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    After drinking for a while, Jiang Chifeng suddenly remembered something. “In a few days, there’s Chu Jinghong’s engagement party. You’re going, right?”

    “Mm.” Shen Li replied to a message from Du Heng and then put his phone away.

    “The Lu family and the Chu family are old friends,” Jiang Chifeng glanced at him and said earnestly, “Lu Changting’s parents will probably be there too.”

    Shen Li was stunned by this.

    Just a few days ago, Lu Changting had mentioned bringing him home to meet his parents. Although he had agreed, he thought he still had plenty of time to prepare himself mentally. Now, Jiang Chifeng was telling him that in just a few days, he might meet Lu Changting’s parents… It was too sudden.

    Seeing his reaction, Jiang Chifeng couldn’t help but frown. “What’s his family’s attitude?”

    “His parents know about me,” Shen Li said softly. “A few days ago, he even told me he wanted to take me home…”

    Jiang Chifeng raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised. “That’s pretty good.”

    He had been with Wei Wenxing for almost two years, and Wei Wenxing had never suggested introducing him to his parents. His family simply thought he was fooling around and neither questioned nor acknowledged his relationship with Wei Wenxing. Since his own family didn’t support him, how could he have the confidence or standing to seek approval from Wei Wenxing’s family?

    Although Shen Li and Lu Changting hadn’t been together for long, Lu Changting’s attitude clearly showed he was in it for the long haul. Watching them, Jiang Chifeng felt a bit envious.

    But thinking about Shen Li’s years of unspoken love, he sighed inwardly.

    There’s nothing to be envious about… In this world, everyone experiences their own snowstorms, each person having their own hidden and pure moments.

    “I’m a bit worried,” Shen Li sighed almost inaudibly. “Will his parents, and the Lu family, really accept me?”

    Lu Changting’s parents were open-minded, but with the elders of the Lu family still around, would they agree to Lu Changting being with a man?

    “Have you read too many melodramatic family dramas?” Jiang Chifeng tapped his head. “I can’t speak for others, but Madam Lu is gentle by nature, she definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

    “As for the Lu family, it’s indeed a big clan with complex relationships. But Lu Changting is now the head of the Lu Group. Just look at his actions over this period and you should know your man is decisive and capable. As long as he protects you, who would dare make things difficult for you?”

    Shen Li wasn’t entirely comforted by Jiang Chifeng, but he did agree with his praise of Lu Changting. “Of course, I trust him.”

    Jiang Chifeng didn’t want to deal with him anymore. He tilted his head back, downed the rest of his drink, and then knocked on the bar to signal Le An for a refill.

    With Wei Wenxing not at home, Jiang Chifeng was like a monkey reigning in the mountain without a tiger, drinking one glass after another. By the time Lu Changting came to pick up Shen Li after work, Jiang Chifeng was already drunk, leaning heavily against Shen Li’s shoulder, still trying to keep drinking with him.

    Lu Changting pulled him up with a stern face, but when he turned to Shen Li, whose eyes were slightly hazy from the alcohol, his anger dissipated instantly.

    “You’ve been drinking?”

    Shen Li smiled at him. “Had a few drinks.”

    Lu Changting raised an eyebrow, his gaze falling heavily on Jiang Chifeng. “What about him?”

    “He had many drinks.” Shen Li reached out, tugged on his sleeve, and hooked his little finger around Lu Changting’s, his tone a bit pleading. “He’s had too much. Let’s take him home first.”

    Lu Changting’s anger completely vanished as he helped Jiang Chifeng outside.

    Jiang Chifeng stumbled as he walked, his reactions dulled by the alcohol. The warm breeze hit him as they exited the bar, causing him to squint and finally recognize Lu Changting as the one supporting him.

    “Lu Changting, ah—” Jiang Chifeng drawled out his name, clumsily grabbing his tie, his tone slightly threatening. “You better treat Shen Li well.”

    He mumbled on, “He really likes you, really…”

    Jiang Chifeng hiccuped, paused, and then added, “He really, really likes you.”

    Lu Changting’s stern expression softened a bit.

    He settled Jiang Chifeng in the back seat, leaned in, and stared at the drunken Jiang Chifeng, speaking slowly and deliberately. “I really like him too, so you, stay away from him from now on.”

    Without waiting for a response, he shut the car door with a bang.

    Jiang Chifeng heard the car door slam and laughed slowly, muttering, “Jealous man.”

    He fumbled in his pocket for his phone, unlocked it with his fingerprint, and opened his pinned WeChat chat, sending a random message: “Someone was mean to me!”

    Wei Wenxing was probably busy, as he didn’t respond for a long time.

    Shen Li ignored him too. Once in the car, Shen Li’s eyes were only on Lu Changting, and Lu Changting’s eyes were only on Shen Li. Lu Changting even stopped by the roadside specifically to buy yogurt for Shen Li… Jiang Chifeng felt like he had turned into a lemon, green with envy.

