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    On the stage, Shen Ci, dressed in a tailored Western suit, looked even more restrained, indifferent, and untouchable.

    Yan Yuzhou secretly covered his chest and stared at Shen Ci from his seat. Listening to the screams of the omegas around him, he sighed silently in his heart.

    “Ah ah ah ah, I can do it!”

    “Ah ah ah ah ah ah, I’m dead…”

    “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I give you my life!”

    The screams made his eardrums ache.

    Yan Yuzhou shifted uncomfortably and changed his sitting position, crossing his arms in front of his chest with a deliberately indifferent expression, giving off an air of aloofness as if he was the only sober one among the intoxicated crowd. If this group of omegas knew Shen Ci’s true nasty and malicious nature in private, they wouldn’t be so fervent. 

    Xiao Mu, beside him, didn’t seem particularly excited either, his gaze fixed on the other person on the stage, watching intently with a hint of intensity in his eyes.

    In the audience seats of the school auditorium, there were only these two individuals, sitting quietly, which made them stand out and draw attention.

    Shen Ci was actually not accustomed to participating in such direct recruiting activities aimed at the general public. In contrast, the professional negotiation table seemed more appealing to him. With a slightly impatient look, he glanced down at the audience, then fixed his gaze on a very inconspicuous corner.

    His nominal spouse was sitting beside someone, perhaps a classmate, side by side. The two seemed as if they were oblivious to the existence of the others around them, whispering and chatting.

    Shen Ci looked towards Yan Yuzhou, his gaze suddenly becoming dangerous.

    His restless omega at home actually leaned over and let other men casually sniff his neck. Suddenly, an unnamed anger surged up in his heart, and his gaze became dangerous as well.


    Yan Yuzhou felt that his 25-year-old soul was not suitable to be with this group of omegas under 20. He really didn’t understand. He just looked a little cool with an icy face. What was there to scream about?

    He turned to look at Xiao Mu, who also seemed unable to comprehend, smiled at him, and shrugged. 

    The two smiled at each other and started chatting.

    Yan Yuzhou pointed to the bulge on the back of Xiao Mu’s neck, “Does your pheromone smell like fruit wine?”

    Xiao Mu nodded, “Yes, to be precise, it smells more like grape wine.”

    Yan Yuzhou nodded knowingly, “It smells pretty good.” Then he remembered something, leaned in close to Xiao Mu’s ear, as if whispering, “Actually, I differentiated relatively late, so I’m not even sure what my pheromones smell like. Can you smell them?”

    Xiao Mu tried to sniff with his nose, then said somewhat uncertainly, “There are too many omegas here, your pheromones might be the subtle kind, overshadowed by their scent, so it’s not very obvious.”

    Yan Yuzhou nodded in agreement, then adjusted his collar downwards, exposing his entire neck, and leaned towards Xiao Mu, asking, “What about now?”

    Xiao Mu unconsciously brought his nose close to Yan Yuzhou’s scent gland, carefully sniffed, savored it, then nodded affirmatively, “Hmm, I can smell it this time, a very refreshing tea scent. Compared to other omegas, it might seem faint, but after a couple of sniffs, it’s really invigorating.”

    Yan Yuzhou adjusted his collar and asked Xiao Mu with surprise, “Really? Is it really… pleasant smelling?”

    Xiao Mu nodded confidently, “Absolutely sure, it’s the scent of very pleasant tea.”

    Yan Yuzhou smiled proudly, feeling much better overall.

    So, his pheromones weren’t durian-scented after all… That alpha’s disgusted expression almost made him doubt himself, making him feel insecure.

    With these thoughts in mind, Yan Yuzhou glanced up at the stage irritably. That glance wouldn’t have mattered much, but it met Shen Ci’s sharp gaze head-on, like a collision with a knife.

    Damn! Why did he feel like Shen Ci’s eyes could kill, just like a knife…?

