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    Half an hour later, the Rolls-Royce steadily stopped in front of the villa.

    Yan Yuzhou got out of the car and silently followed behind Shen Ci. The two of them entered the villa, and without a word, Yan Yuzhou decided to head back to his room. Unexpectedly, Shen Ci suddenly stopped and then turned around without any warning.

    Yan Yuzhou, keeping his head down as he walked, never expected Shen Ci to stop so abruptly. Unable to react in time, he ran straight into Shen Ci’s arms, his head hitting the other man’s hard chest.

    The scent of fresh, cold mountain snow lingered in his nose, causing him to lose focus for a moment. When he realized what he had done, Yan Yuzhou quickly stepped back in fear.

    Shen Ci hated his scent and disliked being touched by him. That collision just now would surely make Shen Ci unhappy.

    Sure enough, when Yan Yuzhou cautiously looked up, he saw that Shen Ci’s face had turned dark and unpleasant, with the word “unhappy” written all over it.

    Yan Yuzhou rolled his eyes, trying to find an excuse for his distraction. “Don’t get the wrong idea. You stopped suddenly, so I bumped into you. Don’t think I like your arms that much. It’s hard as a rock and not warm at all. I wouldn’t cherish it even if you gave me a hug.”

    Yan Yuzhou thought that by explaining this, Shen Ci wouldn’t misunderstand his intentions or think he was trying to seduce him. But to his surprise, after he said this, Shen Ci’s face turned even darker.

    Yan Yuzhou looked at Shen Ci’s stormy expression, nervously swallowed, and his feet began to make barely noticeable quick shifts, preparing to quietly drift back to his own room.

    Shen Ci naturally noticed his little movements and coldly uttered two words, “Stop.”

    Yan Yuzhou obediently froze in place.

    Shen Ci raised his eyelids and met Yan Yuzhou’s somewhat terrified gaze, then asked, “So, do you still insist on living on campus?”

    Yan Yuzhou: …

    Yan Yuzhou, who completely didn’t expect Shen Ci to stop suddenly only to ask him this question, burst out laughing.

    Because he had never given a clear answer, this person had been silently brooding in the car without saying a word, walking ahead by himself without acknowledging him after getting out. Now thinking about it, Mr. Shen seemed to be sulking.

    It was only when he didn’t soften his stance that Shen Ci suddenly stopped to question him. Thinking of this, Yan Yuzhou suddenly found Mr. Shen inexplicably cute.

    Shen Ci saw Yan Yuzhou only laughing without responding, his expression darkened, and his tone became more irritable and accusatory, “Yan Yuzhou, what are you laughing at?”

    Yan Yuzhou realized that Shen Ci could not be teased, and when appeased, he became much easier to get along with. So, he quickly put away his smile, shook his head seriously, and said, “Since you disagree, sir, I definitely won’t stay at school. Don’t worry, Mr. Shen, I will definitely come home to sleep every day after class from now on. I won’t fool around outside, and I certainly won’t let anyone else see my gland.”

    As he spoke, he held up three fingers beside his ear, making a solemn vow.

    Unexpectedly, Shen Ci actually fell for it. Hearing Yan Yuzhou’s persuasive words, his expression indeed looked less severe, and the cold aura around him dissipated significantly. He softly responded with an “Hmm” and walked away as if nothing had happened.

    Yan Yuzhou let out a gentle sigh of relief, a slight smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He suddenly realized that his partner, Shen Ci, seemed to be a big child at heart.

    Sister Song had long prepared dinner. Yan Yuzhou went to his room to quickly put down his crossbody bag and washed his face, then came out and obediently sat down on one side of the dining table.

    Shen Ci soon came out of the room too, walking gracefully and elegantly, and silently sat down on the other side of the dining table.

    Yan Yuzhou, trying to please, said, “Mr. Shen, I was very punctual today, wasn’t I? And,” he pointed to his collar, “I dressed very properly too.”

    Shen Ci did indeed glance at him, but it was just a brief look. He casually responded with another “Hmm.”

    Despite still only being a single syllable, Yan Yuzhou could clearly tell that Shen Ci was very pleased with his act of feigned weakness.

    Yan Yuzhou smugly raised an eyebrow, suddenly feeling that coaxing this domineering alpha wasn’t such a difficult task after all. Once he had figured out Shen Ci’s soft spot, everything became easier.

    The next ten or so minutes were quiet. Shen Ci rarely spoke while eating, and Yan Yuzhou, having been out all day, was truly famished.

    In front of him were furong shrimp and garlic oysters prepared by Sister Song, his favorite seafood. His appetite was fully whetted, and he had no time to think about anything else.

    It wasn’t until he returned to his room and took a shower that Yan Yuzhou realized something was wrong. At first, he felt a slight itch on his arm, which he thought was just a mild sunburn from being outside all day. He planned to apply some aloe vera gel in the evening and thought that would solve the problem. However, the itch gradually spread over a large area of his body, accompanied by significant breathing difficulties and asthma symptoms.

    Yan Yuzhou had never experienced anything like this before. He wondered if it was because he had come from outside that his body was finally being rejected by this world. He feared that the powerful plot forces of the world were preparing to kill him off.

    Panicked and distressed, Yan Yuzhou stumbled to his door and, without much thought, rushed to Shen Ci’s room. He banged on the door frantically, his heart racing, and even started crying in his anxiety.

    When Shen Ci opened the door, he saw Yan Yuzhou with tears welling up in his eyes. His eyes were red, and he was biting his lip, which for a moment made Shen Ci think that this omega was entering his heat. Unexpectedly, Yan Yuzhou clung to his sleeve, crying and saying,

    “Mr. Shen, I’m definitely going to die, sob sob sob…”

    In the end, Shen Ci called his personal doctor, Dr. Fan Qidao, over. It took Shen Ci, Dr. Fan, and Sister Song working together to hold down Yan Yuzhou, who was in a panic over feeling like he was dying, and gradually calm him down.

    After a thorough examination, the conclusion was —

    Yan Yuzhou was allergic to seafood.

    He received an IV drip and took some anti-allergy medication, which temporarily alleviated his symptoms. Exhausted from crying and being scared, Yan Yuzhou fell asleep on the sofa after taking the medication. Sister Song kindly brought a blanket from the bedroom to cover him, then yawned and returned to her own room.

    Shen Ci, after all the commotion caused by Yan Yuzhou, found his shirt wrinkled from being grabbed. The omega had clung to his arm, refusing to let go, leaving Shen Ci covered in tears and mucus, and even the smell of the tea-like pheromones from Yan Yuzhou’s glands had rubbed off on him. At this moment, Shen Ci’s face was extremely dark.

    Dr. Fan laughed at Shen Ci’s disgruntled expression and said,

    “I didn’t expect your condition to actually improve.”

    Shen Ci showed a trace of confusion upon hearing this, seemingly not understanding what Dr. Fan meant.

    Dr. Fan noticed his confusion but didn’t explain further, only saying,

    “Coincidentally, you have a follow-up appointment with me this Friday afternoon. I’ll give you a thorough check-up then.”

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