they have too much money to spend?”

    “Um… isn’t this too high-profile? Making employees act as audience members, and casually raising their salaries? Isn’t that unfair to those who didn’t go?”

    “In ancient times, that would be a typical tyrant.”

    “Fujo girls are having a moment again.”

    “It’s getting chilly, is the Lu Group going bankrupt?”

    “What were you haters doing while our CEO was working overtime every day?”

    “It’s voluntary, and the money for the raise doesn’t come from the company’s accounts, it’s Mr. Lu’s own money given to us as a bonus. He also paid for the theater himself. Is Mr. Lu spending his own money to celebrate his boyfriend’s birthday bothering you?”

    “Spending his own money, let the broke haters say what they want.”

    “We’re getting red packets and free concerts to attend. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot by being there.”

    “Sorry, but our profits increased by six percentage points last quarter. Under the leadership of our selfless Mr. Lu, the group is thriving. Bankruptcy is out of the question, but maybe the next project will be developed in your city.”

    “Jealousy makes me eat lemons.”

    “Mr. Lu is really something.”

    “Please get married right away, I’ve already prepared the betrothal gifts!”

    “Mr. Lu has been wearing rings for months, never taking them off. Every time he has a meeting, it’s an attack. The gentleman brings him a lovingly made lunchbox every few days, another attack. Mr. Lu works overtime and the gentleman comes to pick him up, another attack. I’m being fed their dog food arrangement every day.”

    “The girl upstairs is clearly from the CEO’s office, hahaha.”

    “Stop it, if you keep going, Assistant Wan will cry for you in minutes.”

    “Hahaha, you devils, why cue Assistant Wan?”

    “It sounds like Mr. Lu is more like the one eating soft rice!”

    “What kind of immortal love is this!”

    “A live eating-lemons session.”

    “Mr. Lu: Soft rice is really delicious, and my boyfriend is handsome. You can’t envy that.”

    @UnwaveringDayAndNight: It’s truly an immortal love. I heard the piece Mr. Lu played was from a high school New Year’s Eve concert. He arranged for us to hold stars because his boyfriend once gave him a jar of stars. The roses were hand-folded by Mr. Lu himself, and he planted a flower garden at their old house. Shall I tell you more? Come on, let’s all eat lemons together.”

    拥有姓名: Literally “to have a name”, this phrase is used metaphorically to mean “to have one’s moment” or “to be recognized”.

    热搜 (rè sōu): Short for “热门搜索 (rèmén sōusuǒ)”, meaning “hot search”, refers to trending topics on social media.

    吃软饭 (chī ruǎn fàn): Literally “to eat soft rice”, slang for a man who lives off a woman’s earnings or relies on his partner’s financial support.

    实锤 (shí chuí): “Solid evidence”, often used in internet slang to describe incontrovertible proof or evidence.

    搬来 (bān lái): Literally “to move over”, here refers to moving the Civil Affairs Bureau to facilitate marriage arrangements.

    包份子钱 (bāo fènzi qián): “To pay betrothal gifts”, in traditional Chinese weddings, the groom traditionally pays a bride price, known as “份子钱 (fènzi qián)”.

    吃柠檬 (chī níngméng): “Eating lemons” is a metaphor for feeling sour or jealous.

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