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    Holding his beloved felt like holding a spring breeze, with a faint floral fragrance—clean and fresh.

    Lu Changting kissed Shen Li’s neck softly and whispered, “You are really special—soft-hearted and easy to deceive. You understand the ways of the world but still live with a sense of warmth, clarity, and integrity.”

    “You just think I’m easy to deceive,” Shen Li mumbled into his shoulder, hiding his reddened eyes.

    He was only willing to be deceived by Lu Changting.

    Although it was just about some chocolate and honey pomelo tea, Lu Changting still felt a bit guilty when he remembered it, so he kept silent and gently kissed Shen Li’s temple.

    “I won’t deceive you anymore.”

    They stayed in the private room, undisturbed, holding each other tenderly for a long time. When they went downstairs, they were holding hands. Though they had only just clarified their relationship, something had changed between them. It was evident that they were a couple now, so much so that Le An nearly dropped his drink in surprise.

    Luckily, Le’an had worked at “Gujiu” for a few years and had seen a lot. He quickly composed himself.

    He handed the lonely, pitiful invitation card that had been forgotten on the bar counter to Shen Li, keeping his eyes down and saying nothing, asking nothing.

    When Shen Li got home, it was already past 2 a.m. He first sent a brief message to Cheng Zhao, telling him that he and Lu Changting were together, then dialed Jiang Chifeng’s number.

    Jiang Chifeng had already fallen asleep, exhausted after a night with Wei Wenxing. The ringing phone woke him up, and it was no surprise that he sounded irritated when he answered.

    “Shen Xiaoli, this better be important.” He had intended to hang up immediately but restrained his temper when he saw who was calling.

    Shen Li laughed on the other end of the line, but no one spoke, making it eerily strange in the middle of the night.

    Jiang Chifeng’s scalp tingled, and he became more alert. To avoid waking Wei Wenxing, he got out of bed and went to the balcony, barefoot.

    “Shen Li, don’t scare me,” he said, carefully closing the balcony door behind him. “What’s going on? Talk to me. I won’t be mad.”

    Shen Li lay on the bed, stretching his limbs in relaxation, his voice carrying a lightness and joy that Jiang Chifeng had never heard before.

    He said, “Lu Changting and I are together now.”

    Jiang Chifeng took a moment to process this, becoming fully awake. He unconsciously pinched off a blooming pink and white peony with his fingers.

    “Congratulations,” he said sincerely, genuinely happy for Shen Li. “You’ve got what you wanted.”

    “He doesn’t seem to have realized it yet,” Shen Li said. “That day, I misunderstood his intentions.”

    Jiang Chifeng looked at the flower in his hand and cautiously asked, “Aren’t you planning to tell him?”

    Shen Li smiled. “We’re already together.”

    Whether Lu Changting knew or not didn’t matter anymore. Shen Li hadn’t said anything for a day, a year, and now, after all these years, there was no point in saying it now.

    Jiang Chifeng sighed inwardly for his friend’s foolishness. “Who confessed?”

    “He did,” Shen Li replied. “I know what you’re worried about, and I know what I’m doing.”

    He continued slowly, “There might still be a lot of uncertainties, but having it happen is better than not.”

    Lu Changting’s confession was like Tang Sanzang lifting the seal on Wuxing Mountain, bringing his long-suppressed feelings into the light, growing stronger by the moment. Shen Li could never refuse Lu Changting. Even with concerns and fears, he still moved towards him.

    “Lu Changting must have saved the world in a past life,” Jiang Chifeng joked in his usual irreverent manner. “If you break up, I’ll kick Wei Wenxing out and we can be together.”

    Shen Li laughed at this. “Don’t worry, I won’t give you that chance.”

    Jiang Chifeng was about to say something else when he heard the sound of the balcony door rolling open and then a deep male voice erupted, “Who are you kicking out?”

    Shen Li recognized Wei Wenxing’s voice and mentally sighed at Jiang Chifeng’s incorrigible habit of running his mouth. He decisively hung up the phone.

    In the middle of the night, Wei Wenxing woke up groggily and instinctively reached out to hug his lover, only to find an empty space. He got up and saw Jiang Chifeng talking on the phone on the balcony so late. Already in a bad mood from being woken up, hearing Jiang Chifeng talk about kicking him out made him laugh angrily.

    Jiang Chifeng turned around and smiled obediently, “I didn’t. You misheard.”

    He was still playing with the flower in his hand. The thin pink petals looked delicate and beautiful in the moonlight. Jiang Chifeng raised his hand and placed the flower behind Wei Wenxing’s ear.

    Despite being thirty years old with deep-set eyes and a straight nose, always looking serious and stern, Wei Wenxing with a flower behind his ear looked completely incongruous.

