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    When Sister Song placed the sticky rice porridge and fried eggs on the dining table, Shen Ci was already sitting on one side with a dark expression on his face.

    Seeing Shen Ci’s ice-cold expression, Sister Song felt a bit uneasy and puzzled. For a moment, she thought she had done something wrong.

    “Sir, is today’s porridge not to your liking?” Sister Song tentatively asked, watching Shen Ci stir the porridge with a stormy look on his face.

    “No.” Shen Ci replied curtly, his tone devoid of any warmth, not even lifting his eyelids.

    Observing Shen Ci’s demeanor, Sister Song cautiously spoke again, “Oh, then please enjoy your meal. I’ll go wake Madam for breakfast.”

    With that, Sister Song slightly moved her body, as if ready to go knock on Yan Yuzhou’s door.

    “No need.” Shen Ci’s voice was devoid of any warmth, instead, it was as if those two words were spoken through gritted teeth, “From now on, you don’t need to call him when it’s time to eat.”

    “But this—” Sister Song hesitated. After all, no matter how bad Yan Yuzhou might be, he was legally married to Mr. Shen. Was Mr. Shen serious about this?

    “He can eat whenever he wants. If he doesn’t come, let him go hungry.” Shen Ci was unusually talkative today, each word harsher than the last. Sister Song, being perceptive, finally realized that Mr. Shen and Madam had had a quarrel.

    Ah, Mr. Shen has a cold personality, and Madam is quite young. It’s natural for them to have disagreements and little conflicts when living together. Perhaps in no time, they will make up and be sweet again. Just last night, Mr. Shen unprecedentedly went into Madam’s room and stayed there for quite a while before coming out.

    Understanding the dynamics of a couple’s relationship, Sister Song nodded knowingly, deciding to leave them be. She turned her body casually and glanced towards the dining room door, suddenly freezing.

    Yan Yuzhou was standing there alone, looking frail. His lips were tightly pressed together, and his gaze was fixed on Shen Ci, his eyes already red, looking both fragile and pitiful.

    “Madam…” Sister Song called out softly, looked at Yan Yuzhou, and then instinctively glanced at Shen Ci sitting at the dining table. She was momentarily unsure whether she should persuade Madam to come in and eat or remain silent.

    Hearing Sister Song’s soft call, Shen Ci’s eyelids trembled slightly, his body visibly stiffened for a moment, and the hand stirring the porridge paused briefly. Two seconds later, he resumed his normal actions, continuing to stir the porridge without lifting his eyes. Throughout the process, he didn’t even glance up, as if the person standing at the door was insignificant.

    Yan Yuzhou’s gaze lingered on Shen Ci for a while, his eyes growing redder. He had heard every word Shen Ci said to Sister Song.

    “From now on, you don’t need to call him when it’s time to eat.”

    “If he doesn’t come, let him go hungry.”

    Yan Yuzhou felt as if a huge stone was blocking his chest, making it hard to breathe. Was this malicious man trying to starve him?

    Indeed, alphas are accustomed to using tyranny and coldness. Just because he had spoken a bit harshly, Shen Ci turned his back on him completely. And to think he once believed Shen Ci had a kind heart beneath his cold exterior.

    The freezing words from earlier in his room echoed in his ears, accompanied by the memory of  Shen Ci’s cold gaze.

    “From now on, unless necessary, don’t appear in front of me.”

    So, it was his identity as an omega that made Shen Ci clearly express his disdain, to the point where he couldn’t even bear to see him.

    Sniffing lightly, Yan Yuzhou blinked and held back his tears as much as he could. He shot a hard glare at Shen Ci, who remained calm and unperturbed. Without taking a step towards the dining room, he turned around and ran back.

    Sister Song awkwardly stood between the two of them, watching Yan Yuzhou disappear at the dining room door. Not long after, there was a loud sound of a door closing. She sighed and gently advised Shen Ci, who was silently drinking his porridge, “Sir, Madam is young and immature. You should be more patient with him when there’s a disagreement. You have no idea, Madam was standing at the door just now, eyes red from crying. It must have been because of something you said earlier that he overheard.”

    When Shen Ci heard the words “eyes red from crying,” his heart inexplicably trembled. He suddenly recalled the night when Yan Yuzhou had an allergic reaction to seafood, crying uncontrollably while clinging to his arm.

    Ordinarily, the things he hated the most were: crying, poor hygiene, and omegas.

    That night, Yan Yuzhou managed to embody all three, crying and tugging at his clothes, smearing tears and snot all over him.

    Why did he tolerate it without getting angry at that time?

    It was simply bewildering. Shen Ci’s mouth twitched, and he shook his head in disbelief.

    Sister Song, seeing Shen Ci shake his head, thought he disagreed with her and continued to earnestly persuade him, “As the saying goes, couples quarrel at the head of the bed and make up at the foot of the bed. No matter who is at fault, as long as you talk things out, it’ll be over. Sir, you’re a few years older than Madam and surely more magnanimous. Don’t you feel bad seeing Madam go hungry first thing in the morning?”

    Shen Ci curled his lip and gave a cold snort, and did not respond as he continued to drink his bowl of sticky rice porridge. Soon, the bowl was empty. He wiped his mouth, stood up gracefully, glanced at Sister Song, and said coldly, “Now, you can go call him.”

    After speaking, he walked to the coat rack in the living room, took down the custom-tailored suit jacket hanging there, and left without looking back.

    Sister Song sighed, feeling resigned to her fate as a diligent caretaker. She dutifully walked to Yan Yuzhou’s room door and respectfully knocked, “Madam, sir asked me to call you for breakfast.”

    After a while, the door was opened by Yan Yuzhou, whose eyes, though dry, were still red, clearly showing he’d been crying.

    He looked at Sister Song and then glanced toward the dining room, asking in a nasal tone, “Did Mr. Shen leave?”

    Sister Song nodded, smiling, “He just left. Before he went, he specifically asked me to call you out for breakfast. Madam, you see, sir does care about you.”

    Yan Yuzhou snorted, “How is that caring? He just doesn’t want me to starve and give him a bad reputation for abusing his spouse. Sister Song, I’m hungry. What’s for breakfast today?”

    Trying to lift his spirits, Yan Yuzhou forced a smile and asked casually.

    Sister Song reached out and pulled Yan Yuzhou out, guiding him toward the dining room with a smile, “Delicious, soft sticky rice porridge.”

    Yan Yuzhou nodded vigorously, “Great, I’ll eat a lot today. The more that pervert hates me, the more I’ll gather my strength to annoy him. I’ll bother him until he questions his life, until he’s in utter despair, until he begs for mercy. Hahaha…”

    After speaking, he felt relieved and laughed easily.

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