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    Shen Li went home and packed a few changes of clothes, grabbed a charger, and his gaze fell on a pile of cat figurines on the bedside table. In the end, he decided not to take them, just thought about it, and sprayed on his own perfume instead.

    It would be too troublesome to bring toiletries back and forth, so it was better to buy new ones. With his own belongings, he could occasionally stay over at Lu Changting’s place in the future.

    There was a large 24-hour supermarket near his home. Shen Li and Lu Changting browsed through the shelves of daily necessities, buying items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, cups, towels, and some nuts and snacks.

    There were quite a few people waiting in line at the checkout. Lu Changting pushed the shopping cart in front, while Shen Li stood by his side, his gaze falling on the shelves nearby.

    Lu Changting glanced at him and followed his gaze, noticing his slightly deepening eyes when he saw what he was looking at.

    After staring for a while, Shen Li seemed a bit hesitant, furrowing his brow lightly. “Which one do you think is better?”

    “…I don’t know.” Lu Changting’s face flushed slightly. Although he didn’t have any ulterior motives in inviting Shen Li to stay overnight at his house, seeing his lover take the initiative like this couldn’t help but stir something in him. “Why not buy both and try them out?”

    Shen Li glared at him, grabbed a box of Jissbon Zero, and tossed it into the shopping cart, his ears tinged with a faint blush.

    “Isn’t that enough?” Lu Changting lowered his voice. “Take a few more boxes.”

    While speaking, he grabbed a few more boxes and threw them into the cart, deliberately selecting different brands, suggesting they try them all out.

    “Oh, there are two gay guys in front…”

    “That’s so disgusting.”

    “No shame at all.”

    “What a pity, they’re so good-looking, but they’re gay.”


    After completing the payment and leaving the supermarket, Shen Li could still hear the low murmurs of people behind them, apparently gossiping about them.

    Two grown men buying these kinds of things, even a blind person could see what their relationship was… He sighed inwardly. Society may be hostile towards them, but ultimately, they love each other. Spending money to buy goods isn’t wrong.

    Lu Changting’s complexion wasn’t quite good, but when he turned his head and met Shen Li’s slightly worried gaze, he smiled again. “Idle talk is harmful; it can corrode one’s bones. Fortunately, you’re by my side.”

    Shen Li squeezed his hand. “I’m sorry… for making you endure all of this.”

    “So, I can only stand with you, be criticized together, be slandered together,” he paused, then added softly, “be blessed together.”

    Lu Changting looked at him and smiled. “Let’s go home.”

    When they arrived at Fengchun Villa, it was nearly eleven o’clock. Shen Li took a shower first, then dried his hair while visiting Lu Changting’s room.

    The entire villa leaned towards a Chinese-style decor, and Lu Changting’s room was even more classical, with intricately carved sliding wooden doors separating a small living area. Low tables and cushions were spread out, and the walls were adorned with landscape paintings, exuding an elegance that didn’t quite match Lu Changting’s personality.

    However, Shen Li quite liked this serene and elegant style; it had a calming effect.

    There wasn’t much in Lu Changting’s room, the furnishings were simple, probably because the owner hadn’t lived there for too long, so there wasn’t much of a lived-in feel.

    Shen Li placed his perfume on Lu Changting’s bedside table, took hangers from the wardrobe, shifted Lu Changting’s clothes slightly to make room for his own, hung his clothes, and finally plugged in his phone charger. Then he sat down and used the hairdryer to dry his hair.

    Lu Changting came out of the shower and saw Shen Li sitting on his bed, his gaze instantly softened.

    He walked over, picked up the hairdryer from the bedside table, sat down casually, and switched it on to blow-dry his hair.

    After drying his hair, Lu Changting put the hairdryer away and glanced at the bedside table where Shen Li had placed a bottle of perfume. Suddenly, he remembered something. “Right, there’s something.”

    He opened the bottom drawer of the bedside table and took out a wooden box.