    But in Jiang Chifeng’s eyes, it was the charm of a tough guy with a tender heart. He smiled, his eyes full of warmth and the gentle light of the moon, “It’s for you.”

    Then, without giving Wei Wenxing a chance to react, he pulled his arm and led him back to the bedroom. “I’m so sleepy. Let’s go back to sleep.”

    Wei Wenxing noticed Jiang Chifeng’s bare feet and, with a frown, picked him up. His tone was resigned, “Not wearing shoes again.”

    Jiang Chifeng felt some soreness in his body and a chill from standing in the cold wind while talking to Shen Li. He hadn’t noticed it until he was picked up. His pajamas were soft and thin, and Wei Wenxing, not wearing a shirt, transferred his warmth directly to Jiang Chifeng’s skin. Even after being laid back in bed, Jiang Chifeng didn’t want to let go, wrapping his arms around Wei Wenxing’s neck and finding a comfortable position to nestle in his embrace. He mumbled, “Good night.”

    Wei Wenxing didn’t reply, just held him and closed his eyes.

    Jiang Chifeng sighed softly and explained in a gentle voice, “It was Shen Li calling.”

    Wei Wenxing patted his back. “Sleep, good night.”

    While some people were falling asleep warmly in each other’s arms, others were just stepping out of a cold shower, their bodies damp and chilled. Wearing a loose pair of pajama pants, with his shirt draped over his shoulder, he picked up his phone and opened the group chat to send a red envelope.

    The cold shower hadn’t been enough to calm him down; he needed to do something more.

    Lu Changting sent out around ten red envelopes with messages like “Wishing you prosperity and great fortune,” before someone finally responded in the group chat amidst the frenzy of claiming the envelopes.

    [Carefree: @L Did Young Master Lu strike it rich?]

    [Xu: ???]

    [Xu: Changting, why aren’t you asleep yet?]

    Lu Changting didn’t respond and sent a few more red envelopes.

    The continuous notifications caused Shen Li’s phone to keep vibrating. He was halfway through his shower, rinsed off the soap, dried his hands on a towel, and checked his phone, which made him want to laugh.

    After getting dressed, he came out and saw that Xiaoyao was also spamming the chat and had even tagged him.

    [Carefree: What the heck?]

    [Carefree: @L Did you get a partner?]

    [Carefree: ?!!!]

    [Carefree: You actually managed to woo Boss Shen, you’re amazing.]

    [Carefree: @Alcohol Seller @L]

    [Xu: ??????????????????????????????????]

    [Xu: What?]

    [Carefree: Check his Moments, I’m feeling envious.]

    [Alcohol Seller: …]

    Shen Li sent a string of ellipses, licked his lips nervously, and opened Lu Changting’s Moments.

    Lu Changting’s Moments post read: “@Alcohol Seller, one in 7.2 billion, hello there.”

    The photo posted was of hands clasped together. Shen Li didn’t know when Lu Changting had taken it without his notice. The lighting was dim, and the pixels were a bit blurry, but Shen Li still stared at it for a while before saving the image.

    He thought to himself, from now on, he must take many photos with Lu Changting and save them all.

    Switching back to the group chat, Shen Li counted the number of red envelopes Lu Changting had sent. He wasn’t sure how much each contained, but he assumed it wasn’t too little. So, he decided to put a standard amount of 100 yuan in each one and sent out the same number of red envelopes.

    [Xu: Hahaha, congratulations.]

    Xiaoyao’s fingers hurt from clicking on so many red envelopes, feeling a mix of emotions.

    [Carefree: @L @Alcohol Seller Congratulations.]

    [Carefree: I can’t wait to see the bewildered looks on Xingye and the others’ faces when they wake up tomorrow morning and see all the red envelopes in the group chat.]

    [L: Thanks.]

    [Alcohol Seller: Thank you.]

    After replying in the group chat, Shen Li instinctively switched back to his private chat with Lu Changting and saw a new message.

    [L: Finished showering?]

    [Alcohol Seller: Yeah.]

    [Alcohol Seller: You’re not sleeping yet. You have work tomorrow.]

    Lu Changting replied with a voice message, his voice barely audible: “Can’t sleep.”

    “I’m too happy,” he paused for a moment, then chuckled softly, “I’ve never been this happy before.”

    Shen Li chuckled too and pressed the voice message button: “But you have work tomorrow. How about you go to sleep now and continue being happy when you wake up?”

    Lu Changting reluctantly responded with a “Hmm”: “Then you should go to bed too.”

    “Goodnight,” Shen Li whispered softly, “Sweet dreams, okay.”

    With a particularly soft “okay” at the end, the tone particle, the last note lifted gently. When it came through the phone, it sounded even lighter and softer. Lu Changting listened to the voice message several times before smiling and replying, “Goodnight.”

    Author’s note:

    According to Baidu, there are 7,262,310,000 people in the world.

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