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    Under the clear moonlight, a young man lay quietly by the side of the hot spring pool, his eyes closed, his profile resting on his arm. Watermarks adorned his back, and along his spine, a route of intertwined and mottled bright lines extended, resembling a faint watercolor tattoo.

    Lu Changting stood there steadily, somewhat unable to distinguish whether this was a dream or reality.

    Just as he was lost in thought, Shen Li opened his eyes, raised an eyebrow, and smiled at him, carrying an indescribable allure.

    As if bewitched, he walked over.

    There were steps by the side of the hot spring pool. Just as he stood there, Shen Li dragged him into the water.

    The young man’s scorching body pressed against him, entwined like wild aquatic plants, leaning over to kiss him. His restless hands unbuttoned his clothes, revealing a beautiful figure.

    Lu Changting breathed heavily, pressing him against the edge of the hot spring pool, tracing his waist inch by inch with his fingertips, kissing the young man’s wet temples, lightly nibbling his earlobes.

    “What’s the rush.”

    The scorching breath mingled with the warm spring water, Lu Changting grabbed his aroused member, licking his lips.

    Skin of their ears and forehead rubbed against each other.

    Lu Changting’s member was already erect, pressing against Shen Li’s thighs, hard and hot. With gentle and patient movements, he stroked up and down, but also stirred Shen Li to the point where he could hardly control himself.

    Shen Li was panting harder than him, feeling tingling sensations spreading through his body from his tailbone, cheeks flushed, eyes watery. He actively moved his hips, rubbing against the erect member behind him, a hint of wetness in the corner of his eyes, as alluring as peach blossoms in spring.

    Lu Changting’s breath was thrown into chaos by Shen Li’s glance over his shoulder, his breathing erratic and heavy. “I’m going in.”

    The coarse and hard member pressed against the entrance, without waiting for Shen Li’s response, forcefully thrusting in.

    Shen Li’s throat tightened, biting his lip, refusing to make a sound.

    Even the fragmented gasps were all mixed up by soft lips and tongues, the member being taken care of with up and down movements, while the forceful thrusts behind him became heavier and heavier, enveloping him in increasingly intense pain and pleasure in the surging hot spring water.

    Sometimes he couldn’t help but bite Lu Changting’s shoulder, reluctant to be too forceful, murmuring vaguely, easing his grip, licking with his tongue, leaving shallow teeth marks and ambiguous red marks.

    Lu Changting’s temples were sweaty, seeing him with a tinge of blush in his eyes, he raised his hand to cover his eyes, leaning down to kiss him. “You can say it.”

    His voice carried a hint of coaxing: “Be good.”

    Shen Li’s body went limp, breathing heavily, calling out softly.

    Drenched in sweat and immersed in water, he couldn’t distinguish anything anymore. He couldn’t distinguish anything anymore.

    He suddenly closed his eyes, his throat rolling, his voice hoarse: “Xiao Gege… Slow down, slower.”

    The panting was disrupted by the pounding, Lu Changting, with a dark expression, raised his eyebrows: “Who’s Xiao Gege? Shen Li, look at me.” He scooped a handful of water and poured it on Shen Li’s flushed face, his voice hoarse, “Who am I?”

    Shen Li looked at him, not understanding why he suddenly became so fierce, but couldn’t help biting his lip again, his thoughts scattered, shattered, only repeating “Xiao Gege” over and over again.

    Until the end, Lu Changting never heard his name.

    Sunlight poured into the room from the balcony, casting a warm hue. The alarm clock rang cheerfully, waking up the man lying in bed. He was drenched in sweat, his forehead damp and hair disheveled.

    Sunlight streamed in from the balcony, bathing the room in warm hues. The alarm clock chimed cheerfully, rousing the man from his slumber. As he lay in bed, he couldn’t recall what he had been dreaming about. Sweat covered his body, his forehead damp and his hair disheveled. Opening his eyes, he felt the dampness between his legs, recalling the scenario from his dream. Sitting up, he muttered ‘fuck’ in annoyance.

    He didn’t know how to describe this dream. A dream of spring? Or a nightmare?

    If this dream only involved him and Shen Li, then it would be a dream of spring. But unfortunately, with the addition of unrelated people, it turned into a nightmare…

    It’s probably because deep down, he still harbors feelings for Shen Li’s “Xiao Gege,” which led to such a ridiculous dream.

    Suppressing his emotions, Lu Changting silenced the alarm clock, opened WeChat, and sent Shen Li a “good morning” message. He then got up, grabbed clean clothes, and headed to the bathroom.

    After showering and getting dressed, he left the house. The driver had been waiting in the car for nearly half an hour. Lu Changting opened the rear door, settled into a comfortable position, and checked his social media.

    He had restricted his last night’s post on his circle of friends, blocking it from his elders and some relatives. But he hadn’t restricted his friends or close family members. Some people were already awake at this hour, and the comments were filled with blessings and teasing, urging him to bring someone home. With nothing else to do in the car, he replied to each comment with a good mood. He even sent red envelopes to Lu Changyin and Lu Changge, asking them not to tell the family yet.

    As a well-known gossip expert, Lu Changyin had long known about the relationship between him and Shen Li from Lu Changxu. However, since she had been busy with filming before, she couldn’t keep up with her brother’s love life in real time. Now that she had finished shooting and returned home, and Lu Changting had also won over Shen Li, there was no better time to ask about it.

    So, Lu Changting endured Lu Changyin’s barrage of gossip questions in the car, feeling both helpless and amused.

    Chatting with Lu Changyin all the way, he forgot about last night’s dream. But Shen Li was still on his mind, and his happiness from being together with her hadn’t diminished at all today.

    The employees of the Lu Corporation keenly noticed that their young CEO’s mood seemed particularly good today.