    Nervously averting his gaze, he continued chatting with Xiao Mu beside him, pretending as if nothing has happened, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling of a chilling gaze constantly upon him.

    He hadn’t done anything wrong, so what was there to be afraid of? It couldn’t possibly be his business to attend a lecture in the auditorium, could it?

    Thinking this way, he felt a lot more confident.

    At this time, Xiao Mu came over and quietly asked him, “Zhou Zhou, what do you think of President Han?”

    “Who?” Yan Yuzhou was stunned by the question.

    “It’s the one standing next to President Shen on the stage, Han Yun, the second largest shareholder of Chiyu Films.” When Xiao Mu said this, his face felt a little unnatural.

    “Oh, him.” Yan Yuzhou glanced at the stage, deliberately ignoring the cold presence on the stage, and glanced at the equally handsome man next to the iceberg.

    “You know what, he’s really handsome…” Yan Yuzhou nodded and sighed. He was so busy looking at Shen Bingshan( Ps: Bingshan here means iceberg. In other words he’s been so focused on an iceberg surnamed Shen that he ignored the treasure next to him) that he ignored the treasure next to him. 

    This person exuded charm, and his smile was as warm as a spring breeze.

    “Right, right?” Xiao Mu nodded in agreement on the side, then slightly curled his lips, “Just because of him, I’ve decided to sign up and give it a try.”

    Yan Yuzhou turned to look at him, and saw Xiao Mu’s serious expression, which didn’t seem to be joking. “Xiao Mu, you’re only a freshman, right? This kind of film company probably has high professional requirements.”

    Xiao Mu nodded. “I know, but I’ll just sign up and see. What if I get lucky and get selected?”

    Yan Yuzhou thought about it and realized that it was not impossible. After all, when he first saw Xiao Mu, he felt that this boy was so beautiful. It was as if  he was born to stand on the stage. 

     The two of them stared at Han Yun on the stage for a while, and excitedly began to plan registration matters for Xiao Mu.

     Shen Ci silently looked at the restless little thing in the corner below the stage, his eyes gradually becoming frosty.

     Letting someone sniff his gland so casually, and staring at another man so openly without any reservation.

    It seemed his newly arrived omega wasn’t as obedient and well-behaved as he appeared on the surface. He clearly needed some… training.

    The recruitment event was nearing its end, and many omegas still had lingering excitement on their faces as they stood up with shaky legs and walked out of the auditorium. Yan Yuzhou and Xiao Mu queued in the crowd for half the day before finally leaving the school auditorium.

    Before they knew it, it was already six o’clock in the evening. Xiao Mu asked Yan Yuzhou if he wanted to grab something to eat together, but Yan Yuzhou thought it was more urgent to go home first and pack the luggage he needed to bring to the dormitory the next day, so he declined.

    As he was walking toward the school gate, his phone suddenly rang. When Yan Yuzhou took it out and looked at it, he saw that it was Shen Ci calling.

    “Mr. Shen.” Yan Yuzhou answered the call, greeting politely.

    “The driver is waiting for you across from the school’s main gate, in the same spot as in the morning.”

    The voice was cold as snow and icy in tone. After saying this, the caller mercilessly hung up, not giving Yan Yuzhou any chance to respond.

    Yan Yuzhou took the phone away from his ear, secretly cursed, rolled his eyes, and walked toward the main gate.

    The conspicuous Rolls-Royce was parked right across from the main gate. Many students passing by cast their envious and curious eyes over it, wondering which lucky person the owner of the car was waiting for.

    Then, Yan Yuzhou quickly rushed into the car under the envious, jealous, and resentful gazes.

    As soon as he closed the passenger door, he heard the man’s unfriendly voice from the back seat, carrying an indisputable authoritative tone, “Get to the back seat.”


    [The author has something to say]:

    Every day I feel like I’m playing a single-player game (lowers head and wipes away tears).

    T/N: Mr. Shen, isn’t it too early to drink vinegar? Lol. 

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