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    Yan Yuzhou entered the bathroom uneasily with a nagging suspicion that the scent of his pheromone might be reminiscent of durian. He turned to the side and gazed into the mirror, hoping to catch a glimpse of the glands on the back of his neck. However, after several attempts of looking and touching, he still couldn’t discern them clearly.

    Although he didn’t understand why he had somehow ended up in this book, now that he was here, it seemed like a wasted opportunity not to familiarize himself with all the species in this world. With that thought in mind, he suddenly entertained the idea of examining Shen Ci’s glands closely, but this impulsive notion was swiftly quashed by his strong survival instinct.

    Was he out of his mind? Wanting to provoke that imperturbable poker face?

    He grimaced, took a brief shower, and wrapped himself snugly in a bath towel. While drying his hair, Yan Yuzhou opened the bathroom door. His gaze swept casually around the bedroom before settling on a medium-sized spray bottle on the bedside table. He recalled having taken it out alongside the marriage certificate and prenuptial agreement when he was rummaging through the drawer earlier that morning.

    Approaching curiously, Yan Yuzhou picked up the spray bottle and scrutinized the label. Then, with a quirk of his lips, he read the inscription aloud:

    Omega-exclusive odor barrier agent?

    Oh, I remember now. It’s the thing Shen Ci was frowning at in the car today, the one he asked me to carry with him.

    Yan Yuzhou removed the transparent cap from the spray bottle, held the bottle towards his body, then gently pressed the top part. A mist sprayed out from the nozzle onto his body. Yan Yuzhou sniffed it hard, but there seemed to be no smell.

    Then, he continued to spray the bottle around his body several times before putting the transparent cap back on and placing it back in its original position, and concluded, “Well, this thing is just like the sunscreen spray Lin Xiaoguo uses every summer. Just spray it all over the body once, that’s it.”

    At this moment, there were two knocks on the door, followed by Sister Song’s voice at the door.

    “Madam, it’s time for dinner.”

    Yan Yuzhou hurriedly responded, “I’m coming,” quickly changed out of the bath towel, put on a T-shirt, and left the room.

    In the dining room, Shen Ci had already sat on one side of the dining table, with a small glass of red wine in front of him, elegantly cutting the steak. Every gesture seemed unaffected by the surroundings, as if naturally matching this expensive dining room and its priceless food.

    Yan Yuzhou looked at Shen Ci’s wrinkle-free shirt, then glanced at his own casual and loose T-shirt. He felt somewhat inappropriate like this, so he slowed his pace and sat down sneakily.

    Just as he sat down, he saw the elegant yet extremely indifferent man at the table glance at him, then furrow his brows slightly.

    “If it’s not necessary, I hope you won’t be late for meals in the future. And,” Shen Ci had already put down his knife and fork, looking at him coldly, “please pay attention to basic etiquette during meals; don’t dress like that.”

    “Like what?” Yan Yuzhou asked in confusion, looking at his own T-shirt. Although it indeed wasn’t as formal as the person opposite him, it was still clothing, right?

    “Don’t dress so revealingly; there’s no one here for you to seduce.” Shen Ci stared at his collarbone with an unfriendly expression, then ignored him and continued to pick up his knife and fork to cut the steak on his plate.

    Yan Yuzhou: ??? Revealing? Seduce?

    He lowered his head to look at his collarbone. Hey, isn’t it just that the neckline is a bit big? Is that considered revealing, as if he’s trying to seduce someone?

    He angrily picked up the neatly arranged knife and fork on the table, intentionally making unpleasant noises on the plate, then faced Shen Ci’s unsightly face. “The neckline design of this shirt is called fashion, understand? Besides, with your expressionless face, even if I wanted to seduce someone, I wouldn’t do it…”

    Looking at Shen Ci’s increasingly dark and stormy expression, Yan Yuzhou suddenly lost the courage to continue bantering. His voice gradually became as small as a mosquito, until finally turning into a silent mutter.

    “Hmph, I’m a manly man, you know? A real man. I like girls with big chests.”

    Shen Ci looked at the arrogant look on his face and squinted slightly, his voice cold as frost, “Very well. I hope you always remember this, especially when you’re in heat. Don’t come begging me to mark you.”

    After saying that, Shen Ci put down his knife and fork, elegantly stood up, exuding a chilling and undeniable aura, and then left the dining room.

    Yan Yuzhou looked at Shen Ci, who was waiting for him to make a fool of himself, softly clicked his tongue and glanced at his collar. Thinking about Shen Ci’s warning not to come begging during his heat, he disdainfully curled his lip.

    So what? Isn’t it just a once-a-month heat period? It’s just like Lin Xiaoguo getting her period every month and lying in bed for two days at home. What’s the big deal?

    After finishing the meal, Yan Yuzhou returned to his bedroom. With nothing else to do, he started rummaging through it. He had only searched half of his closet during the day; there was still the other half left to explore.

    He only glanced at the synopsis of Lin Xiaoguo’s novel before feeling displeased and quitting. He hadn’t even read a single word of the main text, so he knew nothing about details like his age, occupation, or family members.

    If he didn’t want others to be too suspicious, it would be better to gather as much information about himself as possible.

    With this thought in mind, Yan Yuzhou searched through every cabinet, even turning the two large suitcases at the bottom of the wardrobe upside down. Finally, he managed to gather some useful information.

    His ID card indicated that he was an omega, 20 years old. Then a household registration book showed that there was someone named Yan Yuhe who was his omega younger brother.

    Moreover, he found an admission letter for the Department of Photography at Wenjing Art University, with the start date being tomorrow.

    Goodness, what on earth was Lin Xiaoguo thinking? How many years had it been since he graduated from high school? Why did she have to arrange for him to go to college in the novel? Did she think his education level was too low and deliberately helped him realize his dream of going to college?

    After meticulously organizing the documents one by one, Yan Yuzhou breathed a sigh of relief and then slipped into the soft and fluffy king-sized bed. Soon, he succumbed to sleep due to excessive fatigue.

    In the morning, Yan Yuzhou was roused by the alarm clock. Surveying his surroundings, he found himself still in the luxurious and opulent bedroom, and his heart sank unconsciously.

    He got out of bed and padded barefoot to the closet. Opening its door, he surveyed his attire. Recalling Shen Ci’s warning during dinner the previous night, he reluctantly opted for a shirt with a higher collar and pants that covered his ankles, ensuring he was securely wrapped up to avoid any suspicion. Then, he doused himself with a scent blocker before summoning the courage to step out of the bedroom.

    As soon as he emerged, he spotted Shen Ci seated on the sofa in the living room, engrossed in his phone conversation, wearing a less-than-pleased expression.

    Yan Yuzhou shrugged and decided not to instigate any trouble so early in the morning. Silently, he prepared to make his way to the dining room.

    Suddenly, Shen Ci ended the call and directed his gaze toward Yan Yuzhou, his eyes devoid of warmth.

    Yan Yuzhou couldn’t help but shiver, cautiously inquiring, “What’s wrong?”

    Shen Ci narrowed his eyes, his voice icy, “Did you promise to let your younger brother come and stay with us?”

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