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    “Turns out, this is how you are when you’re at the office.”

    Shen Li and Lu Changting sat in the CEO’s office lounge, the table positioned by the window, offering a splendid view of the high-rise scenery.

    “What did you think I was like?” Lu Changting took out the food and arranged it neatly on the table. The rich variety of dishes and beautiful presentation showed that it wasn’t just a casual meal for him.

    “You usually seem very indifferent when you’re silent and not smiling,” Shen Li watched him with a fixed gaze as he picked up his chopsticks. “But I know, your aloofness and detachment are just to keep the unruly ones in line. In reality, you must be a fair and decisive boss.”

    “There are too many unruly ones, and Grandpa doesn’t care about the group anymore since he handed it over to me,” Lu Changting said. “Sometimes, you need some measures…”

    He paused and then said, “Forget it, I won’t bother you with these troublesome matters.”

    Lu Changting looked at the food in front of him, a smile returning to his face. “Let’s dig in.”

    He picked up a piece of crispy fried shrimp, and as soon as the tender taste entered his mouth, he wanted to praise Shen Li. But seeing Shen Li waiting for his compliment deliberately, he kept quiet and picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, savoring it slowly with the rice.

    Shen Li was amused by his ritual and pushed the soup towards him, gesturing for him to try it.

    Actually, he was quite confident in his cooking skills, but he just wanted to hear Lu Changting’s praise. However, not getting praised wasn’t a big deal either. Lu Changting eating it was the greatest praise and affirmation for him.

    Lu Changting ate very elegantly, but he wasn’t slow. He finished all the food Shen Li brought in just over ten minutes, feeling quite full, even a little stuffed.

    He wiped his mouth leisurely before speaking. “This is the second most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.”

    Shen Li put away the lunch box. Although this was a high praise, he was still curious. “What’s the most delicious thing?”

    Lu Changting smiled. “You.”

    Shen Li’s heart was stirred by the seemingly casual “you”, but he was always good at controlling his emotions. He remained calm on the surface. “Did you sneak some candy? Your mouth is so sweet.”

    I’m telling the truth,” Lu Changting leaned back in his chair, adopting an attitude of ‘you’ve wronged me, now apologize and appease me’ posture.

    Ignoring him, Shen Li carefully closed the lunchbox layer by layer, then pulled out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and peeled off the wrapper, offering it to Lu Changting’s lips.

    Lu Changting took a bite of the chocolate from Shen Li’s hand and deliberately licked his fingertips.

    Just as Shen Li was about to say something, he was embraced around the waist and pulled onto Lu Changting’s lap. The man’s hand caressed his neck, and a kiss, sweet with the taste of chocolate, landed on his lips, gentle and tender, so prolonged that Shen Li felt like it had been a century.

    He still couldn’t quite believe that he and Lu Changting were together.

    So he wanted to see him, talk to him, embrace him, kiss him, and do all the things that lovers do.

    Actually, Lu Changting had already been doing very well.

    Posting on social media, openly holding hands with him at the company, giving him the privilege to come and go as he pleased… But perhaps because Lu Changting was too good to him, it made him feel unreal.

    He really liked Lu Changting and wanted to entrust all his love and affection to him alone.

    He didn’t want to let go.

    The sunlight dimmed slightly, as if shyly retreating behind the clouds because of what was happening in the room, casting only a faint light. Shen Li’s chest rose and fell as Lu Changting carried him to the bed.

    The lounge in the partition was completely Lu Changting’s private space. Since he took over the group not long ago, everything in the lounge had been replaced with new items.

    Shen Li sank into the soft bedding, and his lover’s warm lips lingered on his neck, leaving light kisses.

    “You smell really good,” Lu Changting always liked the scent on him. The woody fragrance with a hint of tobacco, as if revealing the aggressive side hidden beneath the youth’s usual softness. Upon closer inspection, it was overwhelmed by the scent of amber, giving off a clean and warm aura that made people want to indulge in it.

    “Is it perfume?” Shen Li breathed softly, his heated gaze reflecting Lu Changting’s handsome features, “I’ll get you a bottle.”

    “Don’t.” Lu Changting held him, burying his head in Shen Li’s neck, gently sniffing, “Just smelling you is enough.”