    He leaned forward, reached for Shen Li’s seat, and asked him for some chocolate.

    He did it on purpose, even giving Lu Changting a provocative look.

    Shen Li casually took a piece of chocolate from the storage box in the car door and tried to hand it to him, but Lu Changting intercepted it halfway. “That’s mine.”

    Lu Changting glanced at Jiang Chifeng through the rearview mirror, his eyes cold.

    Jiang Chifeng felt that Lu Changting was deliberately targeting him. He started to miss Wei Wenxing and felt a bit wronged. Being drunk amplified all his emotions, so he began to act up: “Shen Xiaoli, I forbid you from making chocolate for him.”

    “What do you even like about him? Look at him, so petty…”

    Before he could finish, Shen Li turned around and covered his mouth. Jiang Chifeng blinked, completely unaware that he had let something slip in his drunken state.

    Shen Li grabbed another piece of chocolate from the storage box, unwrapped it, and stuffed it into Jiang Chifeng’s mouth, silencing his rambling.

    This time, Lu Changting didn’t stop him. He was pondering the meaning behind Jiang Chifeng’s words—why “make chocolate”? Wasn’t the chocolate something Shen Li bought?

    It wasn’t convenient to ask more in the car, so he decided to shelve the topic until they got home.

    Jiang Chifeng, having eaten the chocolate and realizing he had said something wrong, slumped his shoulders and didn’t dare make another sound.

    But he still felt wronged. Holding his phone, he reactivated the screen and typed another message.

    After finishing his social engagements and returning to the hotel, Wei Wenxing opened his phone to find two rather baffling new messages on WeChat.

    From his boyfriend.

    “Someone was mean to me!”

    “Wei Wenxing, when are you taking me home to meet your parents?”

    He called back.

    Jiang Chifeng had already made it home and was sprawled out on the bed like a sack of potatoes, reluctant to move, half-asleep. It took him a while to fumble and answer the ringing phone.

    “Who was mean to you?” The man’s tone was always like this, calm and unruffled, like still water.

    Just a slightly softer tone could convey warmth… Jiang Chifeng, frustrated, rolled over on the bed and called his name in a local accent.

    “Lu Changting was mean to me.” He complained to Wei Wenxing. “And Shen Li didn’t help me.”

    Wei Wenxing sighed. “You drank again.”

    Jiang Chifeng licked his lips, trying to explain, “I only drank a little.”

    Wei Wenxing was silent for a moment, clearly not believing him. After being together for so long, he knew exactly how Jiang Chifeng behaved when drunk.

    After a while, Jiang Chifeng softly called, “Hey,” as if to make sure the person on the other end was still there.

    Wei Wenxing responded, “I’m here.”

    “I think I said something wrong today.” Jiang Chifeng’s mind cleared up a bit, realizing he might have misspoken. He remembered Shen Li mentioning that back in high school, Shen Li had given Lu Changting chocolate… His thoughts were a bit jumbled. He rubbed his temples, thinking if revealing Shen Li’s twelve-year-long crush on Lu Changting because of a piece of chocolate was good or bad.

    Wei Wenxing, not knowing what had happened, asked, “What?”

    Jiang Chifeng didn’t know how to tell him about Shen Li and Lu Changting. It wasn’t his place to say, after all, it was Shen Li’s secret. His throat was dry and sore, so he got out of bed barefoot to get some water, casually changing the subject, “When are you coming back? I miss you a bit.”

    Wei Wenxing heard the gurgling sound of the water dispenser but not the sound of footsteps. He sighed, “Jiang Chifeng.”

    Hearing his full name sobered Jiang Chifeng up a bit more. “Yes?”

    “Put your shoes on.”

    “…Oh.” Jiang Chifeng obediently put on his slippers and stomped his feet on the ground for Wei Wenxing to hear, “I’ve put them on.”

    “Wait for me to come back,” Wei Wenxing said. “When I get back, I’ll take you to meet my parents.”

    Jiang Chifeng drank a cup of water and then asked, “Why didn’t you take me before?”

    There were many reasons.

    Thinking you were just playing around, thinking you might break up with me anytime, thinking we couldn’t last… Wei Wenxing knew better than anyone how hurtful these thoughts were.

    With the words stuck in his throat, unable to come out, Wei Wenxing sighed again, “It was my fault. I should have taken the initiative to bring you.”

    Jiang Chifeng snorted.

    Wei Wenxing laughed, a sound that seemed to echo right next to Jiang Chifeng’s ear, making his ears feel warm.

    Jiang Chifeng thought for a moment and then slowly said, “I’ll tell my family too, but they might… need some time.”

    “I know.” Wei Wenxing stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the streetlights winding away in the unfamiliar city. The feeling of longing flooded his heart. “It’s okay.”

    “Alright, I’m going to shower and sleep now.” Jiang Chifeng rubbed his ear, “You should sleep early too.”

    “Mm, good night.”

    Jiang Chifeng smiled. “Good night.”

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