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    “Since that’s the case, Mr. Shen, I’ll remember your words.”

    After Yan Yuzhou said this, he turned around immediately, ignored Shen Ci’s stiff expression, and quickly walked back to his bedroom. With a bang, he closed the door.

    The moment the door shut, a look of loneliness and helplessness appeared on Shen Ci’s face.

    This omega seemed to be sulking with him again.

    He had returned looking pale, probably exhausted from a long day without proper rest. The unpleasant alpha scent on him suggested that the bus must have been incredibly crowded. His half-wet shirt and the sweat on his forehead indicated he was worn out from the journey back.

    Thinking of this, Shen Ci said to Sister Song, who was hiding in the kitchen and didn’t dare to come out, “Take dinner to Madam’s room.”

    With that, he coldly returned to his own bedroom.

    Shen Ci’s bedroom had the usual scent of cold mountain snow—cool and sharp, matching Shen Ci’s aura of keeping people at a distance.

    He sat down by the bed, gently pressed and rubbed his temples, and let out an almost imperceptible sigh.

    At that moment, his assistant, Liang Xin, sent him a WeChat message.

    [Mr. Shen, tomorrow at 3 PM, go to Anshi Hospital for a review with Dr. Fan.]

    Shen Ci checked the calendar. Tomorrow was the third Friday of February, the monthly review day with Fan Qidao.

    He briefly replied, “Got it.”

    Yan Yuzhou rushed into his room and headed straight for the bathroom to take a shower. The unpleasant smell from the bus made him feel nauseous again. He gagged several times over the sink, but his stomach was too empty to throw up anything.

    After washing his face, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and felt extremely embarrassed by his disheveled appearance. He hated his omega body, hated being influenced by pheromones, and hated Shen Ci, the big bully who constantly mocked him. He was the victim, so why did he always have to endure the cold warnings and accusations from that iceberg?

    Under the shower, he scrubbed his body hard, trying to wash away the unpleasant smell. He used body wash three times, scrubbing himself until his skin turned red with marks. His eyes were even redder and his nose twitched from holding back a sniff from time to time. Finally, he squatted down, hugged his knees, buried his head in them, and let the shower water hit his back unrestrained.

    In this enclosed space, with only the sound of water around him, he finally allowed himself to sob softly.

    He really wanted to go home. To the real world where he had lived for 25 years, to his romantic flower shop filled with the scent of roses and lilies, and to his cozy little apartment under 60 square meters.

    He cried softly for a while until he felt he had cried enough. Yan Yuzhou slowly lifted his head, stood up, and reapplied the body wash, covering himself in the pleasant scent.

    Once he was surrounded by the fragrant smell, with no trace of the unpleasant alpha scent, he turned off the hot water and wrapped himself in a towel.

    Stepping out of the bathroom with steam following him, he heard Sister Song anxiously knocking on the door. Yan Yuzhou’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately opened the door.

    Sister Song stood at the door with a tray, looking slightly worried. Seeing Yan Yuzhou, she visibly relaxed.

    “Madam, did something happen to you?” Sister Song asked, noticing Yan Yuzhou in a towel, with red eyes clearly from crying, and his exposed collarbones and arms marked with red streaks as if from being grabbed forcefully.

    Feeling uncomfortable under Sister Song’s gaze, Yan Yuzhou shrank back into the room and explained, “No, it’s nothing. Just some allergies that haven’t completely cleared up. I’ll apply the medicine again tonight.”

    Whether Sister Song believed him or not, she gave him a sympathetic look, then smiled and handed over the tray with a mysterious smile. “Sir specifically asked me to bring you dinner.”

    Yan Yuzhou sneered inwardly but kept a gentle expression. He politely took the tray, thanked her, and then closed the door.

    Looking at the sumptuous dinner Sister Song had prepared—three small porcelain bowls with a mix of meat and vegetables, along with a bowl of fragrant rice—Yan Yuzhou would usually have a huge appetite and wolf down the meal. But now, even though his stomach was empty, he had no desire to eat. There’s a saying that when food goes down the esophagus, it passes by the heart. Once the heart is blocked, the stomach loses its feeling. 

    Feeling depressed all day because of Shen Ci, he really didn’t want to eat anything. Forcing himself, he took a few bites of the dishes and a few spoonfuls of rice, then put the tray back without touching much of the food. 

    When he returned to his room, Yan Yuzhou suddenly felt dizzy, as if something behind his neck was pulsating, making him momentarily dazed. He reached to touch his gland; it was still smooth with no unusual feeling. The brief throbbing sensation seemed like a mere illusion. He suspiciously lowered his hand, walked slowly to the full-length mirror, and turned sideways to check his gland. Everything seemed fine. He shook his head and silently walked to the bed.

    Slipping into the covers, he soon fell asleep. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when he felt like his consciousness was floating above a hot air balloon, swaying and drifting. He felt very hot all over. When he woke up due to the heat, it was still dark, clearly in the middle of the night. His mouth was dry, but as he tried to get up to turn on the light and drink some water, his legs gave out under him as soon as they touched the floor. 

    Why was he so sweaty and weak, unable to muster any strength as if completely drained? Stumbling to the wall by the door, he reached out to turn on the light. The sudden brightness made it hard to open his eyes. The dizziness intensified. Leaning against the wall to catch his breath and adapt, he finally opened his eyes fully and frowned, clutching his stomach. 

    Could it be that not eating much yesterday caused low blood sugar? 

    Sweat dripped from his forehead, and he felt he needed to replenish some energy.

    He reached out to open the door. The entire villa was in darkness. He groped his way to the kitchen and saw the dishes he barely touched last night still there. He forced himself to eat a few bites, pushing himself to swallow. 

    After finishing an entire bowl of rice, Yan Yuzhou didn’t feel any better. Instead, the heat within him continued to surge and spread. Instinctively, he thought of seeking help from Shen Ci, but quickly squashed the idea. 

    Shen Ci hated omegas. If he fell ill, Shen Ci would not only refuse to help but would also mock him, saying omegas were naturally weak, constantly getting sick, and lacked any qualities of a man. Imagining the harsh words Shen Ci might say, his strong sense of pride made him grit his teeth and lock himself in his bedroom. 

    Noticing his pajamas were soaked through, he walked to the wardrobe to get a clean set. However, his eyes fell on a corner where Shen Ci’s jacket, which he had casually hung a few days ago, was still there. Shen Ci had draped it over him that day but then disdainfully told him to throw it away. Yan Yuzhou couldn’t bear to waste such an expensive garment and had secretly kept it. 

    Taking the jacket down, he unconsciously brought it close to his nose and sniffed. Surprisingly, the lingering scent of Shen Ci’s pheromones had a fatal attraction for him. Yan Yuzhou’s gland started throbbing again without warning.

    T/N: Zhouzhou is experiencing his first heat~

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