    He didn’t have the habit of using perfume, and after smoking, he would only spray a bit of air freshener to remove the smell. Perfume, in his opinion, always carried a bit of artificiality, so he didn’t like it. This was his prejudice, one that he had never intended to correct, but with Shen Li, prejudice turned into favoritism.

    “I don’t want to work overtime,” he sighed softly, “I just want to hold you like this forever.”

    Shen Li stroked his head, “I’ll stay with you for overtime then.”

    And so Shen Li stayed, while Lu Changting worked. He sat quietly on the sofa, playing on his phone to pass the time. Just as he finished a game of Tetris, a new message popped up on WeChat.

    Cheng Zhao had replied with a particularly cold “oh” in the morning, which had made Shen Li feel uneasy. He immediately called him back.

    After all, he was almost twenty-seven, and Cheng Zhao wasn’t obligated to inquire about his love life or delve into every detail. He had only mentioned to Cheng Zhao before that he had a secret crush, which had nothing to do with Lu Changting. Now suddenly informing him that he and Lu Changting were together might have caused some fluctuation in the mind of a mother.

    After chatting on the phone, Cheng Zhao didn’t say much, just told him to handle it properly, then went to class.

    Now Cheng Zhao was back home from school, only to find no one at home, so he messaged to ask where Shen Li had gone.

    Shen Li confessed honestly, saying he was at Lu Changting’s company.

    Cheng Zhao replied with a string of ellipses.

    [Stop drinking too much: Grow up.]

    [Alcohol Seller: There’s food in the fridge, just heat it up.]

    [Stop drinking too much: Are you coming home tonight?]

    [Alcohol Seller: …]

    [Alcohol Seller: Yes.]

    [Stop drinking too much: It’s okay if you don’t come back, just remember to take precautions.]

    [Alcohol Seller: ?]

    Shen Li understood Cheng Zhao’s message and subconsciously glanced at Lu Changting, feeling a bit embarrassed.

    [Alcohol Seller: …]

    Cheng Zhao’s reply popped up again.

    [Stop drinking too much: I read on Baidu that if you don’t take precautions, you’ll get a fever and diarrhea. You should be aware of this yourself.]

    These intimate words were actually a bit difficult for her to say, but she had no choice… Seeing Shen Li with Lu Changting, no matter how she looked at it, Shen Li seemed to be the one bearing the burden. In her mind, being with Lu Changting meant being taken advantage of.

    Now that the two of them were dating, and both were young and passionate, it was normal for things to happen, but she absolutely could not accept or allow her child to be harmed.

    Fortunately, it was just typing on a screen, which was easier than saying it face-to-face.

    Shen Li glanced at Lu Changting again, then lowered his head to reply.

    [Alcohol Seller: Okay.]

    [Alcohol Seller: I know.]

    [Stop drinking too much: During this period until the end of the semester, I’ll be staying in the apartment near the school. I’ll be busy with my younger classmates for our projects. Today I came back to get some things.]

    [Stop drinking too much: You stay at home. When you’re free, come home early, drink less alcohol, try to keep a regular schedule, and remember to eat on time, okay?]

    Initially, to facilitate Cheng Zhao’s studies, Shen Li bought a loft apartment near the school for her. Even when she was busy before, she would still come home on weekends. But now, the implication was that she wouldn’t be coming home until the end of the semester, for over two months.

    Shen Li knew Cheng Zhao was afraid of bothering him. After all, being in a relationship was different from being single. Men his age, even if they weren’t married, rarely lived with their parents…

    Cheng Zhao was always like this, always thinking through and being considerate about everything.

    Shen Li sighed inwardly and replied, “Then I’ll visit you at school when I have time.”

    After some thought, he transferred some money to Cheng Zhao, with the note “Pocket money.”

    Cheng Zhao’s studio later recruited several talented designers, so she didn’t have to worry too much about the day-to-day operations. The money they earned was enough, but he still sent her a substantial amount of pocket money every month.

    Earning money to support the family was almost an innate sense of responsibility for him. When he was young, Cheng Zhao sheltered him from the storm, and now that he stood tall, it was only right to ensure Cheng Zhao lived without worries in all aspects.

    Cheng Zhao received the money and replied with a “Cheers to our friendship.jpg” emoji.

    Shen Li smiled and put his phone away.

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