    The moment Shen Li saw the box, his heart skipped a beat.

    “I don’t know who gave this.” Lu Changting opened the box, revealing a set of ceramic cat figurines lying quietly inside, each with its own unique shape, but identical to the set Shen Li had on his bedside table.

    “It seems like I received it as a birthday gift when I was eighteen,” Lu Changting recalled, “someone left it on my desk.”

    That day, he hadn’t paid much attention to the cat figurines on Shen Li’s bedside table. It was only later that he found them somewhat familiar. So, he went home and searched for them, finding this wooden box on the top shelf of his bookcase, remembering he had received such a gift.

    “You seem to really like cats.” He took out the cat figurines one by one and placed them on the bedside table. “Let’s make do with playing with them for now. We can get a real one in the future.”

    Seeing the ceramic cats, which had been well preserved in the wooden box for so long, Shen Li’s heart felt sour.

    Twelve years.

    They were finally taken out from the dark wooden box.

    He reached out and touched one of the cats, lying on its back, revealing its white belly, and asked softly, “Do you like them?”

    “Cats?” Lu Changting said, “I used to quite like them.”

    “There were many stray cats at school before. Sometimes I would feed them,” Lu Changting’s eyes carried a nostalgic expression, “There was a little tabby cat. It seemed to have grown accustomed to being fed by me. I don’t know how it managed to sneak into my classroom one day. When I found it, the bell for class had already rung, so I had to hide it in my desk.”

    “It was very well-behaved and didn’t make a sound throughout the entire class.”

    Lu Changting paused there.

    Shen Li asked, “What happened next?”

    Lu Changting’s tone was calm, “I brought it home, but it ran away the next day.”

    Perhaps it couldn’t adapt to domestication, or maybe it was used to freedom, reluctant to be kept by someone. So, it ran away. Lu Changting searched for it for a long time but never found it again, nor did he see it at school.

    Since then, he hadn’t shown much love for animals, nurturing affection only to end up empty-handed, feeling sorrowful about it.

    “Then let’s not have a cat,” Shen Li reached out his hand to him, saying, “You can take care of me instead. I won’t run away.”

    Lu Changting, who had been feeling somewhat down about the little tabby cat, was instantly cheered up by his words. He held Shen Li’s hand, leaning in to kiss him.

    “You’re just too cute.”

    Who needs a cat when Shen Li is much cuter and more obedient?

    Shen Li leaned against his shoulder, tilting his head up to deepen the kiss.

    He obediently lay down on the bed, lightly kissing his lover’s lips, their wet tongues intertwining. Lu Changting’s calloused fingertips wandered restlessly from his waist, caressing his spine.

    Tiny, warm kisses trailed from his lips, down his throat, landing on his neck, eliciting a gentle tingling sensation.

    Shen Li breathed softly, a hint of spring in the corners of his eyes.

    The discarded clothes were thrown aside, scattered on the floor.

    Lu Changting looked at Shen Li as if admiring a piece of art, his gaze carefully examining him from collarbone to the slight protrusion of his chest, then down to the tight abdominal muscles, finally resting hotly on the bulge beneath him.

    Shen Li was also looking at him.

    Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath, his strong muscles, his erect member… just looking at him was overwhelming. Their gazes collided, and the fire of desire burned their bodies hot and feverish.

    He licked his lips, trembling slightly as he undid his own belt.

    Watching Shen Li’s movements, Lu Changting somehow thought of the striptease his friends used to joke about. He had never seen one himself, but he felt that the women they described, with their supple waists and soft bodies, couldn’t compare to Shen Li, who was now undressing before him.

    Shen Li’s skin was very fair, his legs long and straight, his erect member clean in color. Lu Changting’s throat rolled as he reached out to grip it, stroking it a few times, then lowered his head, gently taking it into his mouth.

    The sensation of his member enveloped by the wet warmth of lips and tongue momentarily blanked Shen Li’s mind. Leaning on his elbow by the bedside, he looked at Lu Changting in disbelief.

