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    As soon as Shen Ci left, Sister Song walked out of the kitchen with an excited expression.

    “Madam, did you see how much Mr. Shen cares for you? He insisted on applying the medicine himself before leaving. I think he’s definitely taken a liking to you.”

    Yan Yuzhou’s mouth twitched, and he rolled his eyes. “He cares for me? You haven’t seen how he bullies me in private; he’s absolutely terrible!”

    “Madam, you just don’t understand. Between husband and wife, this is called… romance,” Sister Song said with a knowing look and a firm conviction. “I can guarantee you, Mr. Shen is starting to like you.”

    Yan Yuzhou felt even more troubled upon hearing this. He was a man planning to marry a wife in the future. How could Shen Ci liking him be a good thing?

    The thought of one man being dominated by another to do indescribable things filled Yan Yuzhou with a chill. Shaking his head to force the thought out of his mind, he covered his ears and ran back to his room.

    Due to his allergy, Yan Yuzhou had taken two days off from school and was lying in his bedroom, feeling bored.

    Suddenly, he remembered his old profession in real life and got a bit excited.

    He searched online for flower seeds and vases, placed a few orders, and felt a jolt when he entered the payment password.

    He had transmigrated halfway into this world, so how would he know the original owner’s password?

    Tilting his head, he thought about the logic. Since Lin Xiaoguo had clearly told him that the character in this book was modeled after him, it must follow some of his habits.

    For instance, the habit of setting passwords as—

    zhouzhouzuishuai520 (Zhouzhou is the most handsome, I love you)

    Yan Yuzhou hesitantly typed in the letters and numbers, then widened his eyes.

    The screen displayed: Payment successful.

    Wow, it actually worked!

    Excitedly, Yan Yuzhou checked the original owner’s bank balance after knowing the password, only to be disappointed—there was only a four-digit amount left.

    Could the original owner be poorer than him, Yan Yuzhou…?

    When Shen Ci returned home in the evening, he saw the pile of dirt in the corner of the living and instinctively frowned due to his cleanliness obsession.

    Unable to bear it, he walked over to the omega who was engrossed in playing with the dirt, and squeezed out a question through gritted teeth, “Yan Yuzhou, what are you trying to do by making a mess of my living room?”

    Yan Yuzhou looked up from his fun with the dirt, wiped the sweat from his face with his arm, and smiled at Shen Ci. “Mr. Shen, you’re back.”

    Seeing the innocent and sincere happiness on his face, Shen Ci’s stern demeanor softened a bit. Suppressing his dissatisfaction, he tried to ask calmly, “Tell me, what are you doing?”

    “I’m planting green plants,” Yan Yuzhou said proudly, lifting his small face. He pointed to the other three corners of the living room. “Mr. Shen, look, I bought four plants today. They all release oxygen through photosynthesis and are beneficial and harmless to the human body. Three have been planted, and this is the last one.”

    After speaking, he continued to play with the dirt in his hands.

    Following Yan Yuzhou’s pointing, Shen Ci noticed three pots of green plants placed in the corners of the living room. The elegant and unique bases, with tall and straight branches, added a touch of freshness and vitality to the otherwise empty and cold living room.

    Unconsciously, Shen Ci’s eyes warmed slightly.

    Seeing the dirt scattered all over the floor in this corner, Shen Ci finally couldn’t hold back and cursed, “After you finish planting your green plants, clean the floor immediately. Otherwise, I’ll throw you and the plants out together.”

    With that, he turned back to his room with a dark expression, not saying another word. Out of sight, out of mind.

    When Shen Ci came out again after taking a shower, the living room had completely transformed. The dirt that was previously scattered everywhere had been thoroughly cleaned up. Four potted plants were quietly placed in the four corners, like four loyal guards, protecting and decorating the entire room.

    Yan Yuzhou was nowhere to be seen.

    Feeling a stir in his heart, Shen Ci walked to Yan Yuzhou’s room. After hesitating for a moment, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

    Soon, the door was pulled open from the inside. Yan Yuzhou appeared at the door with wet hair and wearing a bathrobe, obviously having just taken a shower as well.

    Seeing Shen Ci, a hint of surprise flashed across his face. He cautiously asked, “Mr. Shen, do you need something?”

    Shen Ci nodded and asked, “Did you apply the medicine tonight?”

    Yan Yuzhou was about to honestly say “no,” but remembering how he trembled when Mr. Shen applied the medicine to his back in the morning, he changed his mind and said instead, “I did.”

    To his surprise, not only did Shen Ci not nod and leave, but he also took a step forward, forcing Yan Yuzhou to step back. Then he heard Shen Ci say, “Let me check.”

    Yan Yuzhou: !!!

    Why did he need to check? Did he think he was the class monitor?

    Perhaps noticing the panic and embarrassment on Yan Yuzhou’s face, the corner of Shen Ci’s mouth twitched slightly. Then he walked in, acting completely aboveboard.

    Yan Yuzhou followed him, looking constipated at his series of baffling actions. Then he saw Shen Ci walk to the bedside, pick up the tube of ointment from the cabinet, turn around, and say expressionlessly, “Let’s get started.”

    In the end, Yan Yuzhou, whose lie had been exposed, obediently lowered his bathrobe to his waist, exposing his upper body so that Shen Ci could apply the medicine to his back under Shen Ci’s oppressive authority.

    Shen Ci’s hand, just like in the morning, seemed to carry an electric current, triggering waves of trembling heat wherever it touched.

    Shen Ci remained expressionless as if doing something extremely ordinary, completely detached, his movements elegant and precise, without any extraneous emotion.

    After finishing, Shen Ci stood up and left Yan Yuzhou’s room with a parting message, “I’ll come again tomorrow.”

    Yan Yuzhou slowly pulled his bathrobe up to his collar, then lowered his head into his hands. When his palms touched his face, he felt its warmth.

    Why did he, a grown man, react so strongly to Shen Ci’s touch?

    Shen Ci returned to his room, closing the door and exhaling sharply. His heart began to pound wildly.

    He recalled what Dr. Fan had told him last night, “Your condition has indeed improved,” and a heavy expression crossed his face.

    His lips curled slightly as he sat on the bed, thinking back to the moment he helped Yan Yuzhou apply the medicine and observed the private gland at the back of his neck.

    Smooth, beautiful, and complete.

    For the first time, he felt the need for an omega with these four words:

    So cute, I want to bite.

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