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    Du Heng’s flight to City S arrived at 8 o’clock in the evening.

    The flight wasn’t delayed. Du Heng followed the crowd, dragging his suitcase, and walked out of the airport.

    The airport was brightly lit at night, and pedestrians, with their mismatched suitcases, stepped into the darkness, accompanied by a wave of heat followed by a gust of night wind. Du Heng heard someone calling his name. He followed the voice and saw Shen Li standing by the roadside along the airport exit, with a smile of joy at their reunion on his face.

    “Shen Xiaoli.” Du Heng walked over quickly, first carefully examining his friend, then patting him on the shoulder with a hearty laugh. “Long time no see.”

    “We’ll be seeing each other often from now on.” Shen Li took the suitcase from him, opened the trunk, and placed it inside. “Get in the car first.”

    Du Heng glanced at the inconspicuous car with a not-so-inconspicuous brand, and even lightened his grip when opening the car door. “You changed your car.”

    He remembered that Shen Li was still driving an Audi at the end of the year.

    “It’s not mine.” Shen Li opened the other side of the car door and got in. “Let me introduce you. He’s my boyfriend, and also our driver for today.”

    Lu Changting glanced at Du Heng through the rearview mirror of the car.

    “Hello, I’m Du Heng.” Du Heng was still the same as before, with little change in appearance or temperament, just looking a bit more mature. “I’m Shen Li’s high school classmate.”

    “Hello.” Lu Changting nodded slightly, without saying much.

    He wanted to see when Du Heng would recognize him.

    In the rearview mirror of the car, only the handsome features of the man could be seen. Du Heng looked at him for a while and felt a sense of familiarity.

    Du Heng thought for a while with some distress and then looked at Shen Li strangely.

    “Your boyfriend…”

    Looks like Lu Changting.

    He couldn’t say that.

    If he did, who knows how the person would react.

    “Why?” Shen Li suppressed a smile, feeling a bit mischievous about teaming up with Lu Changting to tease Du Heng.

    Du Heng swallowed the rest of his words, glanced at the man in the driver’s seat, then back at Shen Li, and sighed with deep concern.

    He thought Shen Li had moved on from the past, but it turned out this guy went crazy and found someone who looked like Lu Changting to date.

    Troubling, very troubling indeed.

    Du Heng remained troubled throughout the journey.

    It wasn’t until the car stopped at the building where he rented an apartment, and the man got out of the car, that Du Heng saw his face clearly under the streetlight and was instantly stunned.

    It was too similar, that face, an exact replica of Lu Changting’s.

    Du Heng’s thoughts were all over the place. Sometimes he wondered where Shen Li found someone who looked so much like Lu Changting, and sometimes he had absurd thoughts like this person might be Lu Changting’s long-lost brother… The midsummer night was oppressively hot, with the continuous chirping of insects from the grass and trees making his head spin. The jumble of thoughts made his head even more dizzy, and Du Heng thought he might be suffering from fatigue from the long journey, causing blurred vision.

    But upon closer inspection, the person did indeed resemble Lu Changting.

    Lu Changting, who was being scrutinized, remained silent and just lifted the suitcase from the trunk and headed upstairs.

    Inside the elevator, Shen Li handed Du Heng the key to the apartment. “I’ve already brought your luggage that you sent back. You don’t have to make another trip. Here’s the key.”

    “The landlord might come to check on things in a few days. He’ll call you when that happens.”

    Du Heng took the key, thanked Shen Li, and hesitated to say something.

    Du Heng still hadn’t recognized Lu Changting and didn’t dare to entertain the thought that this person might be Lu Changting. He just assumed it was a high-quality replacement, occasionally giving him complex looks.

    Lu Changting found Du Heng’s attitude somewhat strange yet interesting. He had a vague feeling that perhaps he could get the answer he wanted from Du Heng.

    Du Heng walked ahead, holding the keys to open the door, while Shen Li pinched Lu Changting’s finger and whispered, “Are you done playing around?”

    Lu Changting held his hand and smiled.

    Forget it, considering our past friendship, let’s not tease Du Heng anymore.

    “Du Heng,” Lu Changting cleared his throat lightly and calmly added, “Long time no see.”

    “Huh?” Du Heng fumbled for the light switch on the wall, turned around, and looked bewildered.

    “Class Thirteen, Lu Changting,” he reminded, “Don’t you remember me?”

