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    When Yan Yuzhou heard Shen Ci’s words, he subconsciously glanced at the back seat.

    Shen Ci was sitting there with his back straight and firm, his expression indifferent, exuding a powerful aura, looking at him solemnly.

    For some reason, Yan Yuzhou shivered and instinctively refused, “No need, don’t you dislike my scent? I better stay away to avoid causing you any discomfort.”

    After speaking, Yan Yuzhou grabbed one side of the seatbelt and was about to pull it to the other side to buckle up, but before he could finish, the person in the back spoke again, “I said, come sit in the back.”

    Yan Yuzhou’s hand paused as he was fastening his seatbelt. He turned again to look at the domineering man, wanting to say something, but the other merely glanced at him with an indifferent yet extremely sharp look, the same look he had on stage earlier and Yan Yuzhou suddenly lost the courage to argue.

    This alpha was so annoying, always using his aura to suppress him!

    Very reluctantly, Yan Yuzhou got out of the front passenger seat. Under the ambiguous gazes of the onlookers, he quickly opened the back door and climbed in.

    As soon as he closed the door, Yan Yuzhou felt that the back seat was colder, as if affected by Shen Ci’s pheromones, making him shiver all over.

    Despite this, they were all men, and losing face was not an option. Yan Yuzhou stiffened his neck and gathered his courage. “Weren’t you the one who told me to carry scent blockers with me yesterday and not to get too close to you? And now you’re acting like this, changing your attitude faster than flipping a book.”

    Shen Ci sneered, his gaze still indifferent, seemingly not taking Yan Yuzhou’s accusation seriously at all. Instead, he leaned in slightly, and got close to Yan Yuzhou for the first time. Yan Yuzhou felt that the oppressive feeling was even greater than before.

    Then Shen Ci slowly spoke, each word seeming to be squeezed out from between his teeth, “Is this your excuse for flirting around behind my back?”

    Yan Yuzhou: …???

    “Who is cheating on you behind your back? You must act according to your conscience and speak with evidence.” Despite being pressured step by step into retreat by Shen Ci, Yan Yuzhou who was already pressed against the car door, still helps his breath and defended himself against Shen Ci.

     “Oh, indeed it’s not behind my back.” Shen Ci stretched out his hand and looked down at the omega who was frightened by him. He stretched out his hand with no sympathy and pity, pinched his chin like he did in the morning, his voice was as cold as ice and snow, “You were blatantly flirting with other men right under my nose.”

     Yan Yuzhou, who was inexplicably accused of having an affair, quickly connected the dots. After recalling Shen Ci’s expression in the school auditorium, he explained after a flash of understanding, “You, do you mean Xiao Mu? He is my roommate, we’re classmates. We were just talking at that time.”

    “Roommate?” Shen Ci quickly grasped the key point in Yan Yuzhou’s words, suddenly becoming dangerous. “Who gave you permission to live on campus?”

    Yan Yuzhou looked at him as if he were an idiot, full of incredulity. “If I live on campus, I’ll be farther away from you, not hanging around in front of you. The house won’t have my scent, and I won’t have any chance to seduce you. Isn’t that exactly what you want?”

    “No.” Shen Ci released Yan Yuzhou, leaned back, his gaze intense as he spoke curtly.

    “Why not?” Once freed from restraint, Yan Yuzhou’s courage grew a bit. He sat up straight and reasoned with Shen Ci. “What was the first clause of the agreement we signed the day before yesterday? Each live their own lives, not interfering with each other. Do you understand what ‘not interfering’ means? Whether I choose to live on campus is my own business. Why can’t I, just because you say so?”

     “Then you can try it and see if the dorm supervisor will let you into the dorm tomorrow.” Shen Ci sneered maliciously, his tone full of threat. “I forgot to tell you, I’ve donated money to the dormitory building of Wenjing Art University.”

    “You!” Yan Yuzhou was left speechless, mainly because he was confused. This man clearly hated his closeness, yet wouldn’t allow him to stay too far away, as if he had to be under his control.

    Could it be that Shen Ci was a control freak?

    Thinking about how he had just arrived and was unfamiliar with the place, yet had to face such oppressive power, Yan Yuzhou felt completely deflated. He slumped against the back of the chair, his eyes vacant, and said weakly, “If you don’t want me to stay in the dorm, at least give me a reason why you’re angry today. Mr. Shen, you’re really leaving me baffled.”

    Shen Ci’s lips moved slightly, and after a few seconds of silence, just when Yan Yuzhou thought he wouldn’t answer, he heard the man beside him awkwardly say, “Who told you to expose your gland to other men so casually.”

    Yan Yuzhou: …!!!

    What, just because of that?!

    Yan Yuzhou felt three black lines appear over his head, and at the same time, a crow silently flew overhead. He was in an inexplicable state of embarrassment and speechlessness for quite a while before he incredulously asked, “Mr. Shen, are you jealous?”

    “No.” Almost immediately, Shen Ci denied it. Then his expression changed in an instant, reverting to his usual icy demeanor. “I’m just teaching you that as a married omega, you must always be mindful of your status.”

    Yan Yuzhou cupped his hands together in surrender,  “I give up, I give up”. He was completely resigned to not fighting with Alphas, and ignored this control freak with a sharp tongue.

    Driver Xiao Wang focused on driving, oblivious to the situation in the car. Shen Ci was quiet by nature, and Yan Yuzhou’s mood was affected by Shen Ci, so he didn’t feel like talking either. 

    The atmosphere in the car became eerily quiet. After a while, Yan Yuzhou remembered something, tapped his head, and turned to explain to Shen Ci, “The reason I showed Xiao Mu my gland is because we’re both omegas, he won’t do anything to me. Also, his pheromone smells like wine, but I can’t smell my own, so I was curious. I asked you in the car yesterday, but you didn’t tell me, so I had to ask someone else.” After saying that, he blinked at Shen Ci and added, “Mr. Shen, I really wasn’t flirting around.”

    The ice in Shen Ci’s eyes finally melted a little because of Yan Yuzhou’s words, and the constant coldness also subsided. After a while, Yan Yuzhou heard him uncomfortably say, “Black tea.” 

    Yan Yuzhou didn’t expect that Shen Ci would take the initiative to tell him. He turned his head suddenly, a little surprised, and asked in a flattering manner, “Mr. Shen, does it smell particularly fresh and refreshing?”

     Shen Ci’s mouth twitched, showing no kindness to Yan Yuzhou, his eyes shifted elsewhere as he uttered a few words, “You’re thinking too much. It’s not unpleasant, barely passable.”

    Ugh. This damn iceberg, would he die if he just praised him a little?


    T/N:  This Iceberg Shen is really easy to coax~

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