    In a small group chat, it was like a flock of sparrows gathering for an early morning meeting, chirping and bustling.

    “I guarantee with my 5.1 vision that the CEO had a smile on his face when he entered the company today!”

    “I met the CEO in the elevator, and he was really smiling! Believe me!”

    “Please continue to make up stories.”

    “Wow, I really can’t believe it. The CEO’s smile melts my heart.”

    “Wake up, sisters, it’s early in the morning, stop daydreaming.”

    “The CEO’s mood today seems really good.”

    “Really? I’m going to deliver documents to the CEO’s office later, and I’m feeling nervous.”

    As Wan Qing came out of the CEO’s office and saw the various discussions in the chat, she typed with a smile, “No need to be nervous, the CEO’s mood is really good today.”

    Pouring herself a cup of coffee and stirring in some sugar, she thought, if Lu Changting’s mood was this good every day, the happiness of the Lu Corporation employees would surely skyrocket.

    Lu Changting was oblivious to the lively chatter in the chat group. Busy with work all day, as the end of the workday approached, he still had a few reports and proposal documents on his desk to finish reading. Stretching his muscles, he was about to order takeout when he noticed a new message bubble with a red notification in his WeChat conversation with Shen Li. His tired mood instantly lightened.

    [Alcohol Seller: Good afternoon.]

    [Alcohol Seller: I’m up.]

    [Alcohol Seller: The weather is really nice today.]

    [Alcohol Seller: Oh, there’s no food left in the fridge at home. Looks like I’ll have to go to the supermarket this afternoon.]

    [Alcohol Seller: I went to the supermarket in the afternoon and bought some ingredients. I made a lot of dishes. Do you want me to pack some and send them to the company for you?]

    [Alcohol Seller: I’ll just drop them off and leave, won’t disturb your work.]

    [Alcohol Seller: Are you still busy?]

    Lu Changting finished reading the messages, pushed open the office door, and walked straight out.

    Shen Li’s messages had been coming in one after another. He had a meeting in the afternoon and had put his phone on silent, and after the meeting, he had been busy, which is why he had so many unread messages.

    The last message was ten minutes ago. He didn’t know if Shen Li had come to his company.

    He dialed Shen Li’s number, and it rang just once before being answered.


    “Shen Xiaoli, where are you?”

    “I’m downstairs,” Shen Li glanced at the clock on the wall. He had planned to call if Lu Changting hadn’t replied by the end of the workday. There were still a few minutes left until half-past five on the clock.

    “Wait for me.” He entered the dedicated elevator, pressed the floor button, and anxiously watched the numbers on the display.

    Since Shen Li didn’t have an appointment, the receptionist couldn’t casually let him in through the entrance security. He had to wait in the lobby’s lounge area for a while. He didn’t mind and passed the time playing with his phone until Lu Changting’s call came.

    The receptionist was a pretty young girl, not very old, casually browsing group messages while waiting to finish her shift. As she lifted her head absentmindedly, she noticed the explosion of activity in the group chat because of the young CEO who had just emerged from the elevator and headed straight for the lounge area.

    The young man who had been sitting there stood up, his handsome features breaking into a smile, leaving her momentarily stunned.

    She remembered the discussions and speculations throughout the day about why the CEO was in such a good mood, and suddenly felt like she knew the answer.

    “Why didn’t you call me?” Lu Changting didn’t spare a glance at the receptionist, naturally reaching out to take the layered insulated lunch box from Shen Li’s hand, while his other hand held onto him.

    “I’m at the company…” Shen Li subconsciously protested.

    “What’s wrong with being at the company?” Lu Changting looked at him, chuckling, “You came here yourself, trying to hide it?”

    Shen Li could only lower his head and hurriedly follow him into the elevator. It wasn’t until the elevator doors closed that he relaxed his emotions. “It’s not good for reputation.”

    “What’s not good for reputation?” Lu Changting shrugged, “Those board members have been giving me a headache these days. It would be best if they could stir up enough trouble for this matter to reach Grandpa. Then maybe they’ll find someone else to be CEO, and I can have time to go on dates with my boyfriend.”

    He never had much interest in the family business to begin with. Grandpa had chosen him to manage the family’s affairs, and he did his best to handle them. The ancestral business needed to be passed down, and the shares belonged to the four families, and the money earned was shared equally. He considered himself fair and selfless in this position, but he couldn’t even be open about his feelings in public. It was boring just to think about it.

    At that moment, Shen Li saw the shadow of the carefree young man on him. No matter how many years had passed, Lu Changting remained the same, unaffected by wealth or power.

    His gaze softened as he held Lu Changting’s hand, their fingers intertwining.

    The elevator doors “dinged” open, and Lu Changting and Shen Li came face to face with Wan Qing, who was packing up to leave work.

    Wan Qing, perceptive as ever, glanced politely at Shen Li, but her gaze fell on the intertwined hands of the two, instantly suppressing any curiosity. “CEO Lu.”

    “Yeah.” Lu Changting replied, then suddenly remembered something, instructing, “Let the receptionist know that Mr. Shen doesn’t need an appointment when he comes to see me in the future. Just bring him straight to the office.”

    “Okay.” Although Wan Qing didn’t yet know Shen Li’s name, she had already mentally placed this “Mr. Shen” who seemed to have an extraordinary relationship with Lu Changting on the same level as Lu Changxi and Lu Changyin.

    Lu Changting nodded in satisfaction. “You should go off duty first. You’ve worked hard during this time.”

    Wan Qing lowered her head even further, not sure if it was because Mr. Shen was present, but their CEO suddenly became more considerate and approachable towards his subordinates.

    Accustomed to the stern and efficient Lu Changting, facing this kind of Lu Changting, she felt truly respectful and even fearful…

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