    Du Heng stood dumbfounded for a while, not saying anything. He stood there like a wooden statue, staring blankly at Lu Changting. After a long while, he suddenly slapped Lu Changting’s shoulder. “Damn.”

    “What’s going on with you two?” He scratched his head, full of disbelief, murmuring, “You and Shen Li… What’s going on?”

    His mind was even more chaotic now. Did Shen Li’s boyfriend suddenly become Lu Changting? Did something supernatural happen?

    Are Shen Li and Lu Changting really together?

    Lu Changting smiled. “We’re dating.”

    “But you…” Du Heng noticed the red string on his wrist, then glanced at Shen Li standing next to Lu Changting. After hesitating for a while, he blurted out, “But aren’t you straight?”

    Back in high school, Lu Changting was with his goddess, causing him to be heartbroken for several days. But he only felt bad for a few days. Shen Li… Shen Li felt bad for ten years.

    “That was in the past,” Lu Changting said, “Now I’m with Shen Li.”

    Du Heng still found it hard to believe, even pinching himself – it hurt.

    “So, who pursued whom?” Shen Li’s temperament didn’t seem like he would actively pursue Lu Changting.

    “I pursued him,” Lu Changting said.

    “Oh…” Du Heng thought to himself, there was no need for pursuit. If Lu Changting liked Shen Li, Shen Li wouldn’t have refused him in the first place.

    The windows in the room were all closed, and it was unbearably hot. Du Heng wiped the sweat from his neck and realized that standing at the door talking like this was silly. So, he went inside to find the air conditioning remote control.

    He believed it, and accepted the reality that Shen Li, who had secretly admired Lu Changting for many years, was now being pursued by Lu Changting and they were together. However, he looked at Shen Li with a complicated expression and spoke in a complex tone, “You and Lu Changting are together, and you didn’t even tell me, Shen Xiaoli…”

    “Heng Ge, don’t be mad.” Shen Li closed the door, pushed the suitcase to the side table, and handed Du Heng a disposable cup filled with water from the bottle he bought yesterday. “He came back to the country at the end of February, and we got together in May. I didn’t tell you, that’s my bad.”

    “I’m not mad.” Du Heng tilted his head back and drank a glass of water. His clothes were damp with sweat, and he felt relieved when the air conditioning blew on him. “I’m happy for you.”

    He was just a little surprised; he didn’t expect these two to really end up together, but he was genuinely happy for Shen Li.

    “You owe me a drink, Shen Xiaoli.” Du Heng didn’t say more. There were some things he and Shen Li understood without saying, but he didn’t know if Lu Changting was aware, so he couldn’t say much.

    “It’s too late today.” Shen Li smiled. “Come to my place tomorrow, I’ll treat you to dinner and drinks.”

    He and Lu Changting discussed whether to go out for dinner or have a gathering at home. After some thought, they decided it would be more comfortable to gather at home, especially since it was the weekend. They planned to have hot pot for dinner tomorrow, and they would also bring over a few cases of alcohol from the bar. They would drink until they were drunk.

    “Okay, I won’t be polite with you.” Du Heng turned and walked around the living room. His luggage, which he had sent back, was neatly packed in cardboard boxes. There were seven boxes stacked neatly in the corner by Shen Li and Lu Changting. It was easy for him to find the smallest one and he took it from the top of the pile and handed it to Shen Li.

    “This is a gift for Auntie and you.” Every time he came back from City B, he would bring some small gifts for Cheng Zhao and Shen Li, just as a token of his affection.

    “Then we’ll head back first.” It was getting late, and Du Heng needed some rest after the long journey. Now that everyone was back, they could catch up later. Shen Li said, “Rest well, and come over for dinner tomorrow night. We can chat more then.”

    After saying their goodbyes, Shen Li and Lu Changting went downstairs and returned to the car. When they opened the box, they found two large gift boxes inside.

    Du Heng is a person with a coarse yet thoughtful demeanor. He divided the souvenirs into two parts, both packed in gift boxes with labels indicating who they were for. The box labeled “For Shen Xiaoli and his boyfriend” contained some pastry boxes, while the box labeled “For the beautiful Ms. Cheng Zhaozhao” contained pastry boxes as well as a box of donkey-hide gelatin cakes.

    Shen Li rearranged the gift boxes and sent a WeChat message to Cheng Zhao.

    “I happen to be nearby, let’s go see my mom,” Shen Li typed while speaking, “We can take the gifts to her.”