    “Don’t… Mm…” The slightly awkward licking and the stroking at the base by the person he had admired for many years made Shen Li unable to bear it, and he closed his eyes, his body trembling with excitement, his breath turning into fragmented gasps and soft moans.

    “Changting… Please don’t.”

    Shen Li bent his legs, trying to push Lu Changting away.

    Lu Changting lifted his head, his face slightly flushed, sweat beading on his temples. Clearly inexperienced in such matters, he asked somewhat awkwardly, “Did I hurt you?”

    “No, it doesn’t hurt…” Shen Li didn’t know what to do either, so he reached out to wipe the sweat from his forehead, propped himself up, leaned over, and kissed him.

    “Then are you just shy?” Lu Changting licked his lips, his soft, hot tongue intertwining and rubbing against Shen Li’s, his hand never stopping its movements, gripping his member and stroking it up and down.

    Compared to the poor technique of oral sex, Lu Changting’s kissing skills and hand movements were obviously much better. Shen Li was almost breathless from the kiss, completely immersed in desire, feeling both comfortable and unbearable.


    Not just shy, but also the pursuit and admiration he had for Lu Changting over the past dozen years. Now, with this person bowing his head to do such things for him, how could he remain calm and restrained…

    Shen Li felt that all his sense of shame had been burned away by the fire of desire, and he just wanted to surrender to Lu Changting, to yield to his every whim.

    “That’s shyness for you.” Lu Changting chuckled softly, pouring a handful of lubricant onto his hand and tentatively touching his rear entrance.

    Tiny kisses landed on his neck and shoulders, as slender fingers slowly explored his rear entrance, sliding in with the lubricant, and started thrusting.

    Feeling a slight discomfort pass, Shen Li’s body was tickled by the fingers thrusting inside.

    “It’s so hot inside.” Lu Changting deliberately panted softly in his ear, inserting another finger gently yet forcefully into his body, “Mr. Shen, if it’s uncomfortable, you have to let me know.”

    He had endured a lot, his member swelling with pain, sweat rolling down his neck.

    “Mm… No…”

    Shen Li had been called Mr. Shen by many people, and had encountered deliberate teasing before, but when Lu Changting lowered his voice deliberately, coupled with his soft panting and burning breath, and whispered directly into his ear, it was incredibly provocative.

    His legs trembled slightly, his member hard and swollen, and when Lu Changting inserted another finger, he suddenly ejaculated.

    Lu Changting chuckled again. “Nothing?”

    After the climax came another wave of intoxicating desire. Shen Li’s eyes were flushed, his voice hoarse. “Nothing… nothing uncomfortable.”

    Lu Changting knowingly asked, “So that means it’s comfortable?”

    Shen Li tilted his head back slightly, unable to bear the low, soft sighs. “Mmm, comfortable…”

    Lu Changting reached for a box of condoms from the bedside, opened it casually, and slowly put it on his member. Then he spread Shen Li’s legs apart, poured some more lubricant, and gently inserted his fingers into the posterior, gently thrusting a few times.

    Even if it was hard to endure, he had to. He feared that Shen Li might get hurt.

    He couldn’t bear to see Shen Li get hurt.

    Shen Li gripped his member and positioned it at the entrance, “You… hmm, you can.”

    Lu Changting withdrew his finger and replaced it with his painfully hard member, slowly inching forward, thrusting in, filling up, completely possessing his lover.

    In the gentle yet forceful claiming, Shen Li bit down on his lower lip, only letting out a short, muffled groan at the moment of pain. Lu Changting stopped, gently wiping the sweat from his forehead, kissing his lips, his tone gentle, “Bite me if it hurts.”

    As he spoke, he offered his arm to Shen Li’s lips, letting him bite, “Tell me how much it hurts, hmm?”

    Shen Li couldn’t bear to bite him, only kissing his arm and murmuring hoarsely, “Not hurting.”

