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    Lu Changting had been busy for over a month before finally settling matters with the board of directors and meeting with the cooperating parties to sign contracts, officially launching the project.

    He gave a bonus to the key personnel responsible for the project, arranged related matters, and then began to think about his own vacation plans.

    Before the end of the workday, he finished signing several approval opinions while exchanging messages with Shen Li.

    Excitedly, Lu Changting wanted to go to the amusement park with Shen Li, but his considerate boyfriend insisted that with just two days off, he should spend one day resting at home to catch up on sleep.

    While the days of overtime felt fortunate to be able to sleep well, when it came to spending time with his boyfriend, sleeping seemed like a waste of time.

    He rubbed his temples and reluctantly agreed to rest at home tomorrow and go to the amusement park together the day after.

    As the office door was pushed open, a soft, smiling voice accompanied the sound of footsteps, “Brother Changting, I knew you hadn’t left work yet.”

    Even before seeing her, Lu Changting knew it was Lu Changyin.

    “How come you’re here?” He tidied up the documents on his desk, preparing to leave work.

    “I just came from Jia Shu’s company.” Although Lu Changyin had changed into casual clothes, wearing just a simple T-shirt and jeans, her makeup was still on, and her every expression exuded a lively charm. “I came to have dinner with you.”

    The Fu family dealt in jade and jewelry, with Lu Changyin as their spokesperson. She had just finished shooting an endorsement advertisement for their new product today. The two company buildings were separated by just one street, so she came over directly after finishing the shoot.

    “Let’s go.” Lu Changting tapped her forehead. “I happen to be free today.”

    In the car, Lu Changting asked her what she wanted to eat, and Lu Changyin said, “Let’s go for hotpot and invite Changge too.”

    She took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Lu Changge. After making plans with him, she remembered she also had a brother, so she opened the chat box with Lu Changxu.

    “I’ll ask my brother if he’s had dinner.”

    Lu Changting slowed down the car at the traffic light intersection and casually replied, “He went to the school to clean up the mess for Chang’an.”

    Lu Chang’an is a sophomore this year. His grades are poor, and he’s rebellious. With his parents busy with work, they are neglectful of their child. Every time he gets into trouble, it’s Lu Changxu who has to clean up the mess.

    Actually, considering the relationship, it should have been his parents who were invited today.

    After all, his father is Lu Chang’an’s father’s own brother. But he has been abroad for the past few years, so whenever Lu Chang’an’s parents are called, it’s always Lu Changxu who goes. Naturally, this time was no exception.

    Lu Changyin asked somewhat helplessly, “What trouble has Chang’an caused this time?”

    Lu Changting’s tone was indifferent. “I don’t know.”

    When Lu Changting was younger, he used to take good care of his brother Lu Chang’an, and they were close. But after all, he had been absent from Lu Chang’an’s life for nearly ten years. The child had become very rebellious. When they met, he wouldn’t even nod in greeting. Lu Changting was busy with work, already preoccupied with the affairs of the group. He didn’t have the time or energy to care for a rebellious child.

    Lu Changyin sent a message to Lu Changxu and, upon receiving a reply, said, “My brother’s side just finished.”

    “Ask him if he wants to join us.”

    Lu Changyin lowered her head to reply to Lu Changxu, saying, “Then let’s go eat near the school.”

    Lu Changting furrowed his brows. “Chang’an… Which high school does he attend?”

    “The international school.” Lu Changyin glanced at him. “With a brother like you, who doesn’t even know which school Chang’an goes to.”

    Lu Changting didn’t respond, just set the navigation to locate Lu Chang’an’s school.

    As Lu Changyin told Lu Changge about eating hotpot near Lu Chang’an’s school, she absentmindedly reached for the door compartment and pulled out a piece of chocolate.

    “Brother Changting,” she said as she unwrapped the candy, “have you been skipping meals again recently? Why do you still have chocolate in the car?”

    Lu Changting has a slight hypoglycemia problem. It’s not severe, but if he doesn’t eat on time, he occasionally experiences dizziness, weakness, and palpitations. So he often carries chocolate with him to supplement his sugar intake.

    “What chocolate?” Lu Changting glanced at her sideways and saw the familiar wrapper and the piece of chocolate she had already bitten into. His brow furrowed slightly.

    “It’s quite delicious.” Lu Changyin pulled out several more pieces from the compartment. “Where did you buy it?”

    Lu Changting raised an eyebrow, his heart skipping a beat. He felt like what Lu Changyin took wasn’t just chocolate, but his life.

    After realizing this, he hesitated for a moment, puzzled. How could there be so much chocolate in his car?

    He absentmindedly felt around the door compartment on his side and indeed found chocolate – the simple black wrappers enclosing the chocolates were neatly stacked in the compartment.

    Suddenly, he remembered that Shen Li had been bringing him meals these days. Occasionally, when she didn’t drive, she would ride in his car back home…

    Lu Changting couldn’t help but chuckle dumbfoundedly, wondering when Shen Li secretly placed so much chocolate in his car.