    Lu Changting’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. “This is so sudden… I didn’t prepare any gifts…”

    Du Heng brought gifts back from City B, so going empty-handed would be inappropriate.

    “Let’s buy some fruit,” Shen Li thought, “My mom likes lychees.”

    The place they were heading to was indeed close, just one subway stop or a ten-minute drive away.

    Lu Changting carried a basket full of lychees and followed Shen Li into the elevator, adjusting his attire in front of the mirror-like elevator walls.

    Shen Li found it amusing. “It’s not your first time meeting my mom.”

    “That’s different,” Lu Changting said. “Before, we were friends. Now, I’m your boyfriend.”

    Although Cheng Zhao liked him quite a bit, going to meet her as Shen Li’s boyfriend for the first time made him nervous.

    When they arrived on the sixth floor, the elevator doors “dinged” open, and Lu Changting straightened his back, calmly stepping out of the elevator.

    But he felt a bit awkward, being so coordinated with Shen Li.

    Suppressing a smile, Shen Li held his hand. “Don’t be nervous, my mom really likes you.”

    Lu Changting nodded. “I’m not nervous.”

    Not nervous at all.

    Just a little hot, sweating a bit.

    Shen Li took out the keys and opened the door, leading Lu Changting inside.

    The layout of Cheng Zhao’s apartment living room was simple. Standing at the entrance, one could see the entire living room at a glance. One side had the TV wall, and the other side had the sofa, all in warm tones. The entrance faced a round window, with some small items placed on the windowsill and a painting easel next to it.

    Cheng Zhao was wearing a white embroidered cheongsam today, sitting on the sofa while a documentary about restoring cultural relics played on the TV.

    Lu Changting smiled at her and politely greeted her.

    Seeing him standing somewhat awkwardly, Cheng Zhao smiled and took the fruit basket from him. “Why are you still standing, Changting?”

    Her smile softened even more as she glanced at the red rope on Lu Changting’s wrist.

    “Come and sit down,” she said, placing the fruit basket on the coffee table and pouring a cup of tea for Lu Changting. “I’ve told you before, don’t be formal, just treat it like your own home.”

    Lu Changting accepted the tea with both hands and thanked her.

    Shen Li handed the gift box to Cheng Zhao. “This is a souvenir Du Heng brought for you,” he briefly explained today’s events. “He returned to City S, and his rented apartment is nearby. We just finished sending him off with Changting and came over.”

    Cheng Zhao asked, “Why did he come back out of the blue?”

    Shen Li didn’t ask why Du Heng had resigned and returned because he didn’t know. So he simply replied, “Maybe he’s had enough of wandering outside and decided to come back.”

    “His apartment probably needs renovation,” Shen Li joked. “I’ll try to bring that business to you.”

    Cheng Zhao chuckled and scolded him, “What are you talking about? You have the nerve to make money from Du Heng.”

    After a few jokes and small talk, Cheng Zhao’s gaze fell on Lu Changting. “Have you been busy with work lately, Changting?”

    “It’s been okay recently,” Lu Changting said. “I just finished a project not long ago, so these days have been a bit easier.”

    Cheng Zhao advised, “You’re both still young. Work is important, but you also need to take care of your health.”

    Lu Changting nodded in agreement.

    The conversation naturally drifted to Lu Changting’s family. After listening to Lu Changting explain the dynamics of his family, Cheng Zhao smiled and remarked, “Your family must be lively during festivals.”

    “We usually go back to our hometown during the New Year,” Lu Changting paused for a moment, then suddenly said, “By the end of the year, I want to take Xiao Li back to my hometown.”

    The roots of the Lu family were in a quaint little town in City S, just a half-day’s drive away. Every Chinese New Year’s Eve, regardless of how busy they were with work or how far they had traveled, the descendants of the Lu family would return to the town for a reunion dinner.

    Cheng Zhao paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “The decisions of you young people are your own.”

    Her inquiry about Lu Changting’s family was just a way to gauge his attitude. Now that she got a satisfactory answer and saw Lu Changting’s affection for Shen Li, she didn’t ask any further questions.

    “It’s getting late, I won’t keep you any longer. Go back early and take care on the way.”

    Lu Changting felt a slight relief in his heart and responded, “Then you should rest early. We’ll come to see you another day.”

    With everything said by Lu Changting, Shen Li had nothing more to add. As they were leaving, he reminded, “Don’t eat too many lychees. They can cause heatiness.”

    Cheng Zhao chuckled, “Got it.”

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