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    Holding Shen Ci’s coat in his hands, Yan Yuzhou buried his face in it. The cold, wintry scent of the coat rushed into his nostrils, instantly making him feel as though a pair of gentle hands were soothing his body and mind.

    Yan Yuzhou knelt on the ground, clutching Shen Ci’s coat like an addict for a long time. Finally, he lifted his head from the coat, feeling as if he had been rescued from drowning.

    Miraculously, the heat and weakness he had been feeling had lessened significantly.

    He stood up from the floor and looked at Shen Ci’s coat, which he had just worshipped, feeling a wave of self-disgust.

    He had lost himself in a coat for so long.
    Aahhh soo embarrassing, how shameful, how hard to accept!

    Thinking that the food he had quickly eaten earlier must have taken effect, alleviating most of his hypoglycemic symptoms, he now felt as healthy as any normal person.

    He disdainfully tossed Shen Ci’s coat into the wardrobe, scowling, thinking he must have gone crazy to do something so perverse.

    He turned off the light and buried himself in the blanket. The tension in his body from earlier discomfort gradually eased, and his consciousness relaxed, leading him into a chaotic dream.

    Shen Ci was always a disciplined person, waking up early every morning. Sometimes, he finished his morning run before Sister Song even started making breakfast.

    When his biological clock woke him up, it was just six in the morning. He changed clothes and walked out of his room, planning to watch the news in the living room for a while.

    As soon as he opened his door, he frowned deeply.

    A strong scent of black tea permeated the air, much stronger than he had ever smelled before.


    He walked towards the living room, and with each step, the scent grew stronger. Finally, his gaze fixed on the kitchen, deducing that the pheromones were emanating from there.

    Shen Ci’s heart sank when he quickly walked to the kitchen only to find it empty. On the glass counter, there was a tray with three porcelain bowls containing the food Sister Song had made last night and one empty bowl, its rice completely eaten.

    Yan Yuzhou had been here last night and must have brought out the tray.

    The strong pheromone scent made Shen Ci suspect something was wrong. His feet moved involuntarily towards Yan Yuzhou’s room, where he knocked on the door.

    Yan Yuzhou, sleeping soundly, was abruptly awakened by the knock. Reluctantly opening his eyes, he shuffled to the door without even putting on slippers and opened it without any precaution, completely unguarded.

    Then, he saw Shen Ci standing at his door with a serious look on his face.

    Yan Yuzhou: !!! Instantly awake.

    “D-do you need something?” Yan Yuzhou ran a hand through his hair, trying to clear the sleep from his voice and eyes.

    Moreover, he couldn’t forget that he had spent a good half of the night lost in this person’s coat. The shameful memory flooded his mind as he looked at Shen Ci, making his face flush.

    It was Shen Ci’s first time seeing Yan Yuzhou half-awake, with messy hair, sleepy eyes, a loosely open pajama collar revealing his entire collarbone and a bit of shoulder, baggy pants, and bare feet on the floor. His toes were very white.

    Being scrutinized by Shen Ci up and down, Yan Yuzhou felt even more uncomfortable. His eyes widened as he asked angrily, “Why are you knocking on my door so early in the morning?”

    Shen Ci stopped his back-and-forth gaze and fixed his eyes on Yan Yuzhou’s neck, as if he wanted to see through to his glands at the back. He hesitated and then asked uncertainly, “Are you okay?”

    Yan Yuzhou recalled his hypoglycemia episode from last night, but since he was feeling better now, he didn’t think it was necessary to mention it. So, he shook his head and confidently replied, “I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

    Shen Ci glanced at him again to confirm it. Despite Yan Yuzhou’s pale face, he didn’t show any symptoms of a heat period. Moreover, Yan Yuzhou was controlling his pheromones well, without the strong scent that usually accompanied a heat period. Shen Ci assumed that even if it was his heat period, Yan Yuzhou had likely already injected himself with inhibitors, so he felt relieved.

    “It’s good that you’re okay.” Shen Ci said expressionlessly, turned around, and left without giving Yan Yuzhou a chance to react. Yan Yuzhou was left standing there, bewildered.

    Yan Yuzhou watched as Shen Ci crossed the living room, and soon heard the front door closing. He pouted, thinking that it was fine for Shen Ci to wake up early for a run, but why did he have to wake him up too?

    He snorted lightly, slammed the door shut, and threw himself onto the bed, hoping to get some more sleep. However, he found himself becoming more awake.

    Resigned, he got up, washed his face and brushed his teeth, and then opened the wardrobe, thinking about what to wear today. The first thing he saw was the jacket he had hastily thrown into the closet after using it in the middle of the night.

    Blushing, he took the jacket, hung it on a hanger, and placed it back at the very back of the wardrobe. He then chose another outfit and changed into it.

    When Yan Yuzhou walked out of his room, Sister Song was already cooking. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of lotus leaf porridge. Seeing him, Sister Song greeted him with a smile and then served two bowls of porridge, placing them on the dining table. She glanced at her watch and smiled, “Good morning, madam. You must be hungry. Sir went out for a workout and should be back soon. Do you want to wait for him and eat together?”

    Upon hearing “eat together,” Yan Yuzhou instantly shrank back, shaking his head like a rattle drum, “No, no, I’ll just take mine back to my room.”

    He walked to the table, picked up one of the bowls, and placed it on a tray.

    As he reached the living room, Yan Yuzhou suddenly felt weak, the sensation from last night returning. His hands trembled, almost spilling the porridge.

    Just then, he heard the front door slam shut. Shen Ci was back from his morning run. Instinctively, Yan Yuzhou quickened his pace, but his legs were still weak. Losing his grip, the tray tilted, and the bowl of porridge slid off, shattering on the floor with a crisp sound. The hot porridge splattered everywhere, some even got on his pant legs.

    At that moment, Shen Ci, having changed into slippers, walked in.

    Yan Yuzhou looked up at him instinctively, his eyes filled with embarrassment and awkwardness. He crouched down, hurriedly trying to pick up the pieces.

    “Don’t move,” Shen Ci suddenly ordered, his face icy, and a hint of urgency in his voice.

    He strode towards Yan Yuzhou with long strides

    Startled by Shen Ci’s command, Yan Yuzhou froze, crouched there, and looked up at Shen Ci approaching him.

    Then, he felt his collar being grabbed forcefully, lifting him up. Shen Ci’s mouth moved with firm, unquestionable authority, “Move aside.”

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