    “You little liar.” Lu Changting hugged him, waiting for him to adjust, the pain easing, before resuming his thrusts.

    The thick and hard member rammed into Shen Li’s body, and by the end, he couldn’t distinguish between pleasure and pain. He just felt unbearable discomfort, gripping his own member and jerking it wildly, wanting more.

    Only fragmented syllables came from his throat, not forming coherent sentences.

    “Call my name.” Lu Changting pressed against him, claiming him, still feeling unsatisfied. “Shen Li, call my name.”

    “…Changting.” Shen Li’s voice was hoarse as he clung to Lu Changting’s shoulder, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he called out again and again.


    “I’m here.” He smiled and responded, gently kissing him, but his movements became stronger with each thrust. “You’re so obedient.”

    After an intense session of lovemaking, it was late into the night.

    Until his lover fell asleep from exhaustion, Lu Changting still heard him murmuring softly.


    “I’m here.”

    He responded, finally feeling completely satisfied, holding his lover close, and drifting into a deep sleep.

    The next day, Shen Li woke up naturally. The curtains blocked out the bright daylight, leaving only a few slender rays of light casting shadows on the floor. The soreness all over his body made him reluctant to move, but being embraced, despite feeling a bit hot, he lay quietly, staring at Lu Changting’s sleeping face with sleepy eyes.

    As consciousness slowly returned, he reached out to touch the kiss marks on Lu Changting’s neck.

    Last night, he devoured Lu Changting.

    A smug curve couldn’t help but appear on his lips as he leaned in to kiss Lu Changting, whispering softly, “Good morning, Xiao Gege.”

    The room was very quiet, allowing him to hear his lover’s long and shallow breathing and heartbeat. He lay in Lu Changting’s arms, reached under the pillow for his phone, and took a few pictures of Lu Changting sleeping.

    The peacefully sleeping man had a handsome face, his closed eyes hiding those deep eyes, making him appear serene.

    After some time passed, Lu Changting’s long and dense eyelashes trembled slightly, and he opened his eyes, suddenly meeting a pair of clear eyes.

    Waking up to see his lover looking at him so seriously and attentively, Lu Changting couldn’t help but smile. His voice, just awakened, carried a hint of laziness, “What are you looking at?”

    Shen Li said seriously, “Looking at you.”

    Feeling a bit sluggish, Lu Changting closed his eyes again, hugged his arm tighter, and tightened his embrace, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

    “It’s fine.” There was a slight heaviness in his body, like the aftermath of intense exercise. Shen Li paused and said, “I’m just a little hungry.”

    Lu Changting reached for his phone from the bedside table and checked the time – 12:47.

    He dialed the number for Lu Changxu, asking in a low voice, “What do you want to eat?”

    “Anything is fine.” Shen Li sat up, preparing to get out of bed. “I’m not picky.”

    “Stay with me for a while longer.” Lu Changting leaned over, somewhat lazily resting his head on Shen Li’s abdomen, preventing him from getting up.

    When Lu Changxu answered the phone, he almost thought he had misread the caller ID.


    “Yeah.” Lu Changting responded lightly, “Order some takeout and have it sent to the villa.”

    He added nonchalantly, “For two people, with lighter dishes.”

    Lu Changting usually didn’t bother to place orders at the Jiangnan Lou restaurant. He always ordered directly by calling Lu Changxu and instructing him to have the takeout delivered. Lu Changxu wasn’t surprised, but hearing him say “for two people” in connection with the previous conversation, he couldn’t help but add, “Is Mr. Shen also there?”

    Lu Changting responded with a “yes.”

    Lu Changxu rubbed his stomach, feeling a bit stuffed from lunch, “Got it, Young Master.”

    Lu Changting smiled happily, “Thanks, Lu Dage.”

    Author’s Note:

    The Fengchun Villa was bought and decorated by Lu Changting’s parents, so the style doesn’t represent our Mr. Lu’s style.

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