    “Ask your brother Shen,” Lu Changting curved his lips, his tone tinged with a hint of pride. “He’s worried I’ll have low blood sugar, so he’s put chocolates in the car for me.”

    Lu Changyin glanced at the chocolates in her hand, feeling the sweetness a bit cloying, souring her heart.

    She responded indifferently, “Oh.”

    By the time the siblings met at a hotpot restaurant in the commercial district near the school, it was already past seven.

    Both the spicy and clear broth had boiled, filling the private room with the aroma of hotpot, along with Lu Changxu’s fiery temper.

    As the oldest and most easygoing among the siblings, Lu Changxu rarely got angry at his younger siblings. It seemed that he was genuinely upset this time.

    Meanwhile, Lu Chang’an stood on the side with an indifferent expression, a hint of injury at the corner of his mouth.

    Lu Changting glanced at him, his brows furrowing slightly. “Did you get into a fight with someone?”

    Lu Changge had already heard Lu Changxu talk about Lu Chang’an for a while, and he explained quietly, “He got into a fight with a classmate. When the teacher asked him why, he wouldn’t say. Even when asked to apologize, he refused. The other student’s parents were unreasonable, cursing Changxu brother like a shrew for half the day…”

    Although Lu Changxu was angry, he knew he couldn’t let outsiders bully his own family. He compensated and apologized, but the other party’s parents were relentless in their pursuit, and the teacher also spent a long time advising them. He didn’t know the full story, but Lu Chang’an did indeed hit someone, which was their fault. What made him angriest was that Lu Chang’an didn’t explain or apologize, which was what angered him the most.

    “Let’s eat first.” Lu Changting pulled out two chairs, gesturing for Lu Changyin and Lu Chang’an to sit.

    The table was filled with meat and vegetables. Lu Changge poured out the frozen meats first, then added some slices of meat and ham. Lu Changyin started to prepare the dipping sauce, then poured juice for everyone, handing the first glass to Lu Changxu. “Brother.”

    Lu Changxu took the juice handed to him by Lu Changyin, and his anger subsided a bit.

    It’s still better to have a little sister at home, obedient and sensible.

    Lu Changyin handed the drink to Lu Chang’an. Lu Chang’an took it and said the first thing since entering the room, “Thank you, sister.”

    His own little brother still knew his manners. Girls are softhearted after all. Lu Changyin rubbed his head and smiled softly, “Let’s eat first.”

    Lu Chang’an lowered his head and reached for the shrimp dumplings floating in the soup, but Lu Changting stopped him with his chopsticks.

    “Have the clear soup,” Lu Changting said lightly. “Your lips are bleeding, you shouldn’t eat anything spicy.”

    Lu Chang’an pursed his lips and obediently picked some vegetables from the clear soup.

    Lu Changxu was still angry, but seeing him so aggrieved, he couldn’t help but feel a little amused.

    Anyway, they sat down and had a peaceful meal. After dinner, Lu Changyin saw Lu Changxu’s mood had eased, so she suggested going for drinks, also to avoid Lu Changxu and Lu Changting settling scores over Lu Chang’an’s fight. As an elder sister, she naturally favored her younger brother more.

    Lu Changge also wanted to go, but it wouldn’t be appropriate with Lu Chang’an, so both of them looked at Lu Changting, waiting for his opinion.

    “Let’s go,” Lu Changting saw through Lu Changyin’s little scheme but didn’t expose it. He also wanted to see Shen Li, so he naturally had no objections.

    Besides, Lu Chang’an was already seventeen years old, so there was no problem with him going to the bar with them.

    Lu Chang’an didn’t know if he was sulking with Lu Changxu or not. He got into Lu Changting’s car without saying a word, just sitting quietly in the back seat.

    His expression wasn’t as indifferent as when he was scolded; his eyes were bright. After all, as a young person, he couldn’t help but find places like bars intriguing.

    The two brothers didn’t have much to say. When they arrived, they got out of the car, and Lu Chang’an quietly followed behind Lu Changting, looking rather obedient.

    Lu Changxu, on the other hand, felt another surge of anger rising in his heart. Why wasn’t he this obedient at school? Always causing trouble for him.

    Lu Changyin and the others felt that the atmosphere downstairs was livelier, so they chose a window-side booth and ordered drinks and snacks.

    Lu Chang’an sat next to Lu Changting. Seeing his siblings chatting and ignoring him, and no one asking him what he wanted to drink, the more lively the bar, the more he felt ignored, and he suddenly felt a little lost.

    “Do you want a drink?” Lu Changting glanced at him, seeing through his thoughts.

    Lu Chang’an glanced at the drink menu, pretending to be indifferent. “It’s just the usual drinks, like everyone’s had before.”

    Lu Changting raised an eyebrow, stood up with his phone in hand. “Let’s go. I’ll show